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August 27, 2016


Saw this company's ad on facebook and needed a bouncing castle for my son's birthday party on Sunday August 21st 2016. They had an amazing special that included tables and chairs with the bouncing castle, so went and booked with them. After I came to this site and saw all the negative reviews, I wondered if i'd made a mistake. The party started at 2pm, but the Celebrations crew came at 12.30 and in 10 minutes had finished setting up- with no issues. The delivery men were friendly and very helpful. Only recommendation I would make, being a novice to bouncing castles is that the company tell persons the bouncing castles require electricity and may need a drop cord (don't take it for granted everyone knows), luckily my husband knew this- as it is important in choosing a location for the castle. Overall, I was VERY VERY VERY satisfied with this company. It seems like they definitely are not the same old company mentioned in previous reviews.

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July 19, 2015

Beautiful Building, Poor Service

Went to an awards banquet at this hotel. Beautiful decor but had poor experience . Food was mediocre, but staff service was poor at best. Had a vegan family member and when asked to give alternative meal, you could hear the deep sighs and see the shifting of the eyes. Had asked 3 different wait staff for assistance, requests for all of which were ignored. I feel like the staff there are EXTREMELY unhappy and it shows! And its obviously taking a toll on their service. Based on my personal experience, i wouldn't recommend anyone have their dinner/banquet event there. Maybe they need a staff motivation seminar or something.

Tags : hotel  banquet 

October 20, 2012


Wendys has good food for a wide range of prices. I just wish they would bring back their Chicken Caesar Pita and the Strawberry Parfait- miss those 2 items dearly!

October 20, 2012

Love It!

I can't comment about the rest of their food, but their wraps are GREAT!!!!! I esp like the chicken korma, curry chicken n steak wraps. And the dressing they use on their salad that comes with the wrap is absolutely divine. I've never tasted anything like it. Love it!

October 20, 2012

OK, but was disappointed!

Had an issue with late dresses due to some issues with ordering on the part of the store and manufacturer. However i wasn't informed of this until approx 2 mths after i'd already placed the order n thought the dresses were ordered. However, the manager was nice & made a great effort to ameliorate. They are a bit more affordable than other bridal salons (for rental gowns & some bridesmaids gowns) which is a plus. Negatives for me were their location (long drive for me) & the initial poor communication, in my personal experience. I'm sure everyone will have a different experience.


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