Pieces of 8 Charters

Pieces of 8 Charters
Albany Marina
P.O. Box:
N 4481
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
Lyford Cay
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Join Pieces of 8 Charters for an unforgettable experience. Memories await while discovering the hidden gems of The Bahamas in comfort and style aboard our sleek 38ft Fountain powerboats. We look forward to hosting you to a journey of a lifetime!

Experience the best and most delightful Exuma Cay excursion available, inclusive of unique opportunities to interact with pet sharks, swim with the world famous Swimming Pigs, feed and observe indigenous Rock Iguanas, and visit the Exuma Land & Sea Park Headquarters.

Private charters to Kamalame Cay, Highbourne Cay, Berry Islands, Harbour Island and Rose Island are also available.

Luxury - Our luxurious fleet of Fountain powerboats has been redesigned with the optimum comfort in mind. A private & personal atmosphere with a maximum capacity of 10 persons. Individually padded seating, along with Bentley stitching will help to ensure a comfortable ride. These vessels are revered as a legendary hull by seasoned boaters, and can cruise effortlessly at a brisk 45mph.

Service - Our highly trained, qualified and customer centered staff and crew have only one mandate to ensure the expectations of our customers are consistently exceeded in a memorable, courteous and engaging way. With a captain and two mates, Pieces of 8 will be able to effortlessly cater to your needs.

Swim With The Pigs – Individual
Exuma Cays Adventure - Private Charter


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April 4, 2019 skemp301

Pieces of 8 Charters

Professionalism at its best!

Their staff, boats and service are excellent!

Tags : boat tours  charters  exumas 

February 12, 2019 Ddlo

Pieces of 8 Charters


Horrible experience!! Made us wait until the last day of our vacation as they couldn't go out before due to what wasn't more than a beeze but who am I to argue and then the last day at 6:45 am we got a text message that it was cancelled since they didn't reach their minimum amount of people for a plane to fly from Nassau to normand cay. No effort made to try and find another way out there or see if any other charter had room. They got the other parties to switch to the next day and just assumed we would as well. Don't waste your time and money on these people!! Update. Did some digging and there was room on another plane going ou same day. They must have had a private booking or decided it was more profitable to move people to another day for a full boat

Tags : Terrible  piecesof8  horrible  waste of money