Rentokil Initial (Bahamas) Ltd

Rentokil Initial (Bahamas) Ltd
5th Terrace Centreville
P.O. Box:
P.O. Box N-395
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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You do nothing !! All services are installed, maintained and regularly serviced by trained Rentokil Initial service staff.
- Sanitact Auto lid, needed wherever women work.
- Air Freshener, remove chronic odors at their source
- Baby Change Unit, securely bolted to the wall
- Calmic Sanitizer, protects with every flush, disinfects, deodorizes, and cleans.
- Soap Dispenser, easy to use, elegant fragrance and moisturizing
- Toilet Seat Sanitizer, shared toilet facilities must be completely hygienic, should look and smell clean with no trace or previous users.

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Mosquitoes don't stand a chance!

Did you know we service the Outer Islands?
We have several Outer Island Pest control and Wash & Hygiene contracts where several " hard to get to " locations have arranged for us to fly out a technician on a regular basis, with usually an onboard boat journey to the Island/Cay to carry out their Pest or Wash inspections or treatments.

If you would like to discuss something similar for your location, out on the Outer Islands, you can call Creswell on our office number 242-325-2213 ask for your " Outer Islands " discount.
We also carry out numerous termite treatments, be it subterranean or dry wood termites. Yes some planning is needed into arranging our equipment arriving by boat and our team getting there a few days later. We regularly tackle some of the biggest properties in remote locations and are readily available to discuss your needs.

That process all starts with a visit from our qualified surveyors, to carry out an inspection, assess your needs ( some small spot treatment may only be necessary rather than a complete structural fumigation ). We can also discuss adding you to a yearly inspection plan we offer, to ensure we work with you to protect your investment in the future.
If you would like to discuss a surveyor coming to inspect any property, please contact Shena on our office number 242-325-2213. ( Going to the outer islands, we ask if you have neighbours who would also need to maximise our surveyors time on these visits ).

Are you working on the Outer Islands? Do you manage a Property or Properties ? Can you recognise Termite signs?

We offer a generous reward scheme for persons, who contact us with a potential property for treatment work. We can and do train anybody interested, to confirm termite infestations ( take some video's and Photographs ) and who then carry out some basic building measurements, agreeing a quote for your client and if they accept and the work goes ahead, you receive a generous commission payment.

Sounds interesting? Please contact our office on 242-325-2213 and ask for Mrs Rolle in HR.
We also offer a one off payment if you have a property or space which is easily seen and by many persons on your island that we can place an advertising sign on.

We look forward to servicing your needs on any of the Outer Islands.