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Dan Knowles Tours
Soldier Road North & Linkford Street
P.O. Box:
P.O. Box N-1081
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Dan Knowles Tours has been providing transportation services in the Bahamas for over 50 years. Founded by Dan Knowles in the 5o's. the organization is recognized as a pioneer in The Bahamas transportation industry. The company began with a small fleet of small, well-maintained vehicles, courteous staff and a vision of creating, high quality, comfortable transportation services...


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December 11, 2015 M2seelye

Dan Knowles Tours

Follow up to "The Worst"

Since writing my review on our terrible experience with Dan Knowles, I have been in contact with the President of the company. He was very eager to apologize and make things right with me and my family. They offered complimentary private transportation for anytime we choose to come back to the Bahamas and use their services. He also offered to reimburse the full amount that was paid in full to Dan Knowles. $400.00 plus, which is no small amount of money.My credit card company already reimbursed me, so that wasn't necessary. If asked if I would give them another chance, I would say yes. The apology seemed sincere and I am all about second chances.

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December 7, 2015 M2seelye

Dan Knowles Tours

The Worst

We scheduled Dan Knowles car service on 1/7/2015 for our upcoming Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago. Paid $230.00 in FULL. Requested a private van with seat belts so I could safely transport my 7 month old in her carseat from the Airport to Atlantis. Dan Knowles showed up with a shuttle bus with no seatbelts. I paid for two private vans. On our departure date, we were supposed to be picked up at The Royal Towers at 6am to catch an 8:30 flight. Dan Knowles didn't show up, I called 3 times between 6 -6:15am wanting to know where our pre paid private vans were. I got the run around, "Oh they'll be there in 5 minutes", "they are on their way". Eventually, I got another bogus answer that they "Had a flat tire". We ended up getting shoved onto a shuttle bus, with 15 other people from the resort, overbooked, some people had to be two to a seat. We almost missed our flight. Since the debacle I have tried to get in contact with anyone from Dan Knowles, to no avail. I finally called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Thankful that American Express can handle all of the leg work for me, as I still cannot get in contact with this company. We will never do business with them again. I suggest Majestic.

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March 1, 2014 drp

Dan Knowles Tours


My family and I traveled to the Bahamas recently and our experience with Dan Knowles could NOT have been any worse. I honestly do not know how this company is still in business. We booked our entire trip through Atlantis and they selected Dan Knowles for the transfers to and from the airport. This was a special trip for our 10 and 12 year old children so we decided to book the private limo for our transfers. This was a fairly expensive option (which we paid for fully in advance), but again it was a big deal for the kids who had never ridden in a limo before. What a great way to start of vacation....unfortunately it didn't work out that way. When we arrived in the Bahamas (within 20 minutes of our scheduled arrival time) there was no one waiting for us with a car. We had to search for a Dan Knowles employee and once we did we were quickly ushered to one of their dirty old passenger vans. We explained that we had booked the limo and the employee informed us they had given our limo to another group that had arrived a little early and our car would not be back for 1.5 hours (obviously our prepaid reservation meant nothing to them). Our options were to wait 1.5 hours or take the van. I was very displeased with these options and the Dan Knowles employees were absolutely no help, they simply walked away and told me those were my options. I asked to speak to a manager and was given a phone number to call that didn't work. At this point my daughter (who was soooo looking forward to the limo ride) was now in tears, so my wife and I decided to just take the van and deal with Dan Knowles later. The van was dirty and the ride very unpleasant. I explained the situation to the Atlantis front desk and they promptly called Dan Knowles, explained the situation and was told I would get a credit for that transfer, unfortunately it is going to take three weeks for the credit to go through (holding my breadth). We confirmed with both Atlantis and Dan Knowles that we wanted the limo for our return, confirmed the date and time and was assured everything was set and they would make it up to us. Well.....upon our departure we walk outside Atlantis and no Dan Knowles limo to be found. I asked the Atlantis employees to help and they called Dan Knowles and the arguing ensued. They said the car had this time taken the wrong people and we would again have to wait. I expressed my frustration with Atlantis and the employee confirmed that Dan Knowles is not a quality organization and they often have these problems. The last conversation I had with Dan Knowles, the individual actually hung up on me once they realized how badly they had screwed up. Absolutely no customer service whatsoever. I've spoken with the Atlantis management and informed them that their reputation as a quality resort is being tarnished by recommending and associating themselves with Dan Knowles. Bottom line...they cannot be trusted...DO NOT USE DAN KNOWLES FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

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