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August 01, 2019

Do you find yourself eating once or twice a day and struggling with losing weight? Are you seriously active in a healthier lifestyle, eat multiple times a day, but still not achieving your fitness goal?Do you know a speedy Metabolism help you lose weight?If you cant do intense workouts how can you still boost your metabolism? All these questions we will cover in this month's blog.

OK, so you've recently started working out, eating right and in that first week or so you lost some weight. Then few more weeks go by and you realize that “hey I'm not losing weight anymore”. Well then you probably need to monitor the times you are eating and how much times a day you are eating. Many people are under the impression that you need to “exercise more and eat less” to lose weight. While there are some truth to that theory, people tend to go about it the wrong way. When the phrase says “eat less” it doesn't mean that we must eat less meals in a day but rather eat smaller portions in a day. Are you with me?

In July's blog I've touched on the topic of portion size of the food you eat. (If you've missed June & July's blog go check it out). To eat less is to eat smaller portions in a meal but do not eat less meals. Especially in the Bahamas were we have that bad habit of skipping breakfast and only eating once or twice a day, we become our own worst enemy by slowing down our metabolism.

“But I'm too busy to eat”

“Its better to find time to eat right & exercise before your body find plenty time to stay in a doctor's office.” ~Coach Zamunda~

What is Metabolism?
It is the process of which the body converts food into energy.

Therefore your body needs energy to exercise, exercise is needed to burn calories and with calories being burned, you will lose weight. So in essence if you are eating less meals in a day and finding yourself struggling to lose weight. Then you need to boost your metabolism with eating more meals in a day to give your body more energy to burn fat.

“ I am eating more meals in a day and I am still not seeing the results I want!”


You may encounter this due to many reasons.

  1. You may not be eating as healthy as you think. Ensure monitor the amount of sugar, dairy, fats, and protein intake you consume in a day. Also be aware with how you prepare your meals. Cook with coconut or olive oil instead of butter, vegetable & canola oils. When eating salads use more transparent dressings (lite italian or vinaigrettes) or no dressings at all instead of the thick creamy dressings like thousand island and ranch. If are a fruit lover ensure that you eat fruits earlier in the day. Remember fruits have natural sugar in them. Your body can burn off natural sugar easier than processed sugar. Therefore if you eat fruits late in the day your body may have not burned off the sugar that you consumed. And if that happens then the sugar while you sleep may convert into fat.

  2. You may be taking in more calories than you can burn from a workout. If you are eating multiple meals a day and the calories are more than what you can burn off. Then what is going to happen is your body is going to either maintain the weight it is at or put weight back on. Make sure when eating multiple meals a day that they are small portioned, high in fiber, and not too much protein.

  3. You're eating too much protein in a day. If you eat a lot of protein but not doing intense or weight training exercises to convert that protein into muscles then eventually you will start to put on weight from fat. Ensure that you consume 25-30 grams of protein. If you exceed that amount understand that you are consuming to bulk up and build muscles. So make sure that you are doing the workouts as such. If you are not on that level where you can do intense or heavy lifting exercises then please lower your protein intake.


Benefits of a Fast Metabolism

A speedy metabolism helps you to lose weight, build muscle, and burn off unwanted fat. By eating more you burn more. Just as a care needs fuel to burn to make the engine work to take you to and fro. Your body needs fuel to give you the energy to burn off the fat.

How do we develop a fast metabolism?
1. Eat multiple meals a day
2. Eat high fiber foods
3. Do more intense workouts
4. Eat spicy foods
5. Get 6 – 8 hours of sleep

“Man coach, I 'lil' overweight right and I can't do any intense workouts how do I speed up my metabolism?”

So yes to those who are obese and can not do high intensity exercises, there are still ways to increase your metabolism. I will touch more on the exercises in the “Fitness the 20%” section of this month's blog. However if you cant do intense exercises here's what you CAN do from the nutrition side.

1). Consume Omega 3 fatty acids
2). Drink lots of Green Tea
3). Get yourself some metabolism boosters
4). Eat multiple meals a day
5). Eat spicy foods
6). DO NOT skip breakfast
7). Get 6 – 8 hours of sleep

Because you cannot do the exercises needed to increase your metabolism rate, you will need supplements that will assist you in doing so. Below listed are some recommended supplements you can use to increase your metabolism.

This product is great for obtain Omega 3 fatty acids along with other benefits.

This product is a great metabolism booster along with other benefits.

Not a fan of pills, not a problem. You can drink this metabolism booster.

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Any questions & inquiries feel free to email me at whatsapp: (242)-565-0552 also you can follow @ZamundaFitness on Instagram & Facebook (Insert link to apps here) And you will learn how to STAY LIT AND BE FIT!!!!

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