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Roots and Culture TV
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Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Roots and Culture is a 30 minute entertainment show created by the Tom. Brown Media & Entertainment Group a fully locally licensed company.

The show which already successfully completed two (2) seasons on ZNS.Roots & Culture is now partially into its 3rd season on Cable 12. The target audience is 15-50 years old the shows are pre-recorded. Roots and Culture will be airing on the Pan Caribbean station Tempo in the spring of 2010. Tempo Networks is viewed in over 25 islands throughout the Caribbean presently. Roots & Culture is one of the slated programs scheduled to run on VTV a new all Bahamian channel.

The Bahamas is a hot bed of untapped talent. The talent embodied in all classes of Bahamians has had previously, little to no exposure on the air or on television, save for a select few. Roots and Culture showcases the talent of people throughout the Caribbean and especially the Bahamas, through insightful interviews, live performances, and an interesting entertainment report segment featuring international as well as local music videos.

In previous seasons we have featured local stars, entities and events such as Bodine ?Be? Johnsonm Rik Carey [Bahamen], Sammi Starr, Scharad Lightbourne, Millenium Countdown, Islands of the World Fashion Week 2009, Mr. Carribean 2009, BTC Starmaker 2009, 242 People clothing line, Tempo turns 3, Artist For Peace Concert, Marlins Profiles, 98 Magazine, Planet Play? The Hub, Pop Up Studios, Girls Will Be Girls, Airbrush Junkies, Urban Nation & International Artists and Individuals such as: Rita Marley, Tessane Chin, Mr. Vegas, Allison Hinds, Frederick ?Mr Tempo? Morton.

Roots and Culture seeks to place additional attention on places that drive the Entertainment Industry such as nightclubs, highlight fashions and trends, foods & cultural events. In essence this humble television show is a venue by which to showcase the talents endemic to the Bahamas.