Citizens' Review Episode 7 Season 4

Show Title: Dialectics & Debt Crisis
Erin Ferguson, Host & Executive Producer
“There is a major, major need [for consumer loan intervention]…Bahamians are putting themselves into virtual slavery.” –Franklyn Wilson, Arawak Homes
Moody’s, the International Credit Rating Agency Downgrades the Bahamas’ A3 Bond Rating (August 31, 2011)
Results of Credit Downgrade: Increased interest rates on borrowed money, restructured ability to borrow money
Atlantis 2.6B Debt, possible default
Letters to the Review:
Grand Bahama Port Authority Responsible to Build Hospital in Grand Bahama
Clico Fiasco, under the advice of the Prime Minister Citizens, Two Years Later, and the Citizens are Still Paying
Citizens are Tired of Pre-Election Rhetoric, Political Parties Should Deliver Five Year Business Plans
Cable and Wireless/LIME Routing Digital Traffic through the Bahamas, As Forewarned
Community Response to Previous Episode of Citizens’ Review:
Letter from Government High Alumni
Message from Anonymous Bishop
Dialectical Discussions
Rude and Disrespectful?
Bahamian Banks: 200.2% Collateralized

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