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'Crabs for computers' initiative a huge success

Tribune Staff Reporter

THE Crabs for Computers programme was an impressive success at RM Bailey Park yesterday, with organisers of the initiative reaching their goal of selling 200 dozen of the Bahamian delicacy by noon.

"It was a trial and error process," said Jeff Jolly, of Mangrove Cay District Council, and proved to be an exciting venture for students who were required to harvest 16 dozen crabs in order to participate.
Up to midday yesterday, students were informed that 200 dozen crabs were already sold out at the event. People waited eagerly at Potter's Cay Dock for Mr Jolly's boat on Thursday to get their sh ...

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Club Land'or executive clears the air

Club Land'or's parent company is clearing up issues around the troubled property -- refuting claims that its    sale price has been dropped and attributing recent payment issues to system glitches.
In response to Guardian Business reports, a company executive said the problems experienced recently in the form of bounced checks and disconnected telephone service have been solved.
"There were some computer issues we had, some glitches in wire transfers, which were part of the reasons the transfers did not go through," said a spokesman from the company's head office in Richmond, Virginia.  "We've addressed those things now."
The executive said claims that the sale price had been lowered by $6 million - which were reported as gospel by other publications - are wrong.
"It's on the market for $45 million," Guardian Business was told.  "The property's sale price was not reduced.  the resort is not sold and further, will not be closing.
"There are no contracts at present, although a lot of people are looking at it."
The property was recently put on the market, as the global economy quelled occupancy levels for almost all properties on Paradise Island and New Providence.  However, early indications are that a turn in that trend may be just around the corner.
"Currently the resort, like other properties in Nassau, is experiencing very low occupancy due to the world economic conditions and hurricane season," said the spokesman.
"The high season looks promising and many reservations are in the pipeline for the months ahead. In the interim, management is focusing on renovations and preparation for the coming high season.
"We have some pre-bookings and things are looking up."
The repairs should come as good news to owners that have bought into the mixed-use property, some of whom have voiced concerns over the state of the resort.  They questioned their yearly maintenance fees and hikes levied on them, when there weren't any apparent upgrades.
Just last month, Club Land'or also faced the threat of legal action related to the thousands of dollars in employee salary deductions allegedly taken but never, in fact, deposited to their credit unions.  The issues had affected the ability of workers to fully prepare their children for back-to-school.
As it is now, only time will tell if the system repairs fixes all the glitches the property has had over the years.

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State-of-the-art fraud detection lab opens at airport

THE Bahamas Immigration Department at the Sir Lynden Pindling International Airport is now in possession of a new computer laboratory and software to better determine the veracity of travel documents.

The Document Imaging Software Suite (DISS) computer lab was presented to the Bahamian government by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

The travel document and fraud detection lab - only the second of its kind in the Caribbean region - also includes equipment such as decoders, an e-passport reader, software, scanners, video and photo cameras, microscopes, computers and printers.

The new lab is part of an IOM regional border management and enhanced security project that includes the ...

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Reggae Sumfest TV Coming to a Computer Near You

CaribPR Wire, Kingston,
Jamaica - Fans of Reggae Sumfest and reggae music will be able to catch
some of their favorite acts later this month without leaving the
comfort of their home.

Telegens and have teamed up to present Reggae Sumfest TV,
which will video stream live from the July 21 to 23rd "greatest reggae
show on earth"  in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Fans will be able to see live performances from Beres Hammond, Half
Pint, Beenie Man, Jah Cure, Mavado, Tanya Stephens, I-Octane, Konshens,
Cecile, Kip Rich, Christopher Martin and Tifa among others, as they
appear on the Sumfest stage over the three day period by simply logging
on to...

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NUA Insurance targets 3,000 clients with cyber liability product

NUA Insurance Agents & Brokers is looking to target up to 3,000 clients following the launch of its cyber liability insurance coverage -- a product that offers businesses protection from cyber attacks and other online exposures, such as e-theft.
The company, which is the first to launch this type of coverage, held its launch at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel recently, where a cross section of the business and insurance community got an opportunity to learn more about the product.
The launch is timely given that National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage recently expressed concerns about cybercrime and announced his government's plan to strengthen the appropriate legislation.
NUA Assistant Managing Director Stanford Charlton said his company had been closely monitoring similar hacking and cyber attacks that are happening internationally and felt it was time to introduce the product to the Bahamian market.
Over the Christmas holiday, hackers stole the credit and debit card information of millions of Target's customers. The U.S. retailer is now facing a string of lawsuits over its data breach.
"We said if it can happen in Europe, Asia, the United States and other places, it's at our doorsteps. We need to take this thing seriously and bring it here. We follow closely what happens in the United States. Once the claims start to happen there, people will look at The Bahamas as an easy target, so we realized that we had to bring that insurance product here," said Charlton.
Charlton indicated that if a company's IT system is breached and its clients' personal information is accessed, it may face stiff fines or penalties under the Data Protection Act, in instances where adequate safeguards were not in place to prevent the breach. Cyber liability insurance gives cover for these fines.
NUA Managing Director Warren Rolle said since the launch NUA has gotten "quite a number of inquiries from a number of our competitors".
"So, we're pretty sure that they are going to follow suit at some point," he said.
Charlton explained that NUA's staff underwent extensive training over several weeks to become familiar with the product.
NUA later invited Charles Juarbe, divisional director of global insurance broker, FINEX Global & Willis Limited, to discuss the coverage during the launch.
Rolle indicated that there have been a number of sessions with Willis, including a recent online webinar, to acclimate staff to the new product. He said he is confident that NUA is ready for a successful launch of this product.
Charlton said NUA has gotten positive feedback ever since it announced plans to launch its newest product.
"I have been getting calls non-stop asking about cyber liability insurance and when I explain what it covers and what some of the ramifications of computer hacking are clients want to know more. This was a timely presentation and I hope it sensitizes the public to knowing and understanding that they need to get this insurance," he said.
"We are live with the facility, so, when clients call us we can give quotes within 20-25 minutes once they provide us with information on their turnover, the number of employees and what limits they want, they can get quotations back quickly."
Juarbe said his company decided to partner with NUA because the company has a "strong presence" in The Bahamas.
"They know their clientele, they know what they're looking for in terms of boots on the ground and they're going to know what their clients are looking for. At Willis we're very proud to have partnered with NUA in getting this facility done because people do need the protection . . . and as the minister said, the cyber threats are coming."
Juarbe advised companies who are dealing with their customers' sensitive data to be careful when selecting outside vendors.
"As a company, you have to ask yourself two questions -- one, are you managing the IT system and two, are you outsourcing that IT system. That's the difference. Sometimes you have a company like a restaurant, and you have the owner in the back but he's only just plugging information in, in terms of profits and sales, but who is providing that point of sale system or payment providing system? That's not going to be them, that's an outsourced vendor. Then what you need to do is question that outsource vendor: do you have the firewalls, the antivirus systems to make sure you're providing adequate coverage for me because even though the restaurant is going to get coverage, they also need to make sure that the outsource provider is providing them that same protection as well. People need to know the answer because the risks and the losses are real," he said.
Juarbe also noted that there is a minimum and maximum revenue requirement when it comes to securing cyber liability insurance with NUA.
"So, if your company is making $200 million in gross revenues and more than $30 million in net profit, obviously you'd be too big for the facility. But, that doesn't mean that you can't get coverage. What we could do is go to open market, access other markets to get quotations for you," he said.
"To be excluded from the cyber facility there'd have to be a risk that we'd have to say is beyond the regular small medium enterprise risk. There are some classes of business that will fall out obviously because of the higher risk that they have, such as financial institutions or hospitals or technology companies. But does that mean that we can't get them coverage? Absolutely not. We can get them coverage and we can get them whatever limit that they're looking for."
According to Charlton, the cost of the cover is dependent on the type of business, its annual turnover and the number of employees it has. Coverage ranges from $250,000 up to $2 million.
"Premiums are quite reasonable, $412 for $1 million coverage for certain companies," he said. "It's a quick process. We promise that you will be in and out as long as we have the right information," Charlton said.

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Insurance company to launch cyber liability product

Pointing to a "real risk" of a cyber crime strike on local Bahamian businesses, NUA Insurance Agents & Brokers has launched a new cyber liability product.
The company is taking the view that "if it could happen to Target, it could happen to you".
Over the last Christmas holiday, the popular U.S. retail giant came under fire after it found itself the target of a cyber attack.
Credit and debit card information, as well as personal data, were stolen from millions of its customers. Now, Target is facing a string of lawsuits.
It's a situation that the leading insurance agency has been watching and just one of the reasons it decided to launch a new cyber liability product on April 24, 2014.
"We have noted that there have been more and more reports of computer hacking disrupting companies' computer systems and leaking sensitive third party information stored on companies' computer systems," said Assistant Managing Director of NUA Insurance Agents & Brokers Stanford Charlton.
"This stolen third party information, in most cases, is taken to be used with criminal intent to defraud a business. The Target superstore loss, where a large portion of the details on their clients' credit card identities was stolen also made it quite real that this type of risk is here at our doorsteps."
He continued, "You could also have an instance where a media company's employee posts libelous statements about a competitor on their company Facebook page. With that being said, we know that these types of risks will become more and more prevalent in The Bahamas. Cyber liability insurance was a product created to minimize the effects of the losses that result from these risks, and we wanted to be proactive in making it available in The Bahamas very early on.
"It should also be mentioned that there could be breaches to the Data Protection Act and a company can be levied fines against them in the event it is discovered that adequate measures were not in place to safeguard clients' personal data. Cyber liability insurance affords some protection against those fines."
According to Charlton, e-commerce companies and those undertaking transactions over the Internet aren't the only ones who face cyber risks. He said companies that store personal data, are reliant on computer or telephone networks, hold digital information or use the Internet all face these exposures.
Accounting firms, law firms, retailers, entertainment and media, professional service companies, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, walk-in clinics, utilities, manufacturers and wholesalers are also at risk.
Some of the key features of the coverage include: cyber liability, privacy liability and privacy breach notification costs; coverage for data held 'in the cloud'; comprehensive media liability, including coverage for user generated content; defamation, including libel and slander; invasion of privacy; intellectual property rights infringement; cyber crime including identity theft, wire fraud and phishing scams, etc.
"Various industries, like retail stores, hotels, airlines, media, accounting and law firms and manufacturers, would be able to benefit from cyber protection against the risks prevalent," said Charlton.
"It should also be noted that many professionals believe their professional indemnity insurance policy should cover them against any and all possible scenarios, but there are certain exclusions to the cover, and cyber liability insurance is the blanket cover that protects against these exclusions."
The cost of the cover, according to Charlton, is dependent on the type of business, its annual turnover and the number of employees it has.
Premiums could be as low as $400 for a $1 million limit.
"The cyber liability insurance facility limits vary for different aspects of cover and can range from $250,000 to $2 million. We also have the capability to look at the risk profile of each client individually, as the $2 million limit may not be adequate. In these cases we can go in the London open market and attain higher limits," said Charlton.
NUA is hosting a product launch cocktail reception at the British Colonial Hilton on April 24 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Its security, cyber and network coverage will be available immediately at the launch.
Charles Juarbe, divisional director, FINEX Global & Willis Limited, will be the presenter at the launch, which is expected to be attended by 75 invited guests. The guest list covers a wide cross section of the business community.
"We trust that they will see the benefits of this coverage in these very crucial and uncertain economic times. Insurance protection is one of the keys, in my opinion, to minimizing the effects of this uncertainty," said Charlton.

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Sex, love and rock your soul

A dose of "Sex, Love and Rock Your Soul" may just be what the doctor ordered to rekindle the fire in your relationship, whether you're in a new relationship, want to improve the one you're currently in or need to get out of a bad relationship.
An electrifying relationship-building workshop facilitated by clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. Constance Avery-Clark will be held on Saturday, April 28 to help couples change the way they look at their relationship. The Jung Society event will be held at the Sheraton Resort on Cable Beach from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Jung Society committee member Fred Flischer, who is also a psychoanalyst, encourages couples and individuals to attend to find new ways to return the life to their relationships.
"This will be the fresh air that many relationships are lacking," said Flischer. "Dr. Avery-Clark is an amazing speaker who is very personable. She has a great approach and way of bringing her points across. In her own words she says this relationship workshop is about who's playing lead guitar in the rock band of your blood and how not to get heartbroken by that person. It's also about not losing your own soul while the music is still rocking. The event will take an in-depth look at relationships and teach the average person about what makes and breaks relationships."
What makes people attracted to certain people but not others will be one of the many topics up for discussion. Seminar participants will also get to talk about why some relationships are magnetic and seemingly impossible to shake off, and why some relationships help individuals to be the person God intended for them to be and why others don't. Dr. Avery-Clarke will also speak about the dynamics involved in a good relationship and how to pursue one as well as what constitutes a bad relationship and how to deal with it.
"This will not be the typical relationship seminar. It will be a down-to-earth event that will express things in ways that are relatable and easy to understand. It will be fun because of the way Dr. Avery-Clark will tackle these topics and get the crowd involved," said Flischer. "This is not about her going up there to lecture, but rather to help couples and individuals discover what is missing and interact with one another to better it. The answer is not in her words alone but in how people apply it and what they choose to learn from it."
Flischer said there will also be a question and answer session during which time people will be allowed to air their concerns and hear the opinion of an expert. He said it will be the kind of thing you would find in a personal relationship analysis session and that this public forum will make people comfortable and see that others face some problems they do as well."
According to Flischer an event like this is overdue in the country and he hopes people will attend out of curiosity and stay for the deep, informative nature of the workshop.
"At the end of the day, we just want to inspire loving environments and show people how they can make their relationships better. We want to encourage people to stop looking at the surface of things happening around them and realize a major part of all this crime is the weakened relationships or poor relations people have with one another. We want to show how to get in the right relationships and maintain them. It is not easy but it will be worthwhile especially if you know which direction you are going," said Flischer.
The Jung Society of Nassau presents workshops periodically to help people look more deeply into everyday events of their lives. The society was started two-and-a-half years ago by people interested in Carl Jung and his insights into the human soul. They were deeply impressed by how his insight dovetailed with the message of Jesus. Much like Jung believed that all people, no matter their mental state could be helped, the Jung Society wanted to provide a means to help people to help themselves through events like this.
Tickets for the relationship seminar are $50 and can be purchased at Custom Computers, Cable Beach and Harbour Bay Shopping Centre locations; Logos Bookstore, Harbour Bay Shopping Centre and Unity Center on East Street. For more information, telephone 328-6523.

Intimacy seminar
for couples
When: Saturday, April 28
Where: Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Tickets: $50

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Bowling for Cancer

The lanes are being polished and participants are working on their skills that will give them a 'strike' when the 2nd Annual Cindi Smith Bowling for Breast Cancer rolls in.
The two-day tournament is being held in aid of all breast cancer survivors and their families. It is the only fundraising event for the month of October that the Sister/Sister Breast Cancer support group will host. The tournament will take place at Mario's Bowling and Family Entertainment Palace, October 20-21. Part proceeds will be donated to the group which offers financial and emotional support to cancer patients and their families.

The Sister/Sister Breast Cancer support group played an integral part in the life of Cindi Smith who passed away on June 17, 2012. She was 31.
Darlene Sands, Smith's sister is the organizer for the tournament. She said: "She was a wonderful person, who went through so much in her final years. To see and know she was going through so much pain was crushing. It was hard on us as a family because we wanted to help. We wanted to take the pain away. But there was nothing we could do in terms of getting relief for her. She would always ask for us to massage her feet and rub her where it hurt and we never refused. That was our little way of assisting making sure she was in comforted.
"When we first found out I leaned heavily on Shantell. She offered her support as a friend and a breast cancer survivor who is involved in the Sister/Sister Breast Cancer support group. We as a family needed that because it was new to us. Cindi was very grateful for all the support."
The annual bowling tournament is just one of many fundraising initiatives the female support group hosts. According to Shantell Cox-Hutchinson, a member of the group, more programs are being looked at to raise additional funds so more support can be given.

A public appeal was extended to individuals, families and small businesses as well as corporate Bahamas earlier this week. Since the main thrust of the support group is to assist women going through breast cancer treatment and those who were recently diagnosed, the venture can be very costly.

Cox-Hutchison explains: "I met Cindi through Darlene when she was diagnosed in 2008. Being a breast cancer survivor myself Darlene came and asked me to talk to Cindi at that time. I spoke to Cindi so I've been with Cindi and her family during the entire ordeal. It was very, very rough because Cindy was only 28 at the time she was diagnosed. She had a very hard time accepting that she was diagnosed and that she had any kind of cancer. I think that took a toll on her mental state. She was depress a lot.

"Being a part of Sister/Sister which is another arm that offers support during that entire time. In 2011 she needed to go for a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan, she didn't know what it was. But she was having some issues with her bones. She was feeling weak and she had a lot of symptoms. This is what Sister/Sister is all about, garnering funds for these type of events. We help people to go and get PET Computed Tomography (CT). They can range anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.

"This is one of the things we offer especially to young women and Cindi. When she took the PET CT and it came back we knew that something was wrong. The cancer had spreaded through her entire body, mainly in her pelvic area. That was one of the reasons she couldn't walk she had to be lifted everywhere. So the whole community was behind Cindi."
The bowling tournament will cater to teams who are encouraged to register by September 30. There is a small charge of $25 for the 10 person team. Trophies and other prizes will be awarded to the top three teams and bowlers.

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Governor General buys crabs for computers

Nassau, The Bahamas - Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes kept his promise and bought several cases of crabs from 30 Mangrove Cay, Andros students who were selling the crabs to raise money to purchase lap top computers. The students travelled from Mangrove Cay with their parents and Family Island Administrator Gilbert Kemp to sell the crabs on R. M. Bailey Park, Friday, July 30.

Cabinet Ministers were among those who showed up to support the students at the event where $4,500 was raised. Sir Arthur is pictured holding a crab while Member of Parliament for Fox Hill the Hon. Fred Mitchell and students look on...

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