4th Annual Off Da Rock Bahamas Ladies Fishing Weekend 2019

Saturday 8th June 2019

This year’s Off Da Rock Bahamas Ladies Fishing Weekend takes place Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June 2019 and promises you an unforgettable weekend in the BIG YARD of Andros. We will be fishing the flats and shores of Stafford Creek North Andros. Spend two (2) full days with hands on instruction and practice and a relaxing day discovering North Andros.

4th Annual Off Da Rock Bahamas Ladies Fishing Weekend 2019

Friday 7 June 2019: We fly into North Andros via Western Air. After check-in and breakfast at Love At First Sight Hotel, we jump right into the glorious waters of Andros.
Hands-on instruction will be provided by Captain Shawn Riley, fishing guide extraordinaire. Raised in Staniard Creek, North Andros, Shawn was born with a passion for the ocean and has a deep understanding of the elements: the waters, the fish, the tides, the weather and the landscapes. He has been fishing all his life and has been a professional guide for more than 20 years. Shawn has also lead many expeditions for marine biologists, conservationists, film makers, and National Geographic teams on varies explorations, science research and TV shows. He has earned high respect from his peers and is well known for his ability to ensure anglers a consistent quality and quantity of fish.
Captain Shawn will cover basics for the novice and a bit more for those that have done this before. You will learn all about knot tying, bait choice, best times to fish – all that is needed to catch the big one.
Later that evening, grill 'n chill! Learn how to filet and store your catch to keep it as fresh as the day caught and cook up some of the day's catch.

Saturday 8 June 2019: The day starts bright and early with breakfast and Captain Shawn will be ready to put us on the fish. Saturday builds on the previous day fishing for the day. Prizes will be given for the best performers.
You will experience a true Androsian tradition by going crabbing! Fish and crab to take home, a day well spent.

Sunday 9 June 2019: Spend the morning relaxing and enjoying the beach or get in another day fishing the flats or offshore*. Fly back home to Nassau that afternoon to enjoy your remaining holiday weekend with fishing experience under your belt, fish in your freezer, and a great story to tell.

Costs: Registration for this year's Off Da Rock Bahamas Ladies Fishing Weekend is $200 which includes fishing rod and reel, all tackle and bait, fishing instruction, gift bag, transfer to and from airport, and all weekend activities. *Additional cost for chartered offshore fishing, space limited.
Participants can choose to arrange their travel and lodging on their own or let us organise the details for you for ease.

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