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Treasure Cay to host fitness weekend

THE Treasure Cay Beach, Marina & Golf Resort will host The 2012 Great Abaco Family Fitness Weekend starting Friday. The three-day event has something for everyone and has already attracted participants from Nassau, Freeport, Abaco, and Florida.

The first event in the series is a 1-mile open water swim. This event will take place in the crystal clear waters of the Treasure Cay beach, rated one of the Top 10 beaches in the world in a reader poll by Caribbean Travel & Life. This takes place on Friday afternoon at 5pm, and is followed by an awards presentation and welcome reception at the Coco Beach Bar with refreshments provided by Sands Beer.

An energy-boosting pasta buffet will follo ...

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Will Hubert Ingraham become the elder statesman

Dear Editor,

It was interesting reading in The Nassau Guardian and watching on NB-12 after the Opening of Parliament the comments of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. He is almost all gone from elected public life, but he still clearly has great passion for public affairs - and he is not afraid of saying what he thinks.
He agreed with parts of the Speech from the Throne of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration, focusing in on what he termed as a more doable version of its mortgage relief plan now as opposed to what the party proposed during the election campaign. With this public support of a plan from his former adversaries, Ingraham demonstrated that he can rise above partisanship.
Ingraham can never really retire. He loves politics and governance too much. The question will be what role he plays from the sidelines going forward. He should set aside the political battle suit he has worn for so many years and work towards being the elder statesman of the nation - that is, that reasoned voice on public policy and governance who speaks for the betterment of the country. And the more non-partisan he is, the more his words will be respected by the citizenry and the governing party.
If Ingraham adopts the posture of an elder statesman, he will elevate his legacy. He would also help the country by offering his wise assessments based on his vast experience.
When Sir Lynden Pindling retired in 1997 he did not have enough time left to have a post-politics career, as he was suffering from terminal cancer. Ingraham is likely to be around for a while, as he is in reasonable health as far as we know. Therefore, he will be the first prime minister of long standing to have an extended post-political career. How he conducts himself could set the standard for other future prime ministers when they leave office.
The bitterness over the 2012 campaign is still fresh in the minds of members of the governing party. But at some point in the future, if Ingraham decides to be non-partisan, the PLP should look to engage him in some way in some form of national service such as is done in the United States with former presidents. George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have all given service after their presidencies to worthwhile national causes after being asked by Democratic and Republican presidents. We in The Bahamas should follow this model with our ex-leaders. We should not try to embarrass them with ridiculous inquires just to settle old political scores.
Some PLPs think Ingraham did this to Sir Lynden so it should be done to him. With that logic, then a Free National Movement (FNM) administration would do it to Perry Christie some day and the vicious cycle would never be broken.
At some point someone has to do the right thing and honor the service of our old leaders and continue to use their expertise rather that trying to tear them down at the end of their lives.

- Darwin R. Luther

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Kristie Farah crowned Miss Grand Bahama 2012!

Bahamas - The Miss Grand Bahama Beauty Pageant came to a close on May
20th, 2012 after a busy weekend of activities. Saturday, May 19th the
contestants were involved in a car parade from the YMCA leading to the
Port Lucaya Marina for the National Costume Completion.  After little
rest, the contestants had to be fresh and ready for the big finale night
on Sunday, May 20th.

The pre-show at the Hilton Outten
Convention Center started with a slide show of Miss Grand Bahama 2011
Keriann Stuart's busy year and the 2012 Miss Grand Bahama contestant's
activities leading up to the main event...

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T-Connection reloaded and unleashed

The T-Connection band's still got it, at least if a packed house is anything to go by. Last year they played to a packed house at the St. Augustine's College class of 1971 reunion, then returned for an encore performance recently at the Crystal Ballroom at the Wyndham Nassau Resort to another packed house. It was clear that there is still an audience that appreciates the style and grace of this instrumental group.
The group T-Connection was originally formed by Theophilus "T" Coakley in 1973. The funk-fusion group put The Bahamas on the map with its unique meshing of funk, Junkanoo, pop, R&B and jazz music and became one of the country's most famous international music groups.
It was originally comprised of Coakley, who served as the group's leader, songwriter and keyboard player; bassist Kirkwood Coakley; drummer Berkley Vanbyrd and guitarist Monty Brown. In 1976 Tony "Monks" Flowers joined the band as the percussionist and in 1977 Dave Mackey was added as the second guitarist.
T-Connection officially disbanded in 1985, but like the recent concert, they get together from time-to-time to take its fans back in time and introduce a new generation to their iconic flavor.
T-Connection's fusion of funk and Bahamian sounds was a nice refresher to the modern forms of music, according to Nelson Armaly of Paragon Management.
"The era groups like this are from is over, but their sound is classic," he said.

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National Culinary Team on display tonight at Blu

Members of the National Culinary Team have been selected and practicing for several weeks for the Taste of the Caribbean regional competition later in June in Miami. Meanwhile, the team will display their culinary skills at two upcoming public events starting with 'Sunset Tapas on the Bay' set for Tuesday, May 29 at Blu Restaurant and Lounge on Elizabeth and Bay.
According to team manager Executive Chef Devin Johnson, the team will showcase an assortment of tapas menu items at the reception which will be a blend of locally infused international works of culinary art.
"I believe the public will delight in both the creativity and taste of what the team is putting together," states Chef Johnson. "Mixing indigenous foods with traditional appetizers helps to hone our chef's skills. At the Taste of the Caribbean competition the judges will look for an infusion of international and local flair."
Tuesday's event will run from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. "With the backdrop of cruise ships berthed in Nassau Harbour, against the sounds of live Bahamian music, and the team's unique tapas selection and beverage offerings, this is a great opportunity for people to unwind from a busy day while showing their support for our up-and-coming young chefs," according to Bahamas Hotel Association President Stuart Bowe.
The tapas selection will include: cracked conch sushi; jerk chicken tartlets with guava BBQ sauce; Bahamian crawfish spring rolls with Asian dipping sauce; vegetable spring rolls; homemade combined veal, pork and beef meatballs with fresh sage and a tomato basil fondue; an asparagus, wild mushroom and roasted pepper pinwheel; and watermelon, papaya, cucumber and goat pepper gelee.
"The team has been practicing for six weeks and every week we see improvement," states Chef Johnson. "They've been working on techniques, beginning to gel more, and everyone knows their role. In the coming weeks it will come down to execution. That's why the tapas event at Blu and an upcoming team dinner at Atlantis on June 12 are so important."
The competition is sponsored by the Bahamas Hotel Association, the Ministry of Tourism and the Bahamas Culinary Association with support from team member hotels and restaurants and corporate sponsors Bahamas Food Services and Bristol Wines and Spirits. Blu and Atlantis are also assisting with hosting the team's two showcase events.
This year's team is comprised of: Team Manager Chef Devin Johnson from the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort; Team Captain Chef Jamal Small from Blu Restaurant; Chef Mychal Harris from Atlantis; Junior Chef Kevyn Pratt from One&Only Ocean Club; Chef Charron McKenzie and Pastry Chef Wenzil Rolle from the Lyford Cay Club; Chef Shanique Bodie from the Old Fort Bay Club; Bartender Gerard Knowles from the British Colonial Hilton; and Dwayne Sinclair, the National Young Chef from Temple Christian High School.
Over 14 Caribbean culinary teams will be vying for the culinary honors next month.
For additional information or tickets contact the BHA at 322-8381 or the Ministry of Tourism at 328-7810. Tickets will be available that evening at the door.

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Flying Fish introduces Waterside Happy Hour and Oyster Night!

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island -

Flying Fish Modern Seafood is pleased to announce their

Waterside Happy Hour from Monday - Friday between 5 to 7 pm.

Enjoy 2 for $5 Sands & Sands Light; $5 Wine of the Day; and $5 Mixed
Drinks while enjoying the elegant ambiance waterside on the Port Lucaya

In addition to happy hour,

Wednesdays are OYSTER nights! Enjoy
fresh-off-the-plane Malpeque oysters, straight up with Tobasco &
lemon, or cocktail sauce...

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Fred Mitchell's Contribution to thank the Governor General for the Speech from The Throne

Nassau, Bahamas - Speaking Notes of Fred Mitchell, MP, Fox Hill, at the

House of Assembly, Nassau, Bahamas.

Mr. Speaker let say it is a privilege to second this resolution and I do so.

doing so, I want to congratulate you on your elevation to this post.  I
look forward to a return to fairness and decorum in the House of
Assembly. I have no doubt that you are well equipped for the job.
Knowing your family and antecedents as I do, we justifiably expect great
things for you stewardship of the House.

We have won a great victory and the PLP represented here its 29
members are a mix of the seasoned and the new.  It is a chance at
renewal, a fresh start...

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Payment delays force food store to refuse food vouchers

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - A delay in payment from the Department of Social Services forced Sawyer's Fresh Mart to refuse food stamps for the last two weeks. Frustrated residents who depend on the coupons are up in arms.
Sawyer's is one of the three remaining food stores on the island that has an agreement with the government to accept food stamps.
However, as of July 25, the store stopped accepting the coupons.
Now residents who prefer to shop at the food mart say their selection, which was already limited, is quickly depleting.
A 30-year-old mother of one who is on the monthly program was dumbfounded on hearing the news when she went to collect her stamps. She said shopping at Sawyer's was a perfect fit for her.
"It is frustrating. Sawyer's is the only food supplier I shop at. I think Sawyer's is an excellent food store because the items are much cheaper and they have a better variety. While some of their items are generic, it is actually more reasonable," she told The Freeport News.
The young mother, who has been on the program for the last eight months, said her stamps go a much longer way in Sawyer's than anywhere else.
Another resident, a 28-year-old mother of two, shared her sentiments and said she had to go to one of the other stores twice in three days because the breadbasket items she needed were not in stock.
When The Freeport News contacted Sawyer's on Tuesday, we were told that the decision was as a result of "problems with government".
The move leaves only Solomon's, Queen's Highway, and Cost Rite in the pool.
According to Department of Social Services Assistant Director Lillian Quant Forbes, the matter is being addressed.
She also explained the process and any number of instances that may cause a delay.
"Once a food coupon has been redeemed, the supermarket sends that batch to social services. Once we get it we also have to process it by denomination, whatever the amount of the coupon," Quant-Forbes said. "We then attach that to a payment voucher and a spreadsheet and that would be sent on to the Treasury for processing."
Once it is verified that all of the attachments are in place, the numbers are correct and the accompanying documents have the necessary signatures and stamped by the vendors, the Treasury then prepares the check, Quant-Forbes explained.
The vendor either collects the check from the Treasury Department or the check is sent out via mail.
While Quant-Forbes could not give a timeframe for this process, she pointed out that, technically, this procedure should be carried out on a monthly basis.
Any food store has the right to decline participation in the government's food assistance program, Quant-Forbes noted.
"When we enter into an agreement with any of the vendors we would have written to them indicating that we wish to set up an account with them, whereby they would agree to accept our food coupons," she said.
"At any point and time a vendor can say 'you owe us an X amount of money, this is your ceiling and so we are not prepared to go beyond your ceiling, and until such time that we have received all of it or a substantial that is owing, we will cut off your credit.'"
In fact, any vendor can stop accepting food stamps at any time, as was the case with Sawyer's, the social services assistant director revealed.
"Once it is that we would have paid them, then our credit will be reinstated and they will so inform us. Once they tell us, then we inform our clients," she said.
Last year, during the period July 2011 to June 2012, the department issued $6.6 million in food coupons, the Minister of Social Services and Community Development Melanie Griffin revealed last week.
Government intends to borrow $7.5 million from the Inter-American Development Bank to implement its new social safety net program, designed to move residents off of welfare.
Just last month in Grand Bahama, the Department of Social Services catered to 3,000 people in food assistance, issuing over $300,000 to those on the monthly program, primarily senior citizens and disabled persons in Freeport and Eight Mile Rock.
Those receiving emergency food stamp assistance amounted to 883 applicants.
With those numbers still high, Quant-Forbes added that the department is working diligently to institute the social safety net program.
"We are hoping that it will help us to be able to reduce the amount of persons because of the proxy means test that will be put in place for them to transition off of the program," she said.

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Award-winning bank rewards Bahamas medal-winning athletes

Nassau, Bahamas - Fresh off their win in the Men's 4x400m Relay in the 2012 Summer Olympics
in London, four Bahamian athletes dubbed the Golden Knights met their
team sponsor, BOB, today and walked away with cash in their pockets
to complement the gold medals around their necks.

It was as much
a meeting to remember for bank executives as it was for the four-man
team who stole a country's heart as they passed the baton and with grit,
determination and a flash of speed, flew past the last remaining frontrunner
to take Gold in the relay...

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New Exhibition: Pieces of Eight by Je'Rome Harris Miller

Nassau, Bahamas - The
public is invited to attend the Opening Reception of a new exhibition
by Bahamian artist Je'Rome Harris Miller entitled

"Pieces of Eight" is

open until April 15th at The Christ Church Cathedral
Church Hall on top of the hill George Street from 6pm to 10pm.

This brand new body of work by Miller represents a fresh look at the
artist and the various media that he has chosen to work in. This body of
work is all on canvas as compared to his exhibition two sessions ago
that was titled, "Exuberance III Sticks and Stones" which centered a
great deal on the environment and nature.

In this new body of work, viewers who know Miller's work, will be able
to identify that the artist has evolved into a new space and is
magnificently expounding...

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