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The Freeport 5 opened its doors in 2000 with U-571 and LOVE & BASKETBALL among the very first films shown. Both of those films were April releases, so that is most likely to be the month when operations began there.

The color scheme reflects the official uniform decor shared by all of Galleria Cinema theatres. The color scheme of the original location was beige with dark green accents. The architect for the Freeport 5 is an Italian gentleman who resides in Nassau. One of the most impressive features of this location is the skylight above the lobby and concession areas.

Due to the relatively small population in Freeport, the individual auditoria are modest in size, the largest seating around 200 persons. The theatres are all laid out in a linear fashion which translates into a booth that is very straightforward and easy to monitor because all projectors are nearby and visible at all times. If there is one major flaw in the booth, it would have to be the port windows which are not as clear and free of coloration as projection port holes ought to be. Furthermore, the glass is mounted in such a way that the sound of the projector can easily leak into the auditorium.

Galleria Cinemas was the first to employ digital audio with DTS technology. Freeport 1 is the first Galleria cinema to employ Dolby Digital audio (with an EX adapter). All of the remaining screens in Freeport are equipped with Dolby CP-45 analog processors. The sound-heads on the projectors use the reverse-scan LED system.

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August 4, 2018 Darioroberts

Galleria Cinemas Ltd

A.C. in Freeport needs to be cooler

Freeport you get poor marks. Your movies is hot. So hot and don't come every week anymore just when a really good movie is in town... Turn the a.c. on...

June 5, 2014 Anicolee

Galleria Cinemas Ltd

Reasons why Columbus Movie Theatre was way better

Low rating because the headquarters refuses to send movies that people actually want to see to the Freeport theatre yet have no problem with bringing movies like 'Edge of Tomorrow" which is a clearly an Oblivion rip off that no one cares for. The Fault in Our Stars sold millions of books that I'm sure Grand Bahamians have read. (Maybe they think we're too dumb to read I don't know). Yet when it's time for TFIOS to come out which would bring the theatre SO much money, they decide to keep it to Nassau. Literally done with Galleria. Can't wait until I move out of this country right now. Because apparently Galleria Cinemas cannot calculate basic Math and Income. smh