Movie Info : Between Friends

Release date:
July 18th 2014
Rating (Bahamas):
T - 15yrs and Older

Between Friends Trailer


Between Friends follows an intergenerational and interlinked group of people through their trials and triumphs in their romantic relationships. Some are at a crossroads in life, having just graduated University, while others are either still in high school or are trying to establish stable family lives. Throughout the film we are witness to the often mismatched dynamics that exist between men and women, especially when intimacy in involved. Delightfully playful in the beginning, the film ends on a more somber note as revelations of infidelity, betrayal, and over idealized relationships come to the fore. For some this is a reality check, for others a devastating new reality.


Starring: Taromi Joseph, Gregory Pollonais, Vanna Girod, Wayne Lee- Sing, Kearn Samuel, Patti- Ann Ali, Nigel Auguste, Conrad Paris.

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User Comments

Producer dude  Fri, 2014/07/25 - 09:24 AM

This is a must see for anyone living in the Caribbean or who has even been. It'll take you back, make you feel nostalgic, make you feel at home.. and then hit you real hard. A stunning drama film.

  Sun, 2021/12/05 - 21:08 PM
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