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Rentokil Initial (Bahamas) Ltd

Tropical Exterminators | Exterminators For Pest Problems. We offer: Termite fumigation, Subterranean termite work, Bedbug remediation, Rodent remediation, Lawn fertilizer and pest treatment, Bee remediation, Mosquito fogging and more.


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Giving our customers practical information and advice on Termites and Mosquitoes and for the Hotel industry.
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Mosquito Control With Rentokil
Mosquito Control With Rentokil

Mosquito Control And Fogging With Rentokil

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Tropical Exterminators | We offer FREE termite assessments - no obligation.

Tropical Exterminations Control Mosquitos With In2Care Mosquito Trap

Rentokil Drop And Go Furniture Fumigation

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1 Tropical Exterminators (Rentokil Initial)
5th Terrance Centreville
2 Rentokil Initial (Bahamas) Ltd
#5 Queen's Highway
3 Tropical Exterminators (formerly Albury's Pest Control)
5th Terrace, Rosetta Street

4 Step Mosquito Control System

Rentokil Tropical Exterminators now has available a NEW automatic Rodent trap, NOT using traditional baits or chemicals and therefore suitable for Pet or other animal environments, food processing/preparation areas.
Rentokil Tropical Exterminators now has available a NEW automatic Rodent Trap

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Specialist Disinfection Service.


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