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June 2, 2013

Wellness Spa Bahamas

Loved, loved, loved my treatment! Would definitely book again :) I really wanted to book a spa service, but did not want to travel for it. I just felt like bogging through traffic would defeat the purpose. I really liked the look of their website, and that I could easily pay online by credit card (they use Paypal) after securing my appointment. I actually booked my treatment online the day before with no hassle whatsoever, and even received a confirmation email AND TEXT (I know right?) leading up to my treatment. I was Very pleased, and surprised that the therapist also brought candles, music, and hot towels! The ambiance and setup was great, even more so for the price. I got a professional 80 minute massage for $95.00 and didn't have to budge a muscle. I liked that Antoinette let me know what type of oil she was using (grapeseed and olive oil with lavender and tea tree), it's a small detail but one I appreciated. At the end of the massage there was an added treat of hot towels for the hands and feet. I found this to be an awesome addition because it left my hands and feet clean when it was time for me to get up and drink the water she handed me. I hate when my hands and feet are left slightly oily after a massage because I think it's uncomfortable when you go to touch things, and dangerous too. I would definitely book again in the future, and highly recommend them to residents or even tourists visiting Nassau. I would recommend booking in advance (at least a day before) to secure your spot, as I assume between the reasonable prices, great service, and downright convenience, their services will be in great demand! I've saved their website in Favorites on my computer so that I can check back in when I need more "Wellness" R&R. I'm thinking I will book a facial next time or maybe a sampler package. I'm feeling real good. Signed, a happy camper. :)

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