Teleos Christian School

Teleos Christian School
Dolphin Drive, New Testament Way (In Highland Park)
P.O. Box:
P O Box N 9243
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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The purpose of Teleos Christian School is to assist the home by providing a quality education, both academically and spiritually, in a Christ-honoring and caring atmosphere. Teleos Christian School recognizes that God gave the main responsibility for education to the parents (Proverbs 22:6) and secondarily, to the church (Matthew 28:19, 20). The Bible nowhere states that God gave educational responsibilities to the government. Due to the failure of the home and the church, the government has stepped in and taken responsibility for education.

The school seeks to assist in the personal growth and development of students by providing an education based upon an integral understanding of Biblical principles and academic knowledge. Teleos emphasizes education with a proper emphasis on the spiritual, mental, social and physical aspects of life.

Our Mission Statement

1. PROMOTE the need of salvation to every student.
2. PROVIDE every student with a complete (Teleos) growth like Jesus Luke 2:52
* In wisdom - Mentally
* In stature - Physically
* In favor with man - Socially
* In favor with God - Spiritually
3. PRESENT every student complete (Teleos) in Christ - Colossians 1:28. Well done thou good and faithful servant is the goal of life.