Hawks Nest Cay, Cat Island

Old Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas


Private Island

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Lot 42.00acres

Located just to the south of Hawks Nest Marina, Hawks Nest Cay provides a perfect private Island get away, while also being conveniently located just minutes away from the amenities of Hawk's Nest Resort & Marina making this island one of the best private island opportunities in The Bahamas today.

The island, has great elevations all along the southern shore and a few beaches on the northern shore. Access to the island is just a hop over the beautiful Hawks Nest Creek from the marina to the island. The Creek is protected from the Ocean waves and has natural deep water so you could easily have a large dock on the island if needed.

Hawks Nest and Southern Cat Island is renowned for its' incredible fishing and the marina, air strip and resort on your door step make Hawks Nest Cay the Island of Choice at a great price.


  • Address:Old Bight
  • Island:Cat Island, Bahamas


  • Lot Area: 42 acres
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