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June 22, 2021

Airport Car Rental - Exuma, Bahamas

AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! If you don't care about aesthetics, safety, cleanliness or functionality, this is the place for you. Unfortunately, we waited too long to make a car rental reservation and we paid for it. This was the only place that had availability for our stay of 11 days. As a family of 5 with 3 young boys we requested a minivan and they confirmed that many would be available upon our arrival. We arrived and the staff was friendly but they pulled a Ford Taurus (told it was an upgrade) out of the back lot. The explanation was that another customer was late returning the vehicle and they would drop it off where we were staying as soon as it arrived. Three days later... nothing... no calls or emails... nothing. So, I began to call but they would not answer the phone. Finally, on the 4th day, I talked to someone who ensured us that a minivan would be available and that they would call us and deliver it as soon as it arrived. Again, nothing. After several more unanswered calls I accepted the fact that we were stuck with the Taurus for the duration. I don't want to spend a relaxing vacation dealing with a car rental company. Back to the Taurus... they give it to you with a 1/4 tank and expect it back with at least a 1/4 tank. We returned it with 1/8 and were charged $15 for the difference. The inside of the vehicle was filthy, the driver's seat could not be adjusted so my wife (being shorter) could not even drive it, the trunk would not close unless the damaged rubber seal was positioned just right and every warning light imaginable would periodically alert us randomly. The biggest safety frustration we experienced was the random stalling. There were several times when we were travelling on Queens Highway (with a local 6 inches from our rear bumper) and the car would just shut off. You lose power steering and are forced to find somewhere to pull off the road so that you can put the vehicle in park and attempt to restart it. Not acceptable for a total bill of $1125. If you endured my entire rant, I would explore every other option available before considering this establishment.


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