Review : Superwash
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Inadequate Washing Experience

At 4:30am I rented washer 40 to wash my son��s school shirts on hot. Paid for it started fine. I check on my wash 8 minutes later and the washer has no water in it but the drum is moving. After a minute no change then a slow fill error flashes on the screen. Attendant checks tells me move temp to cold. No change. Then move to warm. I do so. 5 min later no change just dribbles. The drum doesn��t feel warm at all. Go back to counter I tell the attendant my clothes aren��t cleaning she tells me nothing wrong with the machine the slow fill error is nothing. Drum finally has water 5 minutes into the rinse cycle. When final rinse still barely any water because of The slow fill PROBLEMS. I took my dirty clothes and hand wash them home. I won��t be returning. Please repair the washer so customers don��t waste money.

Date Added: May 5, 2019