Icon of the Islands

Icon Of The Islands

The Caribbean sound is currently dominating the pop charts and influencing the entire entertainment industry. However, lack of major platforms dedicated to developing Caribbean musicians creates distance that poses as a significant hurdle for Caribbean talent.Icon of the Islands (IOI) is here to fill this void and introduce Caribbean artists to the world stage.

  • Live Entertainment (A forum for seminars, auditions and concerts to capture live audiences)

  • Television (The airing of content on various broadcast networks creating advertising space)

  • Online (The global and social platform for the rest of the world to discover, watch and love)

  • Talent (The development of artists and musicians for worldwide marketability and success)

  • Tourism (The influx of visitors, fans, families, consumers and hotel guests from abroad)

Icon Of The Islands

The stakes are high and emotions run wild on the reality show Icon of the Islands! Get to know the contestants from the audition process and see which of your favorites make it all the way to the grand finale! The excitement doesn’t stop there……follow the journey of the winner and other dynamic contestants online as they navigate the music scene and record original music with industry titans!

Icon of the Islands is a music competition that is unparalleled as we find the cream of the crop of untapped talent and expose them on television, radio and the internet. The TV series promotes Caribbean islands, brands, products, beauty and culture as well as exposes homegrown talent and markets in the film, music and entertainment industries.

Shoutout To The Icon of The Islands Supporters

Shoutout To The Icon of The Islands Supporters

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Icon Of The Islands
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Icon of the Islands