Conference: The Future of Democracy

Friday 13th May 2016  8:00 AM

Conference: The Future of Democracy

Venue: School of Social Sciences at The College of The Bahamas

As the country braces for another General Election, the College of the Bahamas seeks to engage the nation in a discourse on the state of Bahamian democracy and the futures that are possible. How can we deepen Bahamian democracy, expand popular participation and improve the prospects for genuine renewal in party politics? How can we make government more accountable and more transparent? How can we improve the quality of governance in the country? Is there such a thing as better representation, and how can it be achieved? Presentations are especially welcome that address possibilities for bottom up constitutional reform and electoral reform, on freedom of information and the role of civil society. Presentations may focus on but are not limited to the areas listed below:

Constitutional Reform through the Grassroots
The Republic of The Bahamas
Local Government's Value
Anti-Corruption Laws
Freedom of Information
The Role of Media
Freedom of Association
How Political Victimization: Real or Imagined
Transparency in Practice
Political Party Constitutions
First Past the Post
Proportional Representation
Bribery in Electoral Politics
The Role of the Senate
Public Vetting of Political Appointments
Annual Reporting: Public Corporations
Labour, Politics and the Greater Good
Politics and Conflict of Interest: Best Practices
Electoral Campaign Reform
Debate in Parliament
The Westminster System
Civil Society and Democratization

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