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US-Bahamas professional exchange highlights cultural preservation

WASHINGTON, DC -- After participating in the US Department of State-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), veteran educator, Junkanoo proponent and cultural advocate Arlene Nash Ferguson expounded on the necessity for The Bahamas to participate in professional exchange, especially in the area of cultural preservation.

"It is very important," she said. "It demonstrates our eagerness to be a part of the world community and work with other nations toward common goals.

Programs such as this broaden our horizons, exposing us to new ideas and thinking in international circles, and this inspires us to bring new ideas home and adapt them where applicable and where needed to our local circumstances.

"The experience also deepens our appreciation of what we do have in the area of cultural heritage, and serves to underline the critical importance of preserving it."

"The program," she added, "also allows us to establish links not only with persons in the same area in the United States, but also around the world: there were 18 participants in my program and only three nations from the Western Hemisphere were represented - Mexico, Guyana and The Bahamas."

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Tayvon Demeritte, 23 months

Funeral service for Tayvon Demeritte, 23 months, a resident of Howard Street, Chippingham, who died on 1st February, 2012, will be held at Coke Memorial Methodist Church, Rose Street, Fox Hill, on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Officiating will be Minister Rev. Emily Demeritte. Interment follows in Fox Hill Cemetery, Fox Hill Road.
Left to cherish his memories are his mother: Theidra Demeritte; father: Alderano Cunningham; sister: Tayvonte Cooper; grandparents: Mable Cox & Theran Demeritte; aunt: Mrs. Kelsey Hibbert; great grandparents: Dolly & George Cox; adopted father: Shayne Archer; grandaunts: Cloann Rolle, Stephanie Turnquest, Dale Estelhomme, Bridgette Bridgewater, Yvette Rolle, Bernice Harris & ...

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UFC 131: Stout knocks out Edwards

CANADIANS went 3-1 on the undercard at UFC 131 Saturday night, including lightweight Sam Stout's knockout against veteran Yves Edwards.

Stout connected with a left hook in the first round and Edwards toppled backward. Stout (15-4-1) went to follow up, but held back when he saw Edwards was motionless.

Edwards (40-17-1) eventually got up on a stool to the applause of the crowd but needed a helping hand as he was led away.

"That is one of the nastiest KO's I have EVER seen!!!!" UFC president Dana White posted on his Twitter account.

The 27-year-old Stout, who is from London, Ontario, celebrated the victory with a backflip in the cage.

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The creepy crawlers of summer

She's the mother of three accident prone children all under the age of six. She's a former morgue assistant, ambulance dispatcher, pre-school teacher and even a volunteer animal rescuer and as a result, has had to deal with everything from gushing blood to dead people, injured animals and grossly sick children, you'd think nothing would phase this 35-year-old.  But there is one thing that can make K'Andrea Moxey-Wright cringe and it's those creepy crawly insects.  Nothing frightens her more than the multi-legged creatures that invade people's living spaces during summer time.
"When I know summer is almost here I get nervous because I know all those bugs that hibernated for the cooler months are coming back to torment my soul," says the mother who says her house is in desperate need of extermination.  As a mother, she knows all too well about having to cut corners, but learned her lesson after getting "burned" on an extermination gone bad a few years ago.  She hired someone at a "good price" to rid her home of termites.  She later found out that the price was too good to be true after the termites came back and the other insects seemed to multiply.  Moxey-Wright says she now knows better and is looking for a good company to rid her home of its insect problem as the temperatures continue to scorch warming the ground and making the insects swarm.
"The warm temperatures in the country, especially around summer time is perfect for insects of all kinds to grow and swarm as they come out to forage and stock up for the winter months," says Handfred Rolle, proprietor of Pioneer Exterminators, who says if you are not willing to share your living space with these creatures -- roaches, termites, ants, bees, centipedes -- then it is the best time to get an exterminator before the problem gets too bad."
In his line of business Rolle says he has noticed that many people tend to shy away from doing regular exterminations of their home because they assume their house will have to be covered in a tent for days and the family will have to find an alternative living space, while this is being done.  He says this is not necessarily true in all instances, as there are many problems, and just as many solutions for the infestations.  And he says solving the problem may have to be more than the old-fashioned, do-it-yourself remedy some people adopt, like swatting, spraying and baiting the insects.  Rolle says this may work for small confined problems, but says sometimes it is better to call in the experts to solve the problem.
The 17-year veteran says it is often better to get a exterminator rather than attempt to eradicate a major  problem yourself.  While it is common for the average homeowner to purchase over-the-counter pesticides, he says some of them tend to be more harmful than good and that bug sprays for example are toxic especially in the excessive amounts that people use and often inhale accidentally.  And if you have a recurring problem with roaches or termites you definitely need to call in an exterminator as there is obviously a bigger problem than you are seeing.
Rolle says the chemicals an expert will use to get rid of indoor pests are water-based and less likely to be inhaled or consumed than the aerosol insecticides the average person uses.  Other hazardous situations  you put yourself into by being a "weekend warrior" is purchasing rat poisons over-the-counter and not considering the amount of yard space you have.  Doing this he says can result in over or under-treating the problem, and if you have a pet or the yard is easily accessible to neighborhood animals you can also end up killing them.  He says a proper exterminator will consider all of these factors and find the best route of extermination for your situation.
"It doesn't benefit you or anyone if you opt to experiment and prolong doing a proper extermination," says Rolle.  "There are some things you can live with and others that you shouldn't.  Sugar ants and lizards are generally harmless, but things like roaches, ticks, fleas and termites are things you need to deal with immediately.  Roaches can carry diseases and can generally infect surfaces.  While you do love your indoor pet, the ticks and fleas they attract can carry lime disease which you don't want to contract much less your children.  To save your home from prematurely rotting you will want to get rid of termites as quickly as you can too."
The exterminator also says people should not believe the "old-wives" myths that are bandied about as to how to solve their insect problems, because they don't want to spend the money on a professional.  A common practice he has come across time and time again is the use of diesel to treat a pest problem.  He says he has heard many people swearing by it.  As an exterminator he says he has yet to find any merit in it.
Another popular myth he has heard involves burning a termite's nest that is on the ground to solve the  problem.  This he says is not true as the nest is sometimes underground as well and after a month if not a few weeks, the problem will return again.  He says if you have a termite problem it is important to get an expert rather than believe you can treat it on your own.
"People need to be aware that it doesn't pay to take shortcuts.  You will find people who will give you a seemingly good price for relatively costly exterminating jobs like dealing with drywood termites and subterranean termites, but with these bugs you need the problem to be done thoroughly.  Drywood termites, especially if they are throughout a building, require you to fully tent the structure and then pump gas in to properly exterminate.  If someone tells you they can do it without tenting you are looking at the problem coming back in no time and still having to pay an expert to do it properly.  Similarly, with subterranean termites, you will need to drill the walls so chemicals can be put in to get to the root of the problem.  If someone says they can do it without drilling, or only [drilling] one or two holes, you are looking for the problem to come right back."
The exterminator says it is also important for people to know that not every insect with wings that isn't a roach, wasp or bee is a termite.  He says there are many different types of ants and other bugs that have wings that can be an annoyance and you may hire the first guy who says he knows what he is doing to kill termites when the problem was never termites.
Rolle says he has met many people who say they hired an "exterminator" a year or even months before only to have the problem they thought was taken care off, reappear in no time.  He encourages homeowners to call different exterminating companies, allow them to come into the home to assess the problem and give a quote, to give themselves options to best deal with the problem, with the company that has a good record.  He says forget about your cousin's brother's friend who will just charge you a few bucks, and says you save yourself stress by hiring a reputable expert or company to do the job right the first time.

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Prizes Fit For A Gospel Queen

The new Miss Gospel Bahamas 2011/2012, Lavette Smith was showered with fabulous gifts at a recent prize-giving ceremony held at the Poop Deck Sandyport.

The queen received three scholarships - one sponsored by Galilee College, another by Synergy Bahamas and a third from Toya's Educational Institute.

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New stars shine at gymnastics summer camp
New stars shine at gymnastics summer camp

Twinklers, sparklers, rising stars and star achiever squads glittered the night with gymnastics routines and riveting performances. The Starmania Summer Camp's PreCompetition Judging and Exhibition was co-sponsored by Bahamas Star Gymnastics (BSG) and Bahamas Gymnastics Booster Club.

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Two CIBC First Caribbean Sponsored JA Firms Win 'Company of the Year' Awards

TWO Junior Achievement companies sponsored by CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank were announced as winners of the coveted JA Company of the Year award.

FirstCaribbean managing director Marie Rodland-Allen said: "The winnings of our JA teams in Nassau and Abaco, and the bank's continued support of JA, are excellent testaments of the bank's engagement of communities in which it operates with a view of making them better.

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Disc injuries

By Susan Donald D.C.

While the intervetebral disc is a common culprit in spine related health problems, its function is widely misunderstood.

The disc is a small cartilage pad that is situated between spinal bones. The soft jellylike center is contained by surrounding layers of fibrous tissues call the annular fibers. Each disc serves as connector, space, and shock absorber for the spine. When healthy, discs allows normal turning and bending.

Since spinal discs have a very poor blood supply, they depend upon the circulation of joint fluids to bring in nutrients and expel waste. If a spinal joint loses its normal motion or position and this pumping action is impaired, the health of the disc ...

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A Queen's Homecoming

For more than a decade, Sunday school teacher Lavette Smith attended Lakeview Church of God, but this past weekend marked the first time she received a red carpet welcome. On Sunday, August 14, the 24-year-old was officially presented to her church as the new Miss Gospel Bahamas 2011/2012.

The church's foyer was decorated for her joyous homecoming. A "Congratulations" banner dangled from the ceiling. Underneath it were three of the garments the queen wore the night she was crowned: the 'Esther' outfit which won her...

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Pelican Bay at Lucaya Announces Appointments

Pelican Bay at Lucaya has announced the appointments of Della Bridgewater as Operations Manager and Yvette Evans as Security Manager.   Also announced was the appointment of Chic Weddings Bahamas, under the direction of Marva Munroe, to plan and design weddings at the hotel.

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Barry Wins Fourth RBDF Ironman Title

When competing in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Annual Ironman competition, Lieutenant Ricardo Barry continues to prove that he is the man to beat. To be considered the best all-around athlete in the Defence Force, a number of individuals once again competed for the prestigious Ironman title.

Now in its 11th year, two new champions were crowned during the annual competition at the Coral Harbour Base. Lieutenant Barry literally ran away with the competition for a record fourth time after not competing last year. Woman Marine Rikeisha Thompson captured the crown in the open female category.

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US-Bahamas professional exchange highlights cultural preservation
US-Bahamas professional exchange highlights cultural preservation

WASHINGTON, DC -- After participating in the US Department of State-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), veteran educator, Junkanoo proponent and cultural advocate Arlene Nash Ferguson expounded on the necessity for The Bahamas to participate in professional exchange, especially in the area of cultural preservation.

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Challenges ignite boxing fraternity

The return of professional boxing to the Nassau Stadium last Saturday was ample proof that there is a thirst for the sport. The Charlie Major Jr. card was not widely publicized and there were a few glitches that resulted in a late start.
Nevertheless, some 200 persons came out despite the threat of rain and it was an enjoyable evening of boxing. The amateur segment at the beginning was exciting. In the pro program, Anthony Woods and Kato Ferguson engaged in a spirited four-rounder. Then, Dencil Miller looked sharp in a clash with John Wesley. Miller packed too much power. He used a crushing left hook and on-target right hand shots to overpower Wesley in three rounds. The two lead bouts were more appealing than the main event.
Meacher Major had no problems at all with the veteran Cuban Alex Perez. The visiting boxer did not land one solid blow and spent much of his time covering from an aggressive Major. In round three when Major scored with a solid body blow, Perez dropped to a knee and took the count.
There was a sidelight incident, however, that added as much excitement as the actual ring action. Former Commonwealth Super Middleweight (168 pounds) Champion Jermaine Mackey and 9-0 up-and-coming light heavyweight (175 pounds) boxer Ryan McKenzie got into a verbal battle. They both declared an interest in fighting at any weight. McKenzie said he would come down to the super middleweight division.
Bulking up to a light heavyweight might be a stretch for the lanky Mackey but he could get to 170 or so and still be comfortable in the ring. It's a match ready to be made and Major Jr. seems quite interested. He was eagerly listening to the back-and-forth boastful statements. Thus, there is the prospect of a Mackey/McKenzie encounter.
Also, former double Commonwealth Bantamweight Champion Ray Minus Jr. is set to come out of retirement. He has not fought for 10 years, but the 47-year-old looked a bit smaller on Saturday as he worked the corner for some of his fighters and moved around giving a hand with the tightening of the ring ropes.
He is getting ready for Meacher Major. For Ray Minus Jr., the only obstacle is being declared medically fit and ready for ring action. The two challenges have sparked new enthusiasm for pro boxing. A Mackey/McKenzie bout will be a big encounter, a major sports happening. A Minus Jr./Major match will be just as highly anticipated.
The excitement has returned to pro boxing.
(To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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PLP Leader's Anti-Crime Plan Criticised

PLP leader Perry Christie's plan to fight crime has come under fire from a number of directions since he unveiled it at the beginning of the week. The first to respond was veteran police officer Errington Watkins, who issued a statement calling the plan "nothing but a fitful nightmare" at the end of one of Mr Christie's "slumbers."

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Drowning victim identified

The man who allegedly drowned over the holiday weekend was yesterday identified by family members as Ezra Dean.
According to preliminary police reports, the drowning took place sometime around 4:40 p.m. on Friday at South Beach.
Police reports indicate that Dean was swimming with family members when the accident occurred.
Dean, who was in his 80s, was taken to hospital by emergency medical service personnel where he was pronounced dead.
Dean is the choir director at new Destiny Baptist Church.
He is survived by his wife Jacqueline Theresa and children Samuel, Sterling, Ezra Jr., Mark, Vernons, Portia Dean and Yvette Williams.
A family friend described Dean as a "beautiful person".
"He directed the choir and he was a real gentleman," said the friend who attends the same church as Dean.  He was in fine form.  His last project was to prepare the church choir for the Father's Day ensemble. It's a sad day."

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Commission bids farewell to executive director


Business Reporter

THE BAHAMAS can continue to benefit from the advice and service of outgoing Securities Commission executive director, Hillary Deveaux, when he takes his post as a technical assistance advisor for the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC), the Prime Minister said in a farewell speech on Wednesday.

Hubert Ingraham said Mr Deveaux was a transformative figure at the Commission, having recently overseen the development of new securities industry legislation and regulations that are now being vetted by the Government.

Mr Ingraham hailed all his contributions to the Commissio ...

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Marilyn Olive Isolonoise Kelly, 73

Funeral Service for Marilyn Olive Isolonoise Kelly affectionately called"Ma"
age 73 of Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, who died at her residence August 8th, will be held on Saturday 11:00 a.m. at Charles Wesley Methodist Church, Lower Bogue, Eleuthera. Rev. John Baldwin II assisted by Pastor Ednol Cash and Bishop Dudley Kelly will officiate and interment will follow in the Public Cemetery, Lower Bogue, Eleuthera.

Precious memories will linger in the hearts of Children: Wilson & Claudia; Leroy & Claudina; Tredville & Merelyn; Jerold & Thayla Kelly;  Michael & Sherry Fulford and Merelyn Symonette.
Grandchildren: Claudia & Vernon Neilly; Royanna, Tremarva, Trenique, Gerneska and Jerold Kelly, Lavonia & Don Johnson, Antonia, Stevette & Latanya Symonette and Joseph Cartwright Jr. & Travis Roker; Great-Grands: Vernon Jr. & Roy' Keem Neilly, Dante Johnson, Nevaeh Beckford, and Latrell Symonette; Sister: Frizzy Williams; Adopted Sisters: Rose Johnson, Veronica Seymour, and Agnes Hepburn; Brother: Eardley Neilly; Aunt: Earlene Albury; Uncles: Fred Neilly and Ezekiel Cash; Neices and Nephews: Marietta & James Major and children, Stanley, Whittington, Royal & Victor  Williams and children, Rosette & Sam Johnson and children, Pedro, Frank, Tamaka Neilly & family, Cindy Moss & family, Vanesha Joseph & family, Doris, Shawn, Sherwin, Bernadette; Adopted Neices & Nephews: Monette, Charles, Marvin and Kazin Woods; Brothers and Sisters-in-law: Bishop Dudley & lonie Kelly and children, Bishop Curtis & Almeta Kelly and Children of Delray Beach, Florida, Clayton & Gladys Kelly and children, Mercia & Bishop Crestwell Cash and children, Ina & Julia Kelly  and children; Godchildren: Marie Andrews, Rowena & Sharmaine Johnson and Dedire Dean, Dino Ferguson; Cousins: Prescola & Preston Neilly and children, Majorie Wallace and daughter, Basil Neilly, Emerald & Pastor Ednol Cash and children, Alvin, Beryl Neilly and children, Branhilda and children, Vernencha and children, Phylis, children of the late Myrtis Neilly, Raymond & David Fowler, Ronald, Malvina, children of the late Sarah and Cambell Neilly, Valarie & Sherman Albury and children, Randy, Darrel and Edith Neilly and children Rev. Fredrick, Franklyn and Dorothy Kelly and family, Gladys Saunders and children, Dency Moss, children of the Iate Corens Barry; Katrina Neilly and children, Bruce & Lucinda Deveaux and children, Ona & Candace Kelly and children, Paula, Sandra, Sidney, Lester Albury and children, Cleomie Culmer and children, Joseph & Pandora Cash, Olga Frazier and children, Maria Carey and children, children of the late James and Nollie Cash, Lyman & Bloise Cash and family, Alice Newton and children, Joyce Neilly and children, Calvin Neilly and family, Helena, Sharon & Clinton, Eloise & Willamae Albury and family, Vera Cash, Oralee Saunders; Other relatives and Friends: Rosalie Albury & children, Linda Ferguson (hairdresser); the children of the late Jerome and Elsie Hunter, children of the late Samuel Barry of Harbour Island, Harrison & Geneva Kelly and children, Zerlene & Sybil Cash and children, Inez Kelly and children, decendants of Pearl Johnson, and Oswald & Valderine Frazier,Thelma and children, Maragret, Geneva, Carlton, Harry & Velma Cash and children, decendants of the late Ralph and Enuice Albury, Harcourt & Rosemary Johnson and children, defendants of the late Arthur and Gwendolyn Albury, Joyce(big mama) & Bernard and children, Michael and Weeann Johnson, Richie & Ismae Albury and children, Yardy, Cleveland, Whitfeild Brown and family, Ivan Neely and children, The Fulford family of Turks and Caicos, the Arthur family, George & Alfred Cash and family, the Bain, Moss, Johnson, Cash, and Albury families of Lower Bogue, the Brown, Kelly, Munroe and Kemp families of Current Island, the Symonette, Eldon, Weech and Neely families of Current, Nurse Knowles and staff of Lower Bogue Clinic, Charles Wesley Methodist Church family, Eastern Star Delcina Chapter #61 and a host of other friends from the community of Spanish Wells and Bluff ,Eleuthera.

Relatives and friends may pay their last respects at THE CHAPEL OF MEMORIES COMMONWEALTH FUNERAL HOME on Friday from 10:30-2:30 p.m. and at the church in Lower Bogue on Friday from 6:00 p.m. to service time on Saturday.

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Dwinya Rebecca Black, 14

Funeral Service for Dwinya Rebecca Black, 14, of Montell Heights will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.


New Bethany Baptist Church

West Avenue

Pastor Victor Cooper
Assisted by:

Bishop Elfredo Burrows

Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery


is survived by: her Parents: Emmanuel & Alice Black: 4 Brothers: PC #2772 Tamiko Black; Renaldo, Zhavargo & De Anglo Black; Grandparents: Alvetha Black, Anthony & Alice Prince; 10 Uncles: Vernal, Cedric, Chris & Shervin Mun ...

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Alexander Evans, 67
Alexander Evans, 67

Funeral Service for Alexander Evans, 67, of Mangrove Cay, Andros will be held on Saturday 20th August, 2011 at 10:00am at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Baillou Hill and Wulff Road. Officiating will be Father Roderick Bain, assisted by Father Andrew Toppins and Father Stephen Davies. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soilder Road.

Left to cherish his precious memory are Two sisters: Louise “Gomese” Evans and Annamae Newbold; One brother: His twin George Evans; Eleven nieces: Evamae Evans of Delray Beach, Florida, Lovestine Smith of Newburg, New York; Fercena Burrows, Ivy Deveaux; Patricia “Patsy” and Yvette Newbold, Tameka Lundy (Godfrey); Gayle Davis (J ...

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Adele sweeps the Grammy's with 6 wins

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards was a night of exhilarating
performances, inspired tributes, and emotional acceptance speeches. Big
winners included British singer Adele, veteran rockers the Foo Fighters,
dubstep producer Skrillex and country superstar Taylor Swift.

brought home six GRAMMYs, tying Beyoncé for the most awards won by a
female artist in one night. Adele won for Album Of The Year and Best Pop
Vocal Album for

21, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year and
Best Short Form Music Video for "Rolling In The Deep," and Best Pop Solo
Performance for "Someone Like You..."

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Pelican Bay at Lucaya Announces Appointments

Freeport, Bahamas -
Pelican Bay at Lucaya has announced the appointments of Della
Bridgewater as Operations Manager and Yvette Evans as Security
Manager.   Also announced was the appointment of Chic Weddings Bahamas,
under the direction of Marva Munroe, to plan and design weddings at the

Formerly a part of the Sales team, Marva Munroe has moved
to another role and, under the banner of her company, Chic Weddings
Bahamas, which will plan and design weddings for Pelican Bay.  Through
this new joint venture Pelican Bay will continue to showcase itself as a
premiere location for destination weddings in Grand Bahama...

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Bahamas shines at International Talent Showcase

THERE were just nine Bahamian participants among 150 at this year's International Talent Showcase competition in Boca Raton, Florida, but that small group really made its presence felt - walking away with nine division honours.

In fact, one young Bahamian, Chase Carter, won the coveted title of Top Overall Female Fashion Model.

This year's Bahamian International Talent Showcase (ITS) group was organised by Pia Rolle of PTG Modeling Agency, who is also the regional director for ITS in the Bahamas.

Ms Rolle said: "The International Talent Showcase is an organisation whose primary objective is to promote and increase the standards of training and education in the modelling and perform ...

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A look back at the 2010 National 'Open' Track and Field Championships

Track fans, we sometimes forget so easily, that we thought we should remind you of some of the great performances of the 2010 BTC National 'Open' Track and Field Championships.
Men's 400m
In most fans' memory, the most exciting race was the men's 400 meters (m). There was a young upstart Demetrius Pinder, from Texas A&M, who had run well on the collegiate circuit. The Grand Bahamian had dipped under 45 seconds earlier in the year and it seemed as if Chris Brown's reign on this event was over.
When the dust had settled, Brown managed only third in the race, being beaten by Pinder and by 2008 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Champion Andretti Bain. Pinder clocked 45.21 seconds, while Bain clocked 45.44 seconds. Brown was only able to manage 45.78 seconds, just ahead of Nathaniel McKinney, who clocked 45.82 seconds. Michael Mathieu clocked 45.91 seconds for fifth.
Pinder is the only Bahamian this year who went under the 45-seconds barrier. His 44.87 Personal Best (PB) puts him among the best in the world. Brown sits in second place locally. Ramon Miller sits in third place locally, and Mathieu is fourth.
The question still is, who will win the showdown at the BTC Jr. & Sr. National Track and Field Championships in Grand Bahama. We have not even spoken of Grand Bahamian Andrae Williams who upset Brown at the National 'Open' Track and Field Championships in 2005 when the event was last held in Grand Bahama.
We have not spoken about LaToy Williams, who followed Andrae to Texas Tech University, and ran the top time in the world in April of 2009, when few Bahamian fans had even heard of him.
Men's 100m
In the absence of Bahamian national record holder Derrick Atkins, the World 2007 100m silver medalist, Adrian Griffith won the 100m in 10.23 seconds. The year before Griffith made the second round of the 100m at the Berlin World Championships, when Atkins had no such luck.
Will Clemson sprinter Warren Fraser be able to take it all, as he did at the 2009 CARIFTA Track and Field Championships in St. Lucia... or will it be Rodney Greene or Jamial Rolle, who captured the 200m last year?
Men's 400m Hurdles
In the Men's 400m hurdles last year, Nejmi Burnside defeated Nathan Arnett, 52.44 seconds to 53.04 seconds. Arnett was on a comeback trail after running fourth at the International Association of Athletic Federations' (IAAF) World Junior Championships with a new Bahamian National Junior record in 2008.
He had been injured the following year. This year Arnett is back to his old form, winning the National Jr. College 400m hurdles Championships in a personal best time. Can Burnside get back to his old winning ways and challenge Arnett?
Men's High Jump
Former World Champion Donald Thomas won the High Jump last year with a 2.30m performance. Trevor Barry finished in second with a 2.14m performance. Thomas and Barry also finished first and second at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. They duplicated that feat at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India.
Then there are Raymond Wilson and Ryan Ingraham. Thomas has a PB of 2.35m and Barry has a best of 2.29m.
Men's Long Jump
Rudon Bastian won the Long Jump with a PB of 7.98m. Nyles Stuart finished second with a best jump of 7.71m. This year Grand Bahama's Raymond Higgs has one of the best performances in the world with a 8.15m jump, the fourth best by any Bahamian.
Men's Triple Jump
Leevan Sands won the Triple Jump last year with a 16.78m performance. In that same event, young twin Lathone Collie-Minns jumped a PB of 15.78m. His twin brother Latario Collie-Minns has a personal best performance of 16.55m, the best performance in the world for a Youth athlete this year. Lathone is tied with the second best jump for a Youth athlete this year, with a jump of 15.73m. J'Vente Deveaux jumped 15.64m in last year's event.
Last year, we anticipated seeing Samyr Laine of the Republic of Haiti who had several great jumps early in the season. Sands has had a good season and recently finished in third place in the New York Diamond League Meet behind Phillips Idowu of Great Britain and Christian Olson of Sweden, two former World Champions. Laine still feels he can upset Sands on Bahamian soil.
Women's 100m
The veteran Chandra Sturrup continued her dominance of the 100m, clocking 11.15 seconds last year. Tynia Gaither, who had been running well in Florida, ran 12.05 seconds for fourth.
Sturrup has taken a leave from track and field this year, but the action should be between Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, Nivea Smith, Anthonique Strachan, and Gaither, who just finished third in a special race for high school students at the New York Diamond League Meet.
Women's 200m
Last year Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie did not compete in the Nationals and Nivea Smith ran a personal best time in the 200m to win. Christine Amertil finished second in 23.00 seconds flat with Anthonique Strachan third in 24.14 seconds. Tynia Gaither finished fourth in 24.29 seconds.
Ferguson-McKenzie, the 2001 World Champion, 2004 Olympic bronze medalist, and 2009 World Championship bronze medalist, has had a good season. Smith ran a season's best time of 22.80 seconds in the recent NCAA Championships.
Sheniqua Ferguson, who won gold and silver in the 2008 World Junior Championships, did not advance to the NCAA final but she could be ready to run in Grand Bahama. This could be the best race of the meet.
Women's 400m
Shaunae Miller won this event last year, on the way to a gold medal at the IAAF World Junior Championships. Miller ran 53.13 seconds to defeat Sasha Rolle, who clocked 54.05 seconds, and Yanique Clarke, who ran 56.76 seconds.
Women's 100m Hurdles
Ivanique Kemp set a new National record in the 100m hurdles at the South Eastern Conference (SEC) Championships. She ran 13.20 seconds at those championships and repeated that performance at the NCAA Championships, finishing in 10th place overall.
She ran 14.13 seconds last year to win. This is one of the most significant improvements.
Women's 400m Hurdles
In 2010, new 400m hurdle National record holder Michelle Cumberbatch, from Grand Bahama, won in 1:00.33. This year Katrina Seymour won the 400m hurdles at CARIFTA, and set a new National Junior record at the BAAA National High School Track and Field Championships.
Women's Long Jump
In the Long Jump, Bianca Stuart won with a leap of 6.53m. She has finished her college eligibility and is training with Henry Rolle at Auburn University. Stuart has had several outstanding performances this season, including a 6.64m PB at the Jamaica Invitational and a wind-aided 6.91m performance at a meet in Florida recently.
Stuart is aiming for a World Championships qualifying standard and Grand Bahama might be just the place.
The BTC Jr. & Sr. National Track and Field Championships in Grand Bahama on June 24 and 25 should be the excitement you have been waiting for. Make your arrangements to be in Grand Bahama as the 'Countdown to the Showdown' continues.

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U.S. fears Baha Mar Chinese migration

One of the major fears the United States has with the Baha Mar project at Cable Beach is that as a result of the large number of Chinese coming into the country to build the resort, the smuggling of Chinese into the U.S. from this country will increase dramatically, according to a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Nassau.
"Regardless of whatever number of workers the parties agree upon, the continuous arrival of thousands of low-wage Chinese workers in The Bahamas will likely lead to a significant increase in illegal migration of Chinese from The Bahamas to the United States," said the November 2009 secret cable obtained by The Nassau Guardian via WikiLeaks.
"The GCOB (Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas) does not have the institutional capacity to effectively monitor the movements of the Chinese workers nor effectively detect inauthentic travel documents."
The $2.6 billion Baha Mar resort is being financed by the Export-Import Bank of China. The China State Construction Engineering Corporation is building the resort.
As a part of the deal, 8,150 foreign workers will help build the resort along with 4,000-plus Bahamian workers. The majority of the 8,150 workers will be Chinese.
Citing a conversation an embassy official had with former Chamber of Commerce president Dionisio D'Aguilar, the cable said that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham was very wary of allowing that number of Chinese into the country, hoping only 1,000 to 2,000 Chinese would be needed.
Before the deal was sealed Ingraham publicly expressed his concerns about the labor component of the deal.
The Americans had intimate conversations with Baha Mar senior vice president Robert Sands on the Chinese laborer issue, according to the cable.
"Sands did emphasize that Baha Mar and the GCOB were concerned with [the] legitimacy of individual [workers], or those that would come to The Bahamas solely to illegally migrate to the United States," said the cable.
"He noted that the workers would be 'highly regulated, close to the site in a fully contained camp,' though the men 'will be let out occasionally.'  Sands indicated that they were looking into biometric identifications to help manage the workforce."
According to the cable, at the time, Baha Mar wanted to establish a large work camp for the Chinese laborers at the Cable Beach Golf Course.
"Baha Mar executives and the GCOB are clearly cognizant of the negative message they will send to tourists, as well as the Bahamian public, by maintaining a 4,000-strong Chinese laborer camp in a highly visible and affluent section of town," said the cable.
"Still, the GCOB believes that the completion of this massive project is a vital component of its long-term plan to provide thousands of new jobs for Bahamians."
A February 2009 cable, also labeled secret, indicated that Bahamian officials were so concerned about the laborer issue that they approached the Americans for help.
"Senior GCOB officials expressed concern to the Charge' over the Chinese request for foreign workers. They requested U.S. assistance with obtaining background checks and mused that it would be preferable if the Chinese workers were first routed through the U.K. or U.S. so that they would be properly vetted," said the cable.
"Of primary concern is ensuring that...adequate accounting methods are in place to track that those that enter eventually leave."
Timothy Zuniga-Brown was, and is, the U.S. Charge d' Affaires referred to in the cable.
In 2008, Harrah's Entertainment pulled out of an earlier joint venture deal with Baha Mar to develop the mega-resort.  Chinese financing and partnership revived the Cable Beach redevelopment plan.
The Ingraham administration always appeared less enthusiastic to the Baha Mar project than Perry Christie and the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).  The last PLP administration began negotiations with Baha Mar.
A March 2009 cable, also labeled secret, said that Bahamian officials told the Americans they were not, at the time, enthused about Chinese involvement in the deal.
"Senior GCOB officials privately expressed that China is not their preferred partner and acknowledge that negotiations are difficult," said the cable.
The Bahamian officials expressing that view were not named.
The cables also revealed that the Chinese expressed their concerns to the Americans about getting so deeply involved with Baha Mar.
"Chinese Embassy officials privately told (an embassy official) the China Ex-Im Bank would prefer another investor in the mix in order to diminish the financial risk," said the March 2009 cable.
Baha Mar has said it will not comment on the cables.
The company has said 11,000 Bahamian jobs will be created as a result of the project.  There will be 6,500 to 7,000 permanent jobs when the resort is completed; and 4,000 construction jobs for Bahamians will be created during the build phase of the project.
There will be six hotels at the property, almost 2,250 new rooms and condos, the largest convention center in The Bahamas, the largest casino in the Caribbean, a world-class golf course and a retail village.

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Miss Gospel Bahamas contestants gear up

Win or lose, Reverend Ranford Patterson, the new Bahamas Christian Council president, encouraged the contestants in the 16th Annual Miss Gospel Bahamas to make a difference in their own way.
"Don't settle," he told the nine contestants who visited him at his church, Cousin McPhee Cathedral on Carmichael Road.  "Don't worry about what people are doing now, just worry about what you will do later."
The contestants visit was to officially introduce the young women competing in the pageant organized by Great Commission Ministries International to the religious leader, and brief the new president about the event, which is being held this year under the theme: "Empowered For Action: Changing A Generation" and its related activities.
One of the queen's most important tasks during her reign will be to highlight the work of Great Commission, a non-profit mission organization which reaches out to high risk youths, the homeless and the poor through its Wulff Road headquarters.
The contestants said they hoped to make a positive change in the wider community.
Pastor Patterson said he shared a similar passion and took the opportunity to discuss his "10-Point Plan." Among other things, it aims to empower youth, bring them closer to Christ, in addition to highlighting the positive impact of women's groups and the role of men in the family.
"So many young men are in jail because they have no positive male influences," he told the contestants. "We don't train our children anymore.  The generation after ours is worse. They don't know how to pray."
One contestant, pre-school teacher Cedrica Williamson, admits that her appreciation of the church came after she got saved.
"I never liked going. I just went because my mother told me to," said the 22-year-old.  "After being saved I thanked God. I think that people must find God for themselves."
That very lesson Dr Patterson learnt early on in life.
"I was a failure in school. I never passed any GCE's [General Certificate of Education]. I left high school with a leaving certificate. I wasn't accepted into the College of The Bahamas, but I knew this was not the life for me, so I decided to make a change," he shared.  "I went abroad, gained two masters [degrees] in Christian education and human resource management, a bachelor's degree in Christian education and a doctorate in Christian education.  After that, COB accepted me as a teacher.  I wasn't able to be a student there, but I was lucky enough to be a lecturer."
Win or lose, Rev. Patterson encouraged the women to make a difference "in their own way."
The nine contestants are Shirlene Jean Baptiste, Aimee Ferguson, Dianthus Johnson, Nehemie Louis, Garissa Maurice, Candace Rolle, Lavette Smith, Andreace Strachan and Cedrica Williamson.
The Miss Gospel Bahamas pageant will be held Sunday, July 31, at 7 p.m. at the Wyndham Nassau Resort's Rainforest Theatre.

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The great Bahamas hurricane of 1886

Tribune Features Writer

One of the deadliest hurricanes, that ripped through the Bahamas claiming the lives of 381 persons while sinking ships and causing extensive destruction to anything in it’s path was documented in veteran meteorologist Wayne Neely’s new book The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1866.
This is a story of one of the greatest and deadliest hurricanes to ever impact the Bahamas. The book seeks to give a detailed account of the violent hurricane that took place almost two centuries ago.

Mr Neely said this hurricane was so bad that all of the major churches in the Bahamas were destroyed.
“This hurricane occurre ...

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Verdell Helen Johnson, 81

Funeral Service for the late Deaconess Verdell Helen Johnson age 81 years of Ridgeland Park West and formerly of Old Bight, Cat Island will be held on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 10:00am at Transfiguration Baptist Church, Market and Vesey Streets. Officiating will be Reverend Dr. Stephen E. Thompson, assisted by Reverend Dr. Garnet King, Pastor Emeritus, and Reverend Basil Johnson.  Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Soldier Road.
Left to mourn her passing are her Children: Delores E. Johnson-Farrington, Judith R. Johnson-Hepburn, Locksley H. Johnson, W. Kirklin Johnson, Pauline H. Johnson-Bowe, Ruby E. Johnson-Thompson, Sheryl Y. Johnson-Simmons, Uriel Dion Johnson; One Brother: Bishop John T. Archer; One Sister: Evangelist Maude L. Rolle; One Brother-in Law: Rev. Dr. Garnet King; One Sister in-Law: Inell Archer; Four Son-in-Laws: Robert A. Farrington, Anthony  C. Hepburn, Eugene M. Thompson and Father Charles W. Simmons; Eighteen Grandchildren: Anton Burnside, Kristen and Krizia Farrington, E. D'Andra Thompson, Michael Hepburn, D'Angelo and D'Andre Thompson, Kenton Bowe, Ka'Desh Hepburn, Charles William Simmons, Givenchy, Lashan, Kiara, Dion'dre, Jada, and Nyah Johnson; One Great Grandchild: Kriston Rolle; Nephews: Charles, Christopher, Elvis, Hamrick and Paul Rolle, Ted Strachan, Dr. Kendis Archer, Derrick and Kendal King; Nieces: Betty Williams, Eleanor Burrows, Theresa Strachan,  Margaret Sweeting, Velma Brown, Glendora Hart, Manette Smith, Marie Russell, Karen Strachan-Rolle, Maureen Archer and Marie Armbrister; Adopted Children: Lilymae and Elsiemae Johnson, Pearlene Johnson, Lueanna Dawkins, Rev. Benjamin Gibson, Leroy Mackey, Alphonso Harris, Palace Robinson, Yvette Barker, Colleen Jones, Kim Deveaux and Samantha Forbes; Other Relatives and Friends includes: Deaconess Ethel-Bowe, Sharon Cash, Marguerite Bethel, Ruth Strachan, Deacon Maxwell H. Stubbs and Family, Agnes Edgecombe,  Rev. Dr. Marina Sands, Robert Johnson & Family,  Rev. Basil Johnson, Rev. A. Shelton Higgs, Patricia Newry, Garret Neely, Remelda Johnson, Bishop Anthony and Sharon Nairn, Joyce King, Helen Demeritte, Rosemary Archer, Brenda Bowe, Winifred Brown, Philip Lightbourne, Merril Butler, Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Thompson, Evangelist Leathica King, Eulean Johnson and Family, Transfiguration Baptist Church Family, The Transfiguration Prayer Band, The Transfiguration Missionary Circle, The Transfiguration Deacon Board, Atlantic Medical Family, Kendal Wright & Company, Hope Strachan & Co, The Bahamas Telecommunication Company Ltd Family and The United Nations Family, Valley Boys Junkanoo Group, One Love Solider Junkanoo Group, Sigma Crusaders Softball Team, Balfour Ave Community ,The Prince Hall Family, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc, The Social Shack, The Cancer Society Ball Committee, The Bridge Authority and The Mortgage Corporation; Special Thanks to Nursing Sister Janet Hepburn, Nurse Williams, and The Female Medical Ward I Staff, Princess Margaret Hospital.
Viewing will be held in the Serenity Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and at the church on Saturday from 8:30am until service time.

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Head bailiff: Jury panels made up mostly of women

After jury lists are vetted, more women remain on these lists than men.
According to Jack Davis, head bailiff in the Supreme Court, it is difficult to find men in the country with clean criminal records, who have no pending cases or who are not "strung out on drugs".
Davis told The Nassau Guardian that registered voters could potentially serve on juries after personnel from the Criminal Records Office confirm they have clean records.
Davis said that bailiffs also disqualify more men from the lists when they go to serve summonses and find that the men are on drugs.
Although jurors are chosen by a lottery system, the odds of a predominantly female jury are high, Davis said.  He added that a judge recently excluded a prospective male juror after it was discovered that he was illiterate.
Davis said that most jurors fear reprisals from defendants and are unhappy about the long walk from designated parking at the main post office to downtown.  According to the head bailiff, some jurors have complained that they have encountered defendants on bail while walking to and from the courts.  He also explained that jurors don't like that their names are called during jury selection, as they fear that defendants will remember them.
Jurors also complain about the conditions in the jury room, the head bailiff said.  He acknowledged that sometimes water comes up from the floor in the main Supreme Court building and the bathrooms don't work.  At present, he said, jurors are unable to make tea because the kettle is not working.
According to Davis, there is inadequate seating for jurors in the newly refurbished criminal courts.  There are about 30 seats in each of these courts, but the prospective panel is composed of 48 persons.  Consequently, bailiffs have to scramble to secure additional seating, he said.
In cases with multiple defendants, Davis said the jury pool is often exhausted and bailiffs have to round up potential jurors from the streets.
Davis said jurors receive a stipend of $15 daily for their services, which is paid at the end of their three-month long tour.

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Clayton Franklyn Baker, 45

Funeral services for Clayton Franklyn Baker, a resident of Key West Street, who passed away on 24th May, 2011, will be held at Agape Full Gospel Bapist Church, Golden Palm Estates off Kennedy Subdivision, on Saturday at 10 a.m. Officiating will be Overseer Helen McPhee, assisted by Minister Rapeth Rigby. Cremation.
He is survived by his 3 sons: Valentino, Dominique & Darius Baker; 1 daughter: Lashan Baker; 2 sisters: Claudette & Kayla Baker; 3 granchildren: Kourvasie', Valentino Jr. & Zayden Baker; 1 niece: Shalan Grant; 1 nephew: Harry Fernander Jr.; grand niece: Sade Fernander; 1 grand nephew: Harry Fernander III; aunts & uncles: Patricia Bullard (Freeport), Kenneth Sr. & Cynthia Fowler (Freeport), Pastor Alfreda Fernander, Victor & Joyce Burrows, Otis & Eulease Munroe & Nathalie Miller; cousins: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flowers, Brian & Valerie Bullard, Gibeon Flowers, Mr. & Mrs. Dario & Yvette Otten, Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Candace Bain, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Clarice Fernander, Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland & Portia Munroe, Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Yvonne Sweeting, Mr. & Mrs. Andrea Munroe, Earlin, Donkirk, Shawn, Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Adderley, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Adderley, Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay Adderley, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Adderley, Ted Hillary, Arthur Adderley, Kenneth Jr. & Keyneisha Fowler, Mr. & Mrs. Yonia Farquharson, Mr. & Mrs. Yolanda Coakley, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Smith, Kim & Billy Smith; also a host of other relatives & friends including: Harry Fernander Sr., Mr. Ivan Miller, Laura, Debbie, Rose, David, Joe, Charlie & other neighbours of Key West Street, all his Water Company friends & others too numerous to mention.
There will be no viewing. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street.

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