Island Outdoor Cooling

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Island Outdoor Cooling
Soldier Road North
P.O. Box:
PO Box CB-11034
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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When Island Outdoor Cooling opened for business in the Spring of 2009, we became the first Bahamian company to offer a unique outdoor cooling solution. In a bid to combat the negative impact of the humidity in The Bahamas and the Caribbean, we have brought a new and innovative defense to the islands. We are your local dealer for high pressure mist cooling systems.

Our high pressure systems produce a mist so fine that it doesn’t wet surfaces it comes in contact with, yet lowers the temperature up to 30 degrees. During the process of creating this micro-mist, heat is absorbed from the surrounding area to demonstrate a cooling effect called “flash evaporation”.

Our systems produce cooler air in spaces at outdoor venues where, until now, cooling systems were not deployed.

We are excited about using our natural cooling systems to assist with odor removal, insect control (flies, mosquito's, etc), smoke control,airborne bacteria, allergen reduction and heat strokes - that occur at athletic events in outdoor stadiums. Our systems are gentle, people-friendly products that are playing an effective role in the global environment.
Our representatives are highly trained and knowledgeable in custom design and installation. Maintenance and local support are always available. Our Installation Teams are trained for residential,commercial and industrial applications. We provide free estimates and custom designs for all of our systems.
We can also help you save 30 on your utility bill by cooling A/C condensers, using the same high pressure system. Our unique condenser cooling system is fully automatic and synchronized to work only when your A/C is running.

I.O.C is positioned to meet any of your mist and fogging system needs. Feel free to visit us at