Hill-Top Farms

Hill-Top Farms
Queen's Highway
Gregory Town
Eleuthera, Bahamas
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Located in Gregory Town, Eleuthera near Laughing Lizard Cafe. Come join us to pet, feed, hug, learn, and play our big Emu birds have much to say!
Our facilities cater to holistically engage kids and adults in animal friendship. This goal is achieved through our knowledgeable and kind hearted staff eagerly awaiting to guide you through the scientific and emotional attributes of each animal you will encounter. Animals such as sheep, rabbits, and numerous bird species like ducks, pheasants, and fowl.

You'll find our pride and joy the large Emu bird is a sight to see! Emus are one of the worlds largest flightless birds originally found in Australia they are believed to have survived from prehistoric times dating back 80 million years. Although Emus are flightless, they have conquered the land and sea by running incredible speeds of over 30 miles per hour and having an exceptional swimming prowess. Emus are naturally inquisitive and docile birds which welcome the opportunity to explore and engage.

Regarding our pets ground you'll find only the best around. Hilltop Farms actively accesses and addresses the needs and wants of ever lovable animal we have. We keep there living accommodations clean and skillfully inform you of how best to interact with them. Not one luxury is left undone to secure the safety and respect between you and our animals friends.

Whether you're a child, adult, senior, or young at heart, Hilltop Farms welcomes you! There is no age limit to enjoy and experience the fun. If you care for a healthy calming atmosphere, learning exciting and valuable information about animals, or just feel like being a kid again, Hilltop Farms is indeed the place for you!
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