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Music Momentum Summit
Music Momentum Summit

Friday 1st October 2010  10:00 AM

10:00am - 11:15am The Live Show
- Kevin Harris [Marlin Awards] Moderator; Levin Wilson [Phat Groove]; Nat Williams [MuNeeds] & Lee Callender [Vocal Coach]

11:30am - 12:45pm PR & Promo
- Christal Jordan-Mims [Publicist]; Africa Allah [DJ Radiocast]; Kenneth "" Moncur; Farenno "FDot" Ferguson

1:00pm - 2:15pm Radio & Live DJ
- Eric Ward [Tribune Media Radio]; Brad Gibson [More 94, M...

NCity iKonz Media Presents...
NCity & iKonz Media Presents...

Friday 30th October 2009  9:00 PM

The most anticipated Music Video Release Party!
NCity "LIKE ME" :: Directed by FDot

Music by:: Daddi Renzi - Mr. Xcitment - Da Buttler
Live performances By NCity Like Me - Dancing in the Rain

Performances by:: ReBirth & Padrino
Special Appearances by:: Swifftz Crew & Juice Unit

Drink specials all night!

Tickets available @ the Jukebox $10 in advance $15 at the door

Host: NCity ...