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Eurhythmics Dance Studio presents: Rock Your Body
Eurhythmics Dance Studio presents: Rock Your Body

Sunday 24th June 2012  7:00 PM

Eurhythmics Dance Studio presents: "Rock Your Body" Sunday, June 24, 2012 | 7pm Rainforest Theatre, Crystal Palace Tickets: $25 Available at the studio Rosetta Street, Palmdale (West of john's Shoe Store) Rock Your Body 18th Annual Dance Production PH: 394-1822, 436-0306 Under the direction of Gabriella Szabo, the Eurhythmics Dance Studio proudly presents its 18th Annual Dance Production: "ROCK YOUR BODY" on Sunday, June 24th at 7pm at the Rainforest Theatre, Crystal Palace Casino, Nassau. It will be a show filled with lots of surprises and exciting dance numbers that you don't want to miss.

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May 22, 2012
Arthritis: Oh my aching feet

Complaints of joint pain seem common place and are even expected as people age. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States affecting more than 40 million people. It is more common as you get older, especially in the elderly, however it can occur at any age, and the word literally means pain within a joint. Arthritis, describes the inflammation and swelling of the cartilage and lining of the joints, along with increased fluid in the joints.

Arthritis and the feet
The feet seem more susceptible to arthritis than other parts of the body because the feet have 52 bones and 33 joints that can be affected, and they bear the brunt of walking and standing. Arthritis in the feet can cause loss of motion in the joints and loss of independence, but that may be avoided with early diagnosis and proper medical care.

There are three types of arthritis that may affect your foot and ankle.
Osteoarthritis is wear and tear arthritis. It is common in people after they reach middle age. Over the years, the smooth cartilage at the ends of the bone wears down causing inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joint as the bone edges rub together. It progresses slowly and the pain and stiffness worsen over time.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease seen in joints all over the body caused by a person's own immune system attacking and destroying the cartilage.
Arthritis can develop after an injury to the foot or ankle, especially if the injuries were ignored and not treated. This type of arthritis is similar to osteoarthritis and may develop years after a fracture or severe sprain.
Gout is a form of arthritis caused by a buildup of the salts of uric acid -- a normal by-product of protein in the diet. The big toe joint is the most commonly affected area. Avoiding proteins such as shellfish, red meat, cold cuts and cheese can prevent or delay the attack of arthritis.
There are other causes of arthritis including bacterial and viral infections to the joint, bowel disorders, and even some drugs.

Different forms of arthritis affect the body in different ways. Once cartilage is damaged it cannot be reversed. Signs and symptoms of arthritis of the foot vary, depending on which joint is affected. Common symptoms include joint pain or tenderness, early morning stiffness or reduced motion, swelling and difficulty walking.

Early diagnosis is important for effective treatment of all types of arthritis. Your podiatrist will diagnose arthritis by using medical history, a physical examination and other tests. Additional tests may include an exam of the way you walk (gait analysis). This shows how the bones in the leg and foot affect walking. X-rays can show changes in the joint space between the bones or in the shape of the bones themselves. A bone scan, computed tomographic (CT) scan, or magnetic resonance image (MRI) may also be ordered for more evaluation.

The objectives of treatment of arthritis are controlling inflammation, preserving or restoring joint function and curing the disease if possible. Depending on the type, location, and severity of the arthritis, there are many types of treatment available. Arthritis may be treated in many ways.
Education is very important. Physical therapy and exercise are important to make sure the joint continues to move. Other non-surgical treatment options include pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling, shoe inserts (orthotics), custom-made shoes, such as a stiff-soled shoe with a rocker bottom, a brace or a cane, weight loss and control or nutritional supplements such as Chondritine and Glucosamine and medications, such as a steroid medications or fluid injected into the joint.
If arthritis doesn't respond to non-surgical treatment, surgical treatment might be considered. The choice of surgery will depend on the type of arthritis, the severity of the disease, the impact of the disease on the joints, and the location of the arthritis. Sometimes more than one type of surgery will be needed.
Surgery performed for arthritis of the foot and ankle may include arthroscopic debridement to clean out the joint, arthrodesis or fusing the joints together permanently, and arthroplasty, a joint replacement.
Remember, arthritis is a chronic, long term condition that will require long term treatment. If you have symptoms of arthritis you don't have to suffer in silence, there is relief available if you see your podiatrist.

oFor more information, email me at or visit, or To see a podiatrist, visit Bahamas Foot Centre on Rosetta Street or call 325-2996 or Bahamas Surgical Associates on Albury Lane or call 394-5820.

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March 08, 2011
One shoe can change your life!

By Bernadette Gibson

BABY boomers might be surprised to learn that many of their generation are wearing the wrong size shoes. Overtime, feet can widen or flatten, and fat padding on the sole of the feet can wear down. Weight gain or loss, activity and lifestyle changes, and foot problems can also contribute to changes in shoe fit. It is important to be fitted by a professional occasionally, rather than simply choosing the sizes you have worn in the past.

Reduce Stress on Your Body and Sole - Stress on the feet can lead to many major health problems!

There are many things that contribute to feet widening and flattening such as flip flops. Most flip flops are awful for your feet as they lack the ...

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Thursday Salsa Night
Thursday Salsa Night

Thursday 21st June 2012  6:30 PM

Thursday Salsa Night ( Bahamas Salsa Group) Thursday 21st June 2012 - 8:30 to 11pm Free Dance Lesson Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha and Bachata Count Down to the second annual dance competition - 23 June 2012 @ Atlantis, Paradise Island Come out and practice your moves so you can compete or enjoy the after party. Click HERE a dance for life event details. Havana Night will be hosted at Via Caffe every Thursday night at 8:30pm until 11pm. To continue to enjoy this free night of salsa lessons and dancing we request that you patronize Via Caffé by purchasing food and drinks from their wonderful unique menu inclusive of Italian cuisine. Ask about the drink specials each week. Dress code: casual or come in your BSSN t-shirts. Don't forget your comfortable shoes. SALSA SOCIAL We have been enjoying a Salsa Social every week since March 2010. We started off in The Bullion at the British Colonial Hilton, moved to Hard Rock Cafe in April 2011 and have just completed a succesful twelve weeks in Sharkeez. There have been many memorable nights of fun with locals and visitors from near and far. We continue to see a host of new dancers catch the Salsa bug after which they never miss a week. The free lessons have developed over time to include the basic introductory Salsa steps, Cha cha, now the Merengue Electric Slide (a hit with beginners) and Bachata. See you every Thursday for a night of fun.

Garage Sale
Garage Sale

Saturday 17th November 2012  7:00 AM

Garage Sale The first KPACE great Pre-Christmas Cash-n-carry garage sale! Saturday November 17th, 2012 7:00am-11:00am Christ The King Anglican Church, Ridgeland Park West. Items for sale: Super Quality new and gently used, baby, kids and adult clothing, shoes, toys, books, home wares, baby furniture and lots more. All the proceeds aid the KPACE kids after school program.

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Jamaica paying the price for mixing politics and drug gangs
May 27, 2010
Jamaica paying the price for mixing politics and drug gangs

Given the way Jamaican celebrities like Bob Marley have glorified ganja (marijuana), foreigners can be forgiven for thinking that it is the national crop of Jamaica. And Jamaicans can be forgiven for making folk heroes of men who defiantly use marijuana, or even profit from the sale of it. After all, it has undisputed medicinal benefits and is arguably no more anti-social than alcohol.

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April 03, 2011
Bahamian author, Marina Gottlieb Sarles introduces new blog leading up to the publishing of, The Last Daughter of Prussia

Freeport, Grand Bahama -


Marina Gottlieb Sarles recently introduced a wonderful new blog, which gives
insights into the story behind her soon-to-be published novel, "

The Last Daughter of Prussia", set
in Europe during WWII.

is the daughter of the late Dr. Ejnar Gottlieb and his wife Owanta, who were both
loved and respected as medical pioneers in Grand Bahama Island and Abaco.

is best known for her delightful collection of short stories about life in The Bahamas called,

Sand In My Shoes...

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The Grand Opening Of Mike's Liquor Store
The Grand Opening Of Mike's Liquor Store

Friday 24th August 2012  12:00 PM

The Grand Opening Of Mike's Liquor Store Location: Off charles vincent st. Next to shoe creation corner 3rd Building on the left. Sarts: 12pm-until Friday August 24th, 2012 Free Food Jerk Chicken-curry chicken-fresh pork lettuce salad-peas and rice, Drinks will be on sale!! Music by: TG movements-fire redz Powered: by native boyz sounds For more info call:656-5990 0r 448-5976

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June 14, 2011
Painful plantar warts

Warts are one of several soft tissue conditions of the foot that can be quite painful. They are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which infects the skin through small cuts and abrasions.
Plantar warts are warts on the bottom of the feet.  They are often mistaken for corns or calluses -- which are layers of dead skin that build up to protect an area which is being continuously irritated.  Plantar warts tend to be hard and flat, with a rough surface and well-defined boundaries.  Warts are generally raised and fleshier when they appear on the top of the foot or on the toes.  Plantar warts are often gray or brown (but the color may vary).  Black dots can sometimes be seen in a wart.
These are actually blood vessels that have grown rapidly and irregularly into the wart and have clotted off.
Plantar warts are often contracted by walking barefoot on dirty surfaces or ground where the virus is lurking.  The Human Papilloma Virus lives in warm, moist environments, making infection a common occurrence in communal showers, and other wet surfaces such as around pools.
Plantar warts are spread by touching, scratching, or even by contact with skin shed from another wart.  The wart may also bleed and spread that way.  Left untreated, warts can grow to an inch or more in circumference and can spread into clusters of several warts called mosaic warts.  When plantar warts develop on the weight-bearing areas of the feet under the ball of the foot or the heel they can cause sharp, burning pain especially when walking or standing.
Contrary to popular belief, warts do not have "roots."  They only grow in the top layer of skin, the epidermis and does not grow into the dermis.  The underside of a wart is actually smooth.
Who gets warts?  People of all ages can get warts, but they are most commonly seen in children, teens and young adults.  They spread by direct contact.  Your immune system determines your susceptibility to getting warts and the length of time it takes for them to go away.
Prevention tips
Occasionally, warts can spontaneously disappear and, just as frequently, they can recur in the same location.  The key to prevention is to not get infected.
o Avoid walking barefoot on solid surfaces where the virus can live.
o Keep feet clean and dry, change your shoes and socks daily.
o Check your children's feet periodically for signs of warts.
o Avoid direct contact with warts -- from other persons or from other parts of your own body.
o Do not ignore growths on, or changes in, your skin.
o Visit your podiatrist as part of your annual health checkup.
Tips for individuals with warts
o Avoid self treatment with over-the-counter preparations.
o Seek professional podiatric evaluation and assistance with the treatment of your warts.
o Diabetics and other patients with circulatory, immunological, or neurological problems should be especially careful with the treatment of their warts.
Warts may spread and are contagious.  Make sure you have your warts evaluated to protect yourself and those close to you.
Self treatment
Self treatment of warts is generally not advised.  However, there are several over-the-counter preparations of acids or other chemicals that are used to treat warts.  Self treatment with such medications should never be used by people with diabetes and those with cardiovascular or circulatory disorders.  Also, never use them in the presence of an active infection.  To relieve pressure and pain in the area you can use a pumice stone or foot file to file down the wart after the foot has been soaked in water for 20 minutes to soften the wart.  After filing your wart, wash the file carefully since you can spread the virus to other parts of your body if you use thin contaminated file.  After touching any of your warts, also wash your hands carefully.
Professional Treatment
If your wart does not resolve spontaneously or with your home treatment, see a podiatrist for definitive treatment and a cure. Your podiatrist may choose from several different techniques for removing plantar warts.
One of the most common methods to burn warts off is with an acid applied topically to the wart.  Several applications may be required over the course of several weeks to achieve this.
Lasers have become a common and effective treatment to destroy the wart. The procedure is performed in the physician's office and is safe.
Cryotherapy, freezing warts with liquid nitrogen is also used and frequently successful and there is no scaring.
Surgical excision of warts may be a treatment option according to the location of the wart but is not recommended since the surgery may leave a painful scar on the bottom of the foot and it is common for warts to return in the scar tissue.
Immunotherapy and other treatment options are available if the wart proves to be resistant to the more common treatment methods.
To see a podiatrist visit Bahamas Foot Centre, Rosetta Street 325-2996, Bahamas Surgical Associates, Albury Lane 394-5820 or the Foot & Ankle Institute, Dean's Lane 326-5402 or email at or

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February 10, 2012
Laugh now, love later

Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be romantic, sometimes you just need to let the laughter rip, and Cocoa Brown promises to do just that.
Fans of Brown who watch her in her comedic role on Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" and "Meet the Browns" will want to see her live on stage in all her comedic glory. They will laugh until their stomach hurts at her impressions of everyday life and punch-lines when she takes to the stage for the third annual "Love Fest" comedy show on Saturday, February 11 at the Rainforest Theater in the Wyndham Nassau Resort for a night of laughter and love.
Joining Brown on stage will be Shang, R. Jay, Wil Sylvince, Adam Schulz and homegrown talent Mark B.
This year's fest is an event you don't want to pass up because it's bigger than ever and everyone will have something to smile about. You will laugh until you cry with this stellar line-up.
Sylvince, a Haitian comedian who stole the show at Laugh 2011 is back by popular demand and will bring the same urban themes and comedic gestures that kept audience members near tears.
"This comedy show will be dynamic," said organizer, Inigo 'Naughty Niggs' Zenicazelay.
"We didn't cut back anywhere and we really let it rip this time. The crowd will love it. This year we have an awesome lineup of old favorites and new faces.
"This is a great way to spend this pre-Valentine's weekend. You don't have to worry about booking a restaurant or any of the other fancy things. This is a free-for-all night of fun that will be relaxing and stress free."
Schulz, from the urban comedy group "White Boys in the Hood", is expected to bring a unique "off-the-handle" style that even conventional comedy fans can appreciate.
A down-to-earth and laid back act is what can be expected from Shang, a comic who has made appearances on the "Def Comedy", "Bad Boys of Comedy" and "First Amendment Comedy" shows.
R. Jay, another American comedian with a urban flare will also bring a different angle to this night of laughs.
And of course to bring a Bahamian comedic twist, up-and-coming comedian Mark B. will take to the stage to give the crowd something to relate to.
Doors to the theater open at 7:30 p.m. The show laughs off at 9 p.m.
And the party does not end when the last comedian steps off the stage, because there's an after-party at Club 22, above the Wyndham, to keep the evening jumping for those people that simply don't want to go home.
All show guests will gain free admission. The comedy show band and a deejay will be there. Attendees can take in the drink specials all night. It will also provide an opportunity for fans to mingle with the comedians.
Davia Clarke, a fan of the Laugh Fest series, said she will definitely be making a beeline for this comedy show. She has attended the shows religiously for the last three years and can't get enough of them.
"I just love the show and what it does for me. It's so funny every year," she said.
"It's amazing who they get to come annually and I think they get better and better. Usually I have someone to go with for Love Fest, but this year I don't. Even so I will be there front and center to enjoy myself anyway. It will be so much fun."
Advance tickets are $40 for general, $60 for VIP and $75 for the Platinum love nest for two. Tickets can be purchased from all John's shoe stores, Island cellular on Rosetta and Carmichael Road, Solomon's Mines' downtown location, Nassau Pawn on Bay Street, Will and Ives in the Marina Village on Paradise Island and the Outdoor Sportsman at the Mall at Marathon.

Love Fest Comedy Show
When: Saturday, February 11
Where: Rainforest Theatre, Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace
Time: Doors open at 7:30 p.m., showtime at 9 p.m.
Cost: $40 for general, $60 for VIP and $75 for the Platinum love nest for two

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