Sysco Bahamas Food Services

Sysco Bahamas Food Services

Sysco Bahamas Food Services, Ltd., known in The Bahamas as “BFS”, is the largest broad-line wholesale distributor located in Nassau, Bahamas and providing reliable delivery to Foodservice and Retail customers throughout the island of The Bahamas.
Located in the capital city of Nassau on the island of New Providence, Sysco Bahamas delivers products by truck six days per week Nassau and shipping to more than 20 islands and cays of The Bahamas using mailboat and air-freight services. More than 300 people are employed at Sysco Bahamas, selling 10,000 products in 12 categories to more than 2,000 customers. The state-of-the-art facility sits on 20 acres of land and is designed for anticipated growth, currently featuring a 200,000 square foot warehouse plus offices and other working spaces. Shipments are received via ocean freight from our purchasing offices at Sysco International Food Group in Jacksonville, Florida and then shipped out to our retail, foodservice and export markets.

As an official Sysco Opco, Sysco Bahamas delivers a full line of food products and a wide variety of non-food products to both independent and chain restaurant customers and other “away-from-home” locations such as healthcare and educational facilities. Locally focused, our broadline company is able to provide the hands-on customer service that sets us apart.
Sysco is the world’s global foodservice leader, with a robust international network supporting customers in 90 different countries around the world. Sysco operates approximately 330 distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than 600,000 customer locations.


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Folkington’s Authentic Juices & Mixers

Sysco Bahamas Folkington’s Authentic Juices & Mixers

Sysco Bahamas Folkington’s Authentic Juices & Mixers
Sysco Bahamas Folkington’s Authentic Juices & Mixers
Sysco Bahamas Folkington’s Authentic Juices & Mixers

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