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BCC warns of the dangers of Halloween

The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) is urging members of the public to reconsider the implications of celebrating 'All Hallows Eve', more popularly known as Halloween.
In a statement released yesterday it claimed that the internationally recognized holiday is a time dedicated to "celebrating evil".
The origins and meaning surrounding Halloween, which will be commemorated on October 31, has been long debated by business owners and religious leaders.
Although the holiday is commonly associated with trick-or-treating, costumes and candy, which generate revenue for many businesses that sell associated items, BCC president Dr. Ranford Patterson pointed out that the day has long lost its Christian implications.
"All Hallows Eve, celebrating the saints, has now become Halloween, when we place treats at the door to feed evil spirits," Dr. Patterson said.
"The Bahamas Christian Council is of the considered position that Halloween is a thing of our past and that we should let go of it.  Halloween is a good case of how a sacred day is corrupted by secular society."
The council pointed out in its statement that The Bahamas has its full share of sexual predators, and taking part in some of the accustomed events during the holiday, provides an opportunity for those individuals to prey on children and hurt them.
"Parents ought not to place their children in harm's way," read the statement.
"We should [also] be careful of the effects that exist on a subliminal level when we call and dress our children as ghosts, witches and goblins."
Furthermore, the council is encouraging parents to be very careful when allowing their children to play with fireworks, which could lead to them being harmed.

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William and Kate want to visit The Bahamas
William and Kate want to visit The Bahamas

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, while visiting Canada told The Bahamas High Commissioner to Canada His Excellency Michael Smith and his wife Suzanne, that he and his wife would like to visit The Bahamas.

They spoke while watching the fireworks launched to celebrate Canada Day. His Excellency, who is Dean of CARICOM High in Canada and his wife Suzanne were among a group of about 50 diplomats, government ministers and officials invited to the observation deck of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a dinner reception before observing the festivities.

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US Ambassador Avant marks the United States' 235th anniversary of independence with 'A Salute to California'

NASSAU, Bahamas -- U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas Her Excellency Nicole A. Avant and her husband, Mr. Theodore Sarandos, hosted the official U.S. Independence Day celebration at the U.S. Ambassador's Liberty Overlook home on Saturday,
July 2.  
The event was held under the theme, "A Salute to California", and it brought together guests from throughout The Bahamas and the United States and to enjoy and sample an array of California's culture and cuisine.  Musical entertainment for the occasion was provided by Jazz Etc. who performed a repertoire of California songs with the evening culminating in a spectacular fireworks display set to Tchaikovsky's Overture of 1812.
Ambassador Avant, speaking on behalf of U.S. President Barack Obama, thanked her guests for their continued support and friendship to the people of America and referenced a remark made by President Obama.
"This is the day when we celebrate the very essence of America and the spirit that has defined us as a people and as a nation for more than two centuries."
The evening was set aside to pay tribute to the Ambassador's home state of California and she highlighted what makes the State so unique.

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Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade

Nassau, Bahamas - Remember a time, not so long ago when Mom and Dad would pack you and
your siblings into the family car and off you would go to see the
illuminations on the Eastern Road.  Well this pastime is a rarity now
as fewer houses decorate for Christmas like this anymore... so how about
a parade of lights?

The Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade is schedule to depart the
Montague Foreshore amid a blaze of fireworks at 7pm on Saturday,

December, 2010.  Boats, decorated with Christmas lights will begin
lining up at 5.30pm...

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Rotary Clubs of Grand Bahama present Guy Fawkes on the Beach, November 7th

Grand Bahama Island -  Rotary Clubs of Grand Bahama will join together to host yet another favourite family event,

Guy Fawkes Night on the Beach on November 7th beginning at 4pm at  Margaritaville Sand Bar in Mathers Town.

Tickets are
only $10 for adults and $5 for children and provides a choice of BBQ
Ribs, Hamburgers, or Hotdogs with side orders and desserts.

Show off your best 'Guy' and then toss them onto the bonfire on the beach.Win Prizes!

"Guy Fawkes Night

(also known as

Bonfire Night,

Cracker Night,

Fireworks Night) is an annual celebration on the evening of the

5th of November..."

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'Mother of tattoo shows' being planned for Clifford Park

This year's 40th anniversary independence festivities at Clifford Park will be the "mother of all celebrations", Chairman of the Independence Secretariat Jack Thompson promised yesterday."July is the centerpiece of these celebrations," Thompson said during a press conference yesterday at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. "You will see Clifford Park like you've never seen it before. This year's Tattoo show will be the mother of tattoo shows. We may have not been saying much but the committee has been working. Clifford Park will come alive. You will never see it like this in your history. It will take another 40 years."The Tattoo event takes place on Clifford Park on the eve of Independence Day and usually culminates at 12 a.m. on Independence morning with a fireworks display. The government has decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary for the entire year with scores of events planned to mark the historical milestone. However, the Tattoo will be the highlight of the year's festivities.Thompson would not reveal too many details about the Tattoo yesterday, however Sports Minister Dr. Daniel Johnson added that the event will be something Bahamians should not miss.

As for the budget for the premier event, Dr. Johnson said the government has yet to calculate the final price tag, although he noted, "In our present condition in The Bahamas, we're not going to go overboard."He said the government is hoping to stick as close to last year's budget as it can and also called on corporate sponsors to come forward."The budget last year was just over $200,000 and you'll see a similar style thing with a few special [guests] particularly at the July event. We're bringing in one of the most renowned Bahamians," Johnson said. "I don't want to say too much but he has a play in London and is doing two shows in New York. He is going to come in and assist us in... making this Clifford Park experience something that we have never witnessed in our generation. [It] will be a marquee event."This year's theme "The Journey Continues" will focus on the strides The Bahamas has made since 1973 when it become an independent nation.And while the celebrations will culminate on July 10, Charles Carter, co-chair of the National Independence Committee, noted that the festivities will continue until Boxing Day Junkanoo."So after Independence Day, you should still expect to be around recognizing that this is still the 40th anniversary," he said.Carter also called on Bahamians not to politicize this historical event and not divide themselves based on politics."This is a process," he said. "The process is bigger than the people who are a part of the process in our view. It has nothing to do with the [Progressive Liberal Party], it has nothing to do with the [Free National Movement], it has nothing to do with all of the things that we find so distracting in this country to make mischief."A number of events are planned leading up the July 10 celebration including the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Beat Retreat's 33rd anniversary on April 21, "Culture in the Square" on May 18 and the Family Island regattas held throughout the year.For the full list of the independence events, contact the Independence Secretariat at 356-2100.A number of private events, such at the Chris Brown Invitational Track Meet to be held this weekend, at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, are also endorsed by the National Independence Committee.

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Enjoy New Year's Eve at Pelican Bay's Canal House with After Party at Sabor!

Freeport, Bahamas - Join us for New Year's Eve at the Canal House at Pelican Bay Hotel, and then dance the night away at our After Party at Sabor starting at 10pm and going until 1am. Sabor is situated marina-side and is one of the best locations in Grand Bahama to view the fireworks at midnight!

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Sheraton Nassau Beach New Year's Dining Options

Nassau, Bahamas -

Enjoy fine dining at Amici!  Experience the bountiful New Year's Eve buffet at

Bimini Market at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.

$60 NEW YEAR'S ACTIVITIES. Watch the Time Square Ball Drop. Live band entertainment and Fireworks.  On Saturday, January 1st take in our

New Year's Day Buffet at Bimini Market. $28.75 for Lunch and $32.20 for Dinner...

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BSF set for what should be very exciting nationals

In honor of all presidents and founders of the Bahamas Softball Federation (BSF), this year, the round robin and national championships will be billed as the 'President's Cup' in celebration of 40 years of existence.
Assembling at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex, this year will mark the largest amount of teams to participate in the round robin nationals. There will be new champions in both the men and ladies divisions as the defending champions, the Proper Care Whirlpool Lady Sharks out of New Providence and the U.S. Gold Panthers out of Grand Bahama, have both been eliminated.
Islands taking part in the ladies division are Abaco, Andros, Spanish Wells, Inagua, Grand Bahama and New Providence. In the Men's division the islands are Abaco, Andros, Spanish Wells, Grand Bahama and New Providence. As a result of the number of teams this year, the tournament starts on Thursday, November 1. All teams are expected to arrive in New Providence on Thursday.
The technical meeting for league representatives, managers and coaches will take place at 3 p.m. on Thursday. At that time, all rosters will be finalized, and rules and regulations will be discussed. At 7 p.m. on Thursday, the competition gets underway when Spanish Wells ladies go up against Andros. At 8 p.m., the same two teams will battle in the men's contest. At 9 p.m., the Grand Bahama ladies will tangle with the Inagua ladies, and the feature game on opening night will pit the New Providence ladies against Abaco ladies.
On Friday, action will pick up at 11 a.m., using three fields at the Baillou Hills complex. At 7 p.m., the official opening ceremony and induction for those selected to the BSF Hall of Fame will take place. Also, all former presidents who have served over the past 40 years, will be recognized, namely Michael Moss, Churchill Tener Knowles, Austin 'King Snake' Knowles, Neko Grant, Greg Christie, Romell Knowles and Burkett Dorsett.
Following the induction ceremony, what is expected to be two of the most exciting games of the tournament will be played when Grand Bahama ladies take on New Providence, and the New Providence men battle Abaco. Also on Friday night, there will be a display by a marching band, a live pop band, disco, fireworks, balloons and many giveaways. The night climaxes with a mix and mingle reception for all players and fans, a Junkanoo rush-out and dancing.
On Saturday, November 3, play resumes at 11 a.m. with a break at 3 p.m. The playoffs get underway on Saturday night at 7 p.m. On Sunday, beginning at 3 p.m., there will be four medal games, followed by the presentation of awards and the closing ceremony.
Those to be inducted into the BSF Hall of Fame under separate categories such as administrators, managers, coaches, umpires, and sponsors for meritorious services, are: Romell Knowles, Charlene Sturrup, Paula Johnson, Eric Williams, Eustace Penn, Vernon Farquharson, Gary Smith, Charles Johnson, Nigel Bootle, Leonard Newton, Michael Colebrooke, Yvonne Lockhart, Sam Knowles, Patrice Braithwaite, Edna Ingraham, George Mills, Alvin Smith, Suzanne Adderley, Brad Smith, Nancy Russell, Thora Sweeting, Lucy Wells, Kay Seiler, Rodney Gibson, Sue Roberts, Sherwin Smith, Cyril Smith, Anthony Weech, Marjorie Delaney, Arthur Johnson, Jeff Roberts, Rudy Gardiner, Eddie McSweeney, Spence Lynes, Joe Deal, Alphonso Albury, Pat Maynard, Bommer George Armbrister, Frank Forbes, Brusell Bradshaw, George Ferguson, Ronald 'Ding' Woodside, Clifford Scavella, Sherry Thompson (posthumously), Monica Woodside (posthumously), Paul 'Dingus' Thompson (posthumously), Bommer's Trucking and Sigma Management Ltd.

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Superstar Spectacular For Sidney Poitier
Superstar Spectacular For Sidney Poitier

Superstar singer and actress Jennifer Hudson wowed the crowd at Atlantis at the weekend at a star-studded gala in honor of Sir Sidney Poitier.

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