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Brazilian Roger Rosa brings excitement to boxing scene

Roger Rosa is 29 and does not have a captivating boxing record. In fact, the Brazilian fighter is just 5-4-1-1(no contest). His record certainly does not jump out at you, earmarking a pugilist of note.
He is just 5-4, rather short. His Bahamian opponent for the big rebound boxing show in the country, scheduled for Friday, December 13, is national super featherweight champion Meacher Major. Not particularly tall either, Major however has a three -inch height advantage over Rosa.
Major is 20-6-1-1 (no contest) and as such is the much more experienced fighter.
So what makes this upcoming bout so compelling that the expectation is that it will lead to a renaissance of professional boxing in the country? On the surface, little about Rosa seems to point towards thrills and fireworks coming out of the bout with Major.
After closely viewing the Brazilian when he came in town to be present for the press conference Friday, November 22 at Mario's Bowling and Entertainment Palace, most observers however came away with the view that Rosa will give Major a whole lot to figure out.
It was not so much what came out of the mouth of the compact and diminutive boxer, Rosa. It was simply the conviction with which he spoke.
He did say a lot that could be considered mere rhetorical, promotional "buzz comments" that rankled Bahamians present at the press conference. He appeared to have little concern for Major being the kind of opponent who can beat him, given the general national environment we call the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He actually said there is "no way a guy from a little country" like The Bahamas can beat him.
He tried to be diplomatic and render respect to Major, noting his experience. Nevertheless, Rosa was verbally
aggressive. He compared himself to Mike Tyson, the former world heavyweight champion who chewed up and spat out a lot of opponents taller than he.
Physically, Rosa looks to be a package that could spell a lot of trouble, if Major's strategy is not able to counter that of his opponent. For instance, as the shorter foe and based on his announced ring demeanor, Rosa will seek to carry the fight to Major.
Fighting in the backyard of the local favorite, he well understands that he has to make a huge impression to ensure victory. Rosa called Meacher a "predictable, orthodox" fighter.
Hype aside however, there is another factor that weighs in heavily on the December 13th match.
The fighters are each coming off two consecutive defeats. They both will be confronted by a big decision if saddled with another defeat. Meacher, for his part, understands very well what is in front of him.
"I am seriously going into this fight. I have my plans for a post career but it is in me to see just where do I go. My plan is to win big against Rosa. I am focused only on winning," said Major.
Underneath the surface of preparation for December 13, no doubt is the knowledge that this is crunch time and a third consecutive defeat will be a tough matter for him to deal with. It will indeed,
Rosa on the other hand, needs a victory to boost his confidence that at 29, he still can craft a career of note in boxing.
So in essence, Major and Rosa are confronted with a must-win situation. This is the key aspect that will likely result in a war on the night of December 13 in the Rainforest Theatre.
The ingredients are such that the bout is likely to be a blockbuster, a boost for boxing in The Bahamas, no matter who wins.

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William and Kate want to visit The Bahamas
William and Kate want to visit The Bahamas

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, while visiting Canada told The Bahamas High Commissioner to Canada His Excellency Michael Smith and his wife Suzanne, that he and his wife would like to visit The Bahamas.

They spoke while watching the fireworks launched to celebrate Canada Day. His Excellency, who is Dean of CARICOM High in Canada and his wife Suzanne were among a group of about 50 diplomats, government ministers and officials invited to the observation deck of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a dinner reception before observing the festivities.

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NFL Week One: Sheldon's picks


Thursday's game
Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos, 8:30 p.m.
What a way to kick off the new season! The Broncos and Ravens playoff thriller from a year ago, will be on display this week when the these two teams meet in Week One. As a result of an important function, I missed last year's shootout between these two teams but I certainly won't miss this one. What makes this game even more interesting, is that with both of these defenses being weakened from a year ago, this game promises to provide more fireworks on the offensive side. Peyton and the Broncos are just too potent for me to go against them at this particular point. They're still fuming over that playoff loss from a year ago, and will definitely have revenge on their minds this time.
Broncos 34, Ravens 30

Sunday's games
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills, 1 p.m.
The big question for the Patriots this year, will be: Can Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman make up for the absence of Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd. In addition to that, Aaron Hernandez was released after involvement in the Odin Lloyd murder case, and Rob Gronkowski figures to miss at least the first three games of the season. Every time I try to put a spoke in the Patriots' wheel, they somehow find a way to recover though. Tom Brady will have a new bunch of receivers to throw to this year, but I have a feeling the All-Pro quarterback will find a way to get it done. Besides, they're opening their season against the lowly Bills.
Patriots 30, Bills 17

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers, 1 p.m.
Seattle promises to have one of the better teams in all of football this year. Their defense is certainly top notch, and led by Marshawn Lynch and Ryan Wilson, their ground and pound offense will be a force to reckon with. Newly acquired receiver Percy Harvin will be out for about half of the season, and the Seahawks will miss some production on the offensive side with him out, but their defense should be able to carry the team until his return. Cam Newton and the Panthers are up-and-coming, but the Seahawks defense will dictate he pace of this game on Sunday.
Seahawks 23, Panthers 14

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears, 1 p.m.
With a full year under their belts in Chicago, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall should be more productive this year. They're arguably top five in the league, in terms of quarterback to receiver tandem. However, the Bengals' duo, Andy Dalton to AJ Green, isn't bad either. I think this game will be one of the more competitive ones of the week, possibly coming down to a late field goal before it is decided. I'm going to roll the dice and go with the visiting team in this one. The Bengals could very well be a playoff team in the AFC again this year, and they'll prove their worth on Sunday.
Bengals 20, Bears 19

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns, 1 p.m.
When it rains, it pours! Just when my Fins figured to make a significant move in the AFC East this year, they lost starting tight end Dustin Keller for the season. Now, there's no doubt that quite a bit of the load is going to be on Ryan Tannehill's shoulders this season. The Dolphins' second-year signal caller will have to prove that he has what it takes to be a top notch quarterback in this league, in order for the Dolphins to make the playoffs. I think he will show tremendous improvement, especially with Mike Wallace spreading the field and the reliable Brian Hartline catching everything in sight. Somehow, someway, the Fins will challenge the Pats for supremacy in the AFC East this year.
Dolphins 23, Browns 13

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions, 1 p.m.
The Lions figure to be one of the surprising teams in not just the NFC, but the entire league this year. Led by Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, they were second in the league in passing last year. The latter broke Jerry Rice's single season mark for receiving yards, and Stafford almost duplicated his 5,000-yard passing season from 2011. They'll be potent again, and the addition of Reggie Bush will add firepower on the offensive side for sure. In addition to that, the Lions' defense is quickly maturing. This bunch will certainly be too much for the Vikes to handle this Sunday.
Lions 33, Vikings 17

Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts, 1 p.m.
Here are two teams obviously headed in the opposited direction. The Colts are poised to be a serious contender in the AFC while the Raiders are slipping further and further into oblivion. The season hasn't even started yet, and football fans everywhere have a clear idea of what they're going to get from these two teams. Quite frankly, the Raiders are going to stink! What sealed their fate, for me, was when Terrelle Pryor won the starting job at QB over Matt Flynn. They might as well had kept Carson Palmer. Al Davis must be rolling over in his grave right now. Don't expect for the Colts to show any mercy on Sunday.
Colts 37, Raiders 10

Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 p.m.
Quite a few analysts are picking the Chiefs to be the darkhorse team for the 2013 season, and with good reason. In addition to bringing in Alex Smith, Anthony Fasano and Donnie Avery, they maintained Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe. On defense, they acquired Sean Smith to line up next to the steadily consistent Brandon Flowers. I don't see the Chiefs overcoming the Broncos in the AFC West this year, but they turn a few heads and pull off a few upsets.
Chiefs 24, Jaguars 16

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, 1 p.m.
Game of the Week! With Sean Payton back to lead the Saints, and the 'Dirty Birds' threatening to challenge again, this game certainly shapes up to be one of the better games on the schedule in Week One. It's a also a huge rivalry game, with both of these teams playing out of the NFC South Division. I think the division will be won between these two teams for sure. The Saints will be playing with a chip on their shoulders this season, but in their demise a year ago, the Falcons took charge and aren't prepared to relinquish their grip on the divisional title. I think the Falcons will win the division, but the Saints will be fired up to take the season opener.
Saints 30, Falcons 27

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m.
The Jets is a team in complete disarray. Unless Bahamian descent Geno Smith has sensational rookie season much like Andrew Luck, RG3 and Ryan Wilson of a year ago, I really don't see much hope for the Jets. Mark 'Butt Fumble' Sanchez is expected to miss at least the first three weeks of the season, but that might be a blessing in disguise for the Jets. Meanwhile, the Bucs will only go as far as Josh Freeman will carry them. I like what Doug Martin gives them in the running game, and Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams are a formidable duo at wide receiver, but they'll probably still be looking up at the Saints and the Falcons in their division at the end of the day. The Jets shouldn't pose much of a problem on Sunday though.
Buccaneers 24, Jets 13

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers, 1 p.m.
Everyone is wondering what kind of team the Steelers will bring back this year - will their defense be as potent as it was a year ago? With defensive guru Dick LeBeau guiding this unit again, and a healthy Troy Polamalu to go along with guys such as Ryan Clark, LaMarr Woodley and Larry Foote, I don't see why it can't be. Led by their 'Steel Curtain' defense, and 'Big' Ben Roethlisberger as steady as they come under center, I think the Steelers will be a force to reckon with once again. They should certainly be able to contain Chris Johnson and the Titans in the season opener.
Steelers 23, Titans 13

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams, 4:25 p.m.
The Rams appear to be a team on the rise, while the Cards appear to be a team in disarray. They won their first four games last year, before falling into a season-ending slump, and don't appear to be much of a threat this season either. The Rams, on the other hand, might have lost all-purpose back Steven Jackson but they could be deadly in the passing game and their young defense is capable of having some impressive outings. Sam Bradford is one of the better deep passers in the league, and now he has All-Pro tackle Jake Long to protect his blind side. The Rams will be a force to reckon with, but I'm not sure if they are ready to challenge the Seahawks and Niners in the NFC West just yet.
Rams 28, Cardinals 16

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers, 4:25 p.m.
This playoff rematch from a year ago promises to deliver quite a bit of thrills. The Niners is a bonafide Super Bowl contender, and it will be interesting to see if the Packers could get back to that level, particularly without their best receiver Greg Jennings. Their running game was inexistent a year ago, but they might have to rely more on that aspect of their offense, in 2013. It will be hard pressed to get any kind of offense going against that swarming defense of the Niners though. I think the read-option offense of the Niners will create problems for the Packers' 'D', and the Niners defense will be more than enough to limit the production of Aaron Rodgers and the pack.
49ers 27, Packers 20

N.Y. Giants at Dallas Cowboys, 8:30 p.m.
The Giants are a perfect 4-0 against the Cowboys in their new stadium, but I have a feeling this particular trip will be different. Each of those four victories for the Giants have been by slim margins. The Cowboys are poised to end that run. Can this finally be the year the Cowboys live up to their pre-season expectations and go deep into the playoffs? Well, first of all, they would have to make the playoffs. I see another disappointing season for the Boys where they fall short of their goals, and then somehow try to validate Tony Romo's shortcomings and his big contract at the end of the season. I don't have them making the playoffs again this year, but somehow I think they'll sneak past their nemesis, the G-men, on Sunday.
Cowboys 30, Giants 27

Monday's games
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins, 7:10 p.m.
The Redskins are poised to win the NFC East this year, but everything rides on the health of their franchise quarterback. A healthy RG3 is set to start Week One, but whether or not he remains healthy for the duration of the season is another issue. If he does, I think that they will definitely be a force to reckon with, not just in the regular season, but the playoffs as well. Led by RG3 and Alfred Morris, the Redskins will have one of the better rushing attacks in the entire league. They led the league in that department last year, averaging almost 170 yards per game on the ground. It will be interesting to see how the Chip Kelly led Eagles will look this year, but they're a year or two away from seriously challenging for a playoff spot. The Skins will get an early jump on their divisional foes with a huge win on Monday night.
Redskins 27, Eagles 20

Houston Texans at San Diego Chargers, 10:20 p.m.
The Texans come into the 2013 season as one of the favorites in the AFC to get to the Super Bowl. I think they'll fight off a charging Colts team to take their third consecutive AFC South title, and will challenge the Broncos among others for a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII. In Arian Foster and Andre Johnson, the Texans have top five players at their respective positions, and their defense is much improved, but their real test will come in the postseason. The Chargers shouldn't present much of a challenge on Monday night, even though they'll be playing at home. The Texans dynamic duo of Foster and Johnson will just be too much for them to handle.
Texans 30, Chargers 20

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US Ambassador Avant marks the United States' 235th anniversary of independence with 'A Salute to California'

NASSAU, Bahamas -- U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas Her Excellency Nicole A. Avant and her husband, Mr. Theodore Sarandos, hosted the official U.S. Independence Day celebration at the U.S. Ambassador's Liberty Overlook home on Saturday,
July 2.  
The event was held under the theme, "A Salute to California", and it brought together guests from throughout The Bahamas and the United States and to enjoy and sample an array of California's culture and cuisine.  Musical entertainment for the occasion was provided by Jazz Etc. who performed a repertoire of California songs with the evening culminating in a spectacular fireworks display set to Tchaikovsky's Overture of 1812.
Ambassador Avant, speaking on behalf of U.S. President Barack Obama, thanked her guests for their continued support and friendship to the people of America and referenced a remark made by President Obama.
"This is the day when we celebrate the very essence of America and the spirit that has defined us as a people and as a nation for more than two centuries."
The evening was set aside to pay tribute to the Ambassador's home state of California and she highlighted what makes the State so unique.

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U.S. Ambassador Nicole Avant Marks the United States' 235th Anniversary of Independence with A Salute To California

Nassau, Bahamas - U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas Her Excellency Nicole A. Avant and her husband Mr. Theodore Sarandos hosted the official U.S. Independence Day celebration at the U.S. Ambassador's Liberty Overlook home on Saturday, July 2.  The event was held under the theme, "A Salute to California", and it brought together guests from throughout The Bahamas and the United States and to enjoy and sample an array of California's
culture and cuisine.  Musical entertainment for the occasion was provided by Jazz Etc. who performed a repertoire of California songs with the evening culminating in a spectacular fireworks display set to Tchaikovsky's Overture of 1812. 

Ambassador Avant, speaking on behalf of U.S. President Barack Obama...

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Rotary Clubs of Grand Bahama present Guy Fawkes on the Beach, November 7th

Grand Bahama Island -  Rotary Clubs of Grand Bahama will join together to host yet another favourite family event,

Guy Fawkes Night on the Beach on November 7th beginning at 4pm at  Margaritaville Sand Bar in Mathers Town.

Tickets are
only $10 for adults and $5 for children and provides a choice of BBQ
Ribs, Hamburgers, or Hotdogs with side orders and desserts.

Show off your best 'Guy' and then toss them onto the bonfire on the beach.Win Prizes!

"Guy Fawkes Night

(also known as

Bonfire Night,

Cracker Night,

Fireworks Night) is an annual celebration on the evening of the

5th of November..."

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BCC warns of the dangers of Halloween

The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) is urging members of the public to reconsider the implications of celebrating 'All Hallows Eve', more popularly known as Halloween.
In a statement released yesterday it claimed that the internationally recognized holiday is a time dedicated to "celebrating evil".
The origins and meaning surrounding Halloween, which will be commemorated on October 31, has been long debated by business owners and religious leaders.
Although the holiday is commonly associated with trick-or-treating, costumes and candy, which generate revenue for many businesses that sell associated items, BCC president Dr. Ranford Patterson pointed out that the day has long lost its Christian implications.
"All Hallows Eve, celebrating the saints, has now become Halloween, when we place treats at the door to feed evil spirits," Dr. Patterson said.
"The Bahamas Christian Council is of the considered position that Halloween is a thing of our past and that we should let go of it.  Halloween is a good case of how a sacred day is corrupted by secular society."
The council pointed out in its statement that The Bahamas has its full share of sexual predators, and taking part in some of the accustomed events during the holiday, provides an opportunity for those individuals to prey on children and hurt them.
"Parents ought not to place their children in harm's way," read the statement.
"We should [also] be careful of the effects that exist on a subliminal level when we call and dress our children as ghosts, witches and goblins."
Furthermore, the council is encouraging parents to be very careful when allowing their children to play with fireworks, which could lead to them being harmed.

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(Photos) National Stadium officially opens in The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas - More than 15
thousand Bahamians turn out February 25th, 2012 to be a part of the official
opening of the new Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, a gift to The
Bahamas from the Government of the People's Republic of China.

In an open to the public free event, the huge
audience was feted with an exciting cultural show put on by a cast of
more than 1,200 artists and performers. At the end it was capped with a
grand display of fireworks.

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Sheraton Nassau Beach New Year's Dining Options

Nassau, Bahamas -

Enjoy fine dining at Amici!  Experience the bountiful New Year's Eve buffet at

Bimini Market at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.

$60 NEW YEAR'S ACTIVITIES. Watch the Time Square Ball Drop. Live band entertainment and Fireworks.  On Saturday, January 1st take in our

New Year's Day Buffet at Bimini Market. $28.75 for Lunch and $32.20 for Dinner...

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New national stadium officially opened!

Tears of joy streamed down the faces of many Bahamians on Saturday evening as they watched the spectacular show staged, for the opening of the country's first state-of-the-art sports facility, in amazement. Thousands poured into the new Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium on Saturday, wanting to be a part of the historic event.
For many years now, athletes past and present were lobbying for an arena which would set them apart from their regional counterparts, like their performances in various sporting disciplines, and the construction of the stadium is said to be the edge that will be needed to further propel the country forward.
While the fireworks lit up the sky, and Bahamians stood proud, the country's best athletes including the trail blazers and those still carrying the torch, shouted out with glee, "finally". Olympic icon Pauline Davis-Thompson viewed it as "a vindication for all of the sporting persons", who came before her and those standing and still competing now. She said: "The Bahamas should stand proud and tall, as we understand that there were people who came before us and sacrificed many things to make this dream come true. The Bahamas is now recognized as one of the sporting powers in the world, but more importantly, the people of The Bahamas recognized us for what we have been doing. The Government of The Bahamas has recognized what we have been doing by rewarding us with such a beautiful arena."
The four-hour ceremony featured Bahamian athletes, musicians, dancers and icons. The event, broadcasted live, gave Bahamians from around the country an opportunity to share in the moment. International leaders, including representatives from the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) and the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), regional sporting heads and giants, were on hand to watch the ceremony, which was done at an approximate cost of $600,000 to the government.
The national facility, named after Thomas Augustus Robinson, is a gift to The Bahamas from the People's Republic of China. It seats 15,000 and will be the home of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) and the Bahamas Football Association (BFA). Robinson was the sole competitor for The Bahamas on the world stage for many years. He competed in four Olympic Games, starting in 1956. Two years later, he won gold at the British Empire and Commonwealth Games, in Cardiff, Wales. The gold medal performance was accomplished in the 220 yards. Robinson also won a silver in the 100 yard dash.
When the British Empire and Commonwealth Games were hosted in 1962 and 1964, he claimed a silver in the 100 yard dash. At the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games, held in 1962, Robinson won a gold medal in the 100 yard dash.
It was these achievements among others, in which, the grand celebration was held. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said: "Tonight, we celebrate. We celebrate the embodiment of our Bahamian spirit and our Bahamian pride in Thomas Augustus Robinson in whose name and honor we dedicate this new national stadium. Tommy, you make us all proud to be a Bahamian. You are a sprinter by training. Yet you are also a marathon man as demonstrated by your considerable contributions to national development, and in helping to bring to fruition, the dream of this day. Tommy, you have fought the good fight. You are finishing the race with the very style and grace you exhibited in representing your country in four Olympiads. You have kept the faith.
"Tonight, we also celebrate Bahamian athletes, past and present. Tonight we celebrate a new day for athletics in fields of endeavor and competition such as baseball, basketball, soccer, American football, swimming, diving, tennis, cycling and other sports. We are delighted that this new athletic and cultural center will host major regional and international events like jazz and reggae festivals as well as other musical and special events. Fellow Bahamians at home and those joining in this celebration from overseas, tonight we celebrate the very essence of who we are as a people. We celebrate our Bahamian identity and nationhood."
Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Charles Maynard said the construction of the national stadium "creates real opportunities for The Bahamas to extend an invitation to the world to practice, compete and enjoy the best of the islands of The Bahamas." He believes that key to sustaining growth, is the state-of-the-art facility.
The preparation process for the official opening did not go without hiccups which resulted in many becoming critics of the current government. Many believed that the price tag for the opening was too high, especially since millions will be spent on the overall re-development of the Queen Elizabeth Sports Complex.
"The government is spending over $50 million in and around this site starting with the commissioning of a comprehensive master plan of the 400-plus acres around this stadium," revealed Maynard. "The IBS group, a Bahamian Civil Engineering group, whose principals are Nick Dean and Kevin Sweeting, completed the design of a multiuse sports and recreation compound in record time. We are now well into the execution of phase one of this master plan which has created a lot of what you would have seen on your way here, and a lot of what you cannot see that makes this stadium functional."
Maynard is promising that work will begin on the new state-of-the-art internationally certified Hot Rod complex by the end of next month.

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