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Latest Reviews Added

Uprising Studios

Date Added: March 20, 2017

This is a great place to get a tattoo. It's professional and clean. Durelle does amazing work and he's totally chill to hang out with. He's the best in The Bahamas.

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Gigabit Technologies

Date Added: March 20, 2017

Try Their Service

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Angelic Pride

Date Added: March 2, 2017

Great hairstyles at the best prices!

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Don's Rent A Car

Date Added: February 25, 2017

We pre-arranged for a "compact SUV" prior to our visit. We received a 2-wheel drive vehicle that was essentially a "rent a wreck." It couldn't get up the small hills on the island, was filthy, had a broken gas cap, etc. We were told it was the only car available. I asked for a discount because of...

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La Caverna

Date Added: February 18, 2017

I wanted to go to a Italian restaurant and look on line and for this one. It was nine of us. The food and the service was the worst I have ever had. We had kids with us we ordered two pizza for the kids one came and the other we never got the lady said they didn't hear the order the manager or ow...

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Richard L Boodle & Co

Date Added: February 17, 2017

I hired Mr. Boodle to handle my divorce. At first he was very efficient. He would call me, return calls right away but once I paid him half my money I could not reach him. He would not return any of my calls, emails came back. I lived on the island so I had no way of finding him. Not until I got ...

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La Caverna

Date Added: February 15, 2017

I know this place since 18 months. Food always was fantastic. But now the owner did some remodeling and it's a whole new experience. I felt very comfortable, the new interior design looks elegant, but still causal. Very nice Italian food for reasonable prizes.

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Sonic Express Courier Service

Date Added: February 9, 2017

I really wish there was a NO star option in rating. This is not a review, Its a WARNING. I advise anyone not use their services. They are SLOW, LAZY and never seem to have ANYTHING TOGETHER. I'm not speaking on ONE bad experience... I've had to endure hell for about 3-4 times with this company. I...

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Silver Traditions

Date Added: February 8, 2017

BUYER BEWARE! Last week I purchased a pair of tanzanite, white sapphire and australian opal earrings. The salesman told me they were authentic. However, I just returned from a local jewelry store (I was looking into having leverbacks put on the earrings) and was told by the jeweler that they are ...

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Berencia Isaacs & Associates, Ltd.

Date Added: February 7, 2017

Berencia seems to offer a quite comprehensive set of helps- almost a one-stop-shop of financial and other services! Browsing their site, I saw several things they offer that might well come in handy. Good work! Don Wallace,

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