The Spanish Fluency Centre (Since 1990)

The Spanish Fluency Centre (Since 1990)
P.O. Box:
PO Box SS-6621
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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For almost thirty years Sandra Clarke has been dedicated to helping children and adults learn to speak and think fluently in Spanish. From her own study of Spanish and other languages, and during many years as a Spanish teacher she observed that too often people who study Spanish never actually learn to speak or think in Spanish.

After years in the school system, she searched for more effective teaching methods, including writing some of her own instructional materials. In 1990 she founded The Spanish Fluency Centre. Students in classes at The Spanish Fluency Centre learn by speaking, reading, storytelling, listening, writing, interactive conversation, singing, and physical activity. They learn that Spanish has its own rhythm, structure, and patterns and they expand their vocabulary by engaging directly with Spanish in context instead of focusing on memorizing grammatical rules and vocabulary lists. Soon to their delight they are beginning to speak with fluency.

Sandra combines humor, imagination, and her passion for effective teaching with use of the latest online learning resources. Her belief that anyone who is seriously committed to learn Spanish can do so is reflected in all the services provided by The Spanish Fluency Centre. The deliberate decision to keep The Spanish Fluency Centre small enables her to concentrate on meeting individual needs.

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