Citizens' Review Episode 6 Season 2

Show Title: Emancipation?
Erin Ferguson, Host & Executive Producer
Davy Yarborough, Jazz Icon, The Washington Jazz Arts Institute
George Beckford, Persistent Poverty (Book)
Walter Rodney, How Europe Under-developed Africa (Book)
Plantation Economy
Queen Elisabeth II
Slave Master's Estate
Does Emancipation Exist
RBC Treasury
Under-capitalizing Businesses
50% Graduation Rate
Foreigner Red Carpet Treatment
Bahamian Red Tape Treatment
Public Transportation
Denial of Access to Opportunity - Gambling
No Cruise Ship Ownership
Children Will Not Come Home
Criminalization of Bahamians
Information Stupid Society
No Internet Access in Government Offices
Censorship in Media
Citizens’ Arrest – Randy Rolle "Who Fools You Think We Bahamians Be"

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