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PLP North Abaco candidate has no chance of winning

Dear Editor,

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is making plenty noise in Abaco nowadays. Opposition Leader Perry G. Christie and PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts are both convinced that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham will be toppled at the polls in North Abaco by their standard bearer for that area, Renardo Curry.
Roberts said this much in a recent interview on the Love 97.5 FM radio talk show, "Issues of The Day". Roberts also said that the PLP's candidate for South Abaco, Gary Sawyer, will defeat the FNM's standard bearer Edison Key in that electoral contest.
Ingraham has represented the North Abaco/Cooper's Town constituency since 1977. By most accounts, the prime minister has been a very productive member of Parliament. Roberts said on the show that the young people of North Abaco are fed up with the dictatorial ways of Ingraham, and will vote for Curry, the man they have chosen to run against the prime minister in the upcoming election.
Roberts also added that Ingraham does not have a relationship with these young people. However, one wonders who these young people are. They are obviously opposed to the Free National Movement (FNM) and the prime minister. It appears as if these people are supporters of the PLP. Furthermore, other than the fact that they are opposition supporters, what exactly is their gripe with Ingraham? I mean, the prime minister has worked his tail off to build Abaco's economy during the past five years.
Abaco's economy is the third strongest in the nation, behind New Providence and Grand Bahama. A $12 million contract was recently signed for the construction of a state-of-the-art community hospital in Abaco. Additionally, a $27 million international airport is currently under construction in Marsh Harbour. The FNM government has also spent $100 million on a new Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) power plant on that northern island. Ingraham has done so much in his area that several PLP representatives were complaining that Abaco has gotten too big a share of the economic pie.
That is why I am a bit baffled as to why Christie and Roberts are so confident that a political newcomer could gain a major upset victory in North Abaco against the prime minister. They cannot look you straight in the face and say that Ingraham has been an ineffective, incompetent member of Parliament. I am sure that they would have loved to go around The Bahamas and say that Ingraham has been a poor representative for his area, but they can't do that. Apparently, Christie and Roberts have come to the incredible conclusion that Ingraham is in deep trouble in North Abaco because of what some young PLP supporters have told them - hardly convincing.
If the young voters of a prosperous North Abaco constituency feel so dissatisfied with the prime minister's representation, then what is the political mood of the young voters in the impoverished constituency of Farm Road? If one were to compare Ingraham's performance in North Abaco with the performance of Perry Christie in Farm Road, you would honestly have to conclude that the prime minister has outperformed the PLP leader. Farm Road is one of the most impoverished constituencies in The Bahamas. There have been reports that many Bahamians living in that area are living in substandard houses without indoor plumbing.
Yet Christie has continued to win that seat by huge margins. It is my humble opinion that Christie doesn't deserve to win Farm Road anymore. His critics have alleged that Farm Road has been badly neglected over the years he has represented that area. However, rather than working to improve the economy of that constituency, Christie wants to pound his political chest in North Abaco instead. In light of all that Ingraham has accomplished for his constituents over the past five years, the question that I would like to ask is this: What possible reason would the voters of North Abaco have for rejecting Ingraham at the polls? They have absolutely no reason at all to vote against the prime minister.
Ingraham should win his contest with his hands tied behind his back and his eyes blindfolded. Despite the optimism of the hierarchy of the PLP, Renardo Curry does not stand a snowball's chance in hell of defeating Ingraham in North Abaco.

- Kevin Evans

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The North Abaco test

If North Abaco member of Parliament Hubert Ingraham does not change his mind about retiring, we should have a by-election in that constituency this year.
It will be quite a battle for the new leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), Dr. Hubert Minnis, and the new prime minister, Perry Christie.
The results of the recent constituency election should provide hope to both sides. Ingraham won the seat by 379 votes. The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidate Renardo Curry, however, won five of the 12 polling divisions in the constituency.
For Dr. Minnis the issue is simple. He has to lead the effort to retain an FNM seat. For Christie, he must try to keep the election momentum alive. His party won 29 of the 38 seats being contested. PLPs are excited to again be in the seat of power after spending five years watching Ingraham govern as prime minister.
A victory for Dr. Minnis would give him more clout in his party in a difficult situation. Though the FNM has held the seat since the early 1990s when Ingraham came to the party, history indicates that it might be hard to retain such a seat after a crushing defeat, seatwise, in a general election.
In the 1997 general election Sir Lynden Pindling won the South Andros seat even though his party lost the election by a landslide margin. He retired shortly after the defeat. In the ensuing by-election the FNM picked up the seat.
Dr. Minnis will have to prove to FNMs that there is a point to them coming out to vote. This is often the challenge in by-elections. If Abaco FNMs think it doesn't matter if they vote, and eager PLPs swarm to the polls to take "Ingraham's seat", the PLP would move to 30 seats in the House of Assembly.
But if Dr. Minnis and his party are able to select the "right" candidate and find the resources to mount a strong campaign, they would demonstrate to the PLP and the country that they are still forces to be reckoned with.
Ingraham said that he will retire from politics on July 19. If that does happen we will be back in election mode shortly. The people of North Abaco would then have in their hands the power to weaken a new FNM leader or a new prime minister. The eyes of the nation will be on that contest.

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Four charged with McCartney's murder

Two men and two women were charged yesterday with murdering businessman Kurt McCartney on October 24.
Thorne Edwards, 23; Okell Farrington, 31; Lyndera Curry, 20, and Sumya Ingraham, 26, all of Plantol Street, were not required to enter a plea to charges that they murdered and robbed the pharmacist.
McCartney, the brother of Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney, was shot dead near a bar in Gambier Village, and the perpetrators fled in his silver 2007 Hummer.
Also before Magistrate Andrew Forbes yesterday was businessman Terry Delancy, 42, the owner of Virgo Car Rental. Delancy was charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact.
Delancy denied that he helped the murder suspects evade due process of the law.
His lawyer Ian Cargill described the charge as "a travesty of justice". He said that Delancy found a gun and turned it in to police.
Forbes set Delancy's bail at $15,000 over the objections of the prosecutor ASP Ercell Dorsett, who said the businessman would hinder an ongoing investigation if released on bail.
As a condition of his bail, Delancy must wear an electronic monitoring device and stay at least 500 yards from witnesses involved in the case.
Edwards, Farrington, Curry and Ingraham were not represented by lawyers.
The two young women did not speak during the arraignment as tears streamed down their faces.
By contrast, Edwards and Farrington said they needed medical attention for injuries caused by police brutality.
They also asked the magistrate to make arrangements for their safety at the prison because they had received threats.
Forbes denied bail as he does not have jurisdiction to consider bail for murder and armed robbery. The five make their next court appearance for a status hearing on November 26.
Friends of McCartney gathered outside court to witness the suspects being escorted into the South Street Magistrates' Court Complex under heavy police guard.
Shortly after the murder, McCartney's family offered a $50,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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Stranger than Paradise

In Blue Curry's solo show at the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden gallery in Weisbaden, Germany, viewers are dropped into a strange space. Tropical signifiers like conch shells are paired with strobe lights or tires covered with black and white beans, and in every untitled sculpture lies a possibility of meaning, if only the complete misuse of these paired objects could be reconciled.
"Sometimes I look at that object and think, I know what the use of that object is; what would be the best misuse of it, or the most genius misuse of it?" Blue says.
"Stranger than Paradise" is a collection of two years of work by the artist, which came on the heels of his finished MFA in Fine Art studies at Goldsmiths. The Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden Gallery is no stranger, however, to Bahamian work -- in 2006, it was the site of "Funky Nassau", the group show by Bahamian artists, including Blue. Curators Elke Gruhn and Sara Stehr invited him back for a solo show years later, and also to take part in the gallery's educational program, where Blue guided and gave critical advice to high school students' artwork for a student show in the gallery space.
Some of Blue's pieces have appeared in group shows already -- his black and white beaded tire can seen in the Fifth National Exhibition at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, and the cement mixer filled with sunscreen appeared in the 6th Liverpool Biennial -- but this is the first time all of these pieces have appeared in one exhibition together. He considers it his first solo show as a mature artist -- it's his first solo show in roughly a decade.
"One thing I said to my curator is 'I think my work looks better in group shows'," he laughs. "Just in a funny way initially, because I hadn't seen so much of my stuff together in such a long time. Many times one of my pieces would work really well in a group show because it sits apart, really apart, whether its in materials or colors or critical thinking, it's usually a jarring effect. But when you walk into here it's not so jarring as what I'm used to, and I'm walking around thinking wow, this stuff goes well together."
The effect instead is exactly the show's title -- bizarreness, an environment of both fantasticality and weirdness. From the get-go, visitors first encounter a black bucket placed upside-down on the floor, three shells stuck on in a triangle so one can discern a blackface figure.
"It really divides opinion because I think people get so frustrated with it because it's too easy. I'm fully aware of how easy that piece is, and that's why I put it there, so people can walk in and say 'well I can make that', and then walk into the next room and say, 'ok, I can't make that.' Something that involved five minutes of labor gets placed next to the tires that involve months and months of labor. Also the bucket is understated, while others are very overstated. I like to play back and forth with that. With the knowledge I have about the art world, the knowledge I have of artwork, it can be both ways, sometimes it can be that simple and brilliant, and sometimes it has to be more complex and hundreds of hours to execute."
But this piece especially -- like all of them in their own ways -- is a nod to the encounter, as well as the performance, of "the other," the identity constructed by both visitors and residents to create the idea of "paradise." In all of Blue's pieces this self-constructed environment is evident -- conch shells strung together with strobe lighting within allude to the "lighting of the stage" of our performance, as well as attempts to jazz up the novelty of the tropical landscape -- for he plays with the idea of the fetishized objects that make up the culture of the other. He calls it "performing the tropical."
"We're still marketing the other, we're still marketing the black body, the potential of some sexual rendezvous or encounter with the other," he explains. "There's still a dependency on that performance we're doing for people who already have set ideas, you can't work outside of that, so you recycle the same old clichés over and over again. So my thesis idea (at Goldsmiths) is that everything has to go post-tropical because the tropical are just all of those clichés and everything that limit us. My idea of going post-tropical goes beyond using those set tropes that are expected of us."
Blue's pieces both engage and resist this performance at once in his very choice of materials -- pairing familiar tropical signifiers with unlikely candidates that become a misuse of both. Take his spears surrounded by the inner diskettes of floppy disks. Though a stunning and beautiful object in itself (also untouchable with the sharp edges of both objects, indicating some sinister or edgy element), it alludes to the idea that such developing cultures primitively misuse such technological material for decorative or crafty "folk art" purposes.
"You just have to imagine, if I were in one of the 'primitive' societies in which we advertise that we live in, how would I approach this material? Because obviously we don't have any computers," he says. "I feel like I'm simplifying the process a lot, so I look at the material and I think, it's just material, so you use it in a kind of decorative way to create this fetishized object."
Blue also admits he is also concerned with the very nature/technology divide, and finds such magnetic media beautiful as a material to work with -- one may remember seeing images of his piece in the Goldsmiths graduate show where yards and yards of cassette tape pour from the great bone jaw of a shark suspended in the air, cascading down and piling onto the floor below. The very choice of the type of technological material used though -- floppy disks, cassette tape -- allude also to an obsolescence that ties back into the assumption that only such underdeveloped societies on the fringe of the developed world use these outdated materials.
"I was collecting those diskettes from markets around London and when an office was going out of business. But I found that in order to have three thousand discs, a lot of material for the piece, I needed to buy some," Blue remembers. "I found a wholesaler in London selling them and his argument was that he couldn't go too far down in his prices because he sells these to Nigeria. So he wants me to believe Africans are still using technology that's so out of date it's ridiculous. So these obsolete materials also connect back in to what's expected of us."
A humor is being cultivated here -- how many times have Bahamians traveled abroad and been asked if they use computers or have Internet or even wear clothes "where they are from"? Though some of these statements may be made in jest, the manifestation in the world consciousness that--despite rapid and almost complete globalization -- these tropical or "primitive" societies remain in "The Heart of Darkness" is evident of a constructed fantasy that persists today.
This is something Blue examines in his piece where black plastic buoys are ringed in Swarovski crystals, again bringing together two unlikely worlds -- industrial and luxurious -- to create a manifestation of tropical society and the veil of fantasy that is applied to such places as vacation destinations "to escape it all," as well as the idea of "selling ourselves cheap."
"There's an intentional cheapness about this world which goes back to creating an image," Blue explains. "Fantasies can operate over those images no matter how cheaply they are constructed. So a lot of this stuff is about other people's fantasies of these places, because some of these places these objects are ironic of don't even exist."
But in all of Blue's sculptures, there's a uselessness -- none of these objects are entirely useful for anything practical. One can't use the spears to fish or use in a computer. One can't use the buoys for their boat or wear them around their neck. They become the very uselessness evident in our constructed identities, and exist also in the limbo many residents of such places find themselves -- between the outdated perceived notion of the tropical and its stark modern reality.
The fact that all of Blue's pieces are "Untitled" create this very unstable environment explored -- he provides no guidance with which to approach his work, which allows the viewer to approach it with all of their preconceived notions about paradise and apply it. Blue recognizes that this is where it is evident viewers either buy into the fantasy, or move beyond it, as his pieces do.
"To have some sort of a contrived title which leads somebody into one direction or one way of understanding doesn't work for me. I'd like people to try and connect the materials, to try to get their own understanding of it," he says. "To me, the most interesting art opens up a space where I've never been before and I'm not being told what to think and I don't know what to think but I like it. The two dots never quite join up, and that's the most interesting space to be. If a title names what you're looking at, then you've got all the answers. If it goes off into this mysterious land completely off the wall, then it's too self-indulgent. My response for the moment is to keep it open and people can take what they want from it."
But at the same time, Blue recognizes that the danger of his pieces lie in their very ambiguity. Displaying such pieces abroad means the visitor--once they know the artist is from The Bahamas -- may not fully move beyond their assumptions.
"What they do is they come and see something that they think is highly decorative and emblematic of what you might find from that region and then they walk away -- then you have people who understand that there's a critical background to my work, who know I studied and Goldsmiths, that I do that with a great deal of knowledge," he says. "It works in my favor and it works against me; some people get it and some people don't. I shoot myself in the foot sometimes with the work in an odd way because I know that what I'm talking about is that very perception -- you put it in front of someone and either they rise to that challenge and they understand that idea is being challenged, or they think it just reinforces that idea."
Is there a longing for the absolute idea of the primitive? Is there a resentment? A pride? The fact is, Blue applies little emotional guidance in his work as possible as an artist -- his approach is to focus on materials at hand rather than their connotations, to play with familiar objects in unfamiliar ways and let that object take on the meaning implied by such relationships and the mindset of the viewer. There's a disproportionate amount of responsibility placed on the viewer here -- but perhaps that's how it should be. Few Caribbean artists are carrying the torch abroad, and until the world can get comfortable with a wide range of artistic work coming out of this region that critically examines our place in the world, no one will reach the post-tropical he speaks about. Like those two dots that never meet, those two objects that never reconcile, paradise exists in a detached space. So perhaps the real question you must face before viewing his work is this: What is paradise? And are you there yet?

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Delancy seeks change of bail conditions

The chief magistrate will determine whether the terms of bail of a businessman accused of involvement in the murder of Kurt McCartney will be altered.
Terry Delancy, the principal of car rental company Virgo, is accused of being an accessory after the fact in McCartney's shooting death on October 24.
Delancy has denied the charge. He is free on $15,000 bail on the condition that his movements are tracked by an ankle bracelet.
Delancy's lawyer, Ian Cargill, yesterday asked for this restriction to be removed when Delancy appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt for a fixture hearing.
Murder suspects Thorne Edwards, 23; Okell Farrington, 31; Lyndera Curry, 20, and Sumya Ingraham, 26, all of Plantol Street, will make their next court appearance in February.
At that time, it is expected that the case will be transferred to the Supreme Court by a voluntary bill of indictment.
Shortly after the murder, McCartney's family offered a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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Phyllis Veronica Bastian, 77

Funeral Service for Phyllis Veronica Bastian age 77 affectionately called "Auntie Phyllis" of South Beach Drive and formerly of Lower Bogue Eleuthera, who died April 5th, at The Princess Margaret Hospital, will be held on Saturday 11:00 a.m. at St. Michael's Methodist Church Church-hill Avenue Boyd Subdivision. Pastor Charles Lewis assisted by Rev. Marie Neely and Mrs. Marietta Cartwright Brown will officiate and interment will follow in the Southern Cemetery Cow Pen and Spikenard Roads.
Predeceased by: Husband Thaddeus Bastian
Left to cherished her special memories are:
Sisters:    Verencha Blatch, Joan Bullard, Louise Brown, Valarie Albury, Carmel Cancino and Carmetta
Black of Pompano Beach Florida
Six brothers:    Ronald Neilly, David and Raymond Fowler, Ednal, Eddie, Gary and Harcourt
Adopted children:  Gregory Neilly, Rochelle, Veronicha Cartwright-Adderley, Norman Bastian,
Dereck Neilly, Patrice Darville, Margaret and Kevin Hepburn, Luther Saunders,
Alvin, Deacon Pamela Brice, Daron Davis, Thaddeus Bastian, Rochelle Hudson, Veronica Cartwright, Alvin Neilly, Monique Davis Pamela Culmer and Sandra Evans
Grand-children:   Dominique Cockbill, Makisha Brown, Luther Saunders,  J unior, Donalda Higgs, Tametryo   Brown, Delvin and Kedeja  Neilly, Candy Hanna, Derick Juniour, Colby Cartwright and Tria Brown
Great grand-children:  D'Ante and Georgia Darville, Kevin Hepburn Jr., Darrion, Henry, Banisha Brown
and Dominic Neilly
Brother-in-law:          Rodrick Bastian
Sisters-in-law:           Valderine James,  Paula Davis Josey, Louise Fowler, Ruth Bullard, Patricia Johnson,
Sharon Lewis Barbara and Agnes
Nieces:     Rosemary Brown, Margaret  and Paulette Hepburn, Patrice Darville, Lisa Higgs, Sandra Wright,
Rev. Marie Neely, Christian Saunders-Porter, Anishka McPhee, Michelle Sweeting, Dellareese Tucker, Veronica Cockbill, Shantea, Shantelette and Betty West, Joanne Knowles Tucker-Williams of Miami Florida, Odessa Cockbill, Joanne and Lisa
Nephews: Derick and Gregory Neilly, Kevin Hepburn, Christopher Cockbill, Roosevelt Hunt, Patrick
Darville, Whitney, Stephen, Norman. Glen, Joseph, Wayne Williams of Miami Florida and Bilchris Tucker
Family: Edith Neilly, Pastor Ednol Cash and family, Maudrey Wallace and family, Wendell Bullard and family, Basil Neilly and family, Pastor Charles Lewis and Mrs.Lewis, Preston Neilly and family, Brenhilda Johnson and family, Eardley Neilly and family, Elaine Ferguson and family, Marilyn Kelly and family, Patrick Darville and family, Langston Longley and family, Randolph Neilly and family, Patricia Collins and family, Sherry Fulford and family, Rev. George Moss and family, Frizzie Williams and family, Wilson, Tredville, Roy, Gerald Kelly and family, Emma Pinder and family, Zala Johnson and family, Beverly Sobich, Rev. Frederick Kelly and family, Prince Hepburn and family, Florina Lightbourne and family, the Hanna, Heastie, Tynes, Bullard, Gibson, Culmer, Sands, Albury, Wainwright and  Gibson families, Willamae Albury, and family of Savannah Sound Eleuthera, Livingston Cooper and family, Olvan Toni Kelly and family ,Reginald and Elizabeth Grant and family, Gweneth McIntosh and family, John Brice and family, Christine, Deborah and Lillian Taylor and family, Olga Smith, Inez Gittens, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gibson and family, Fredericka Ferguson, Sheila and Beverly Johnson, Angela, Ella and Gertrude Bullard, George James, Chuckie, David, Philip, Charles, John Bullard, Lula Tyskiguicz, Alfrancies East, Alicia, Lucky, Inez Rolle, Shirley Lewis, Sharon Wilson, Evangelist Sandra Saunders, Shirley John, Julitta, Geronimo, Bianca and Jade Brice Woods and family, Gloria Sears and family, John Ferguson, Alison, Maxwell and Yvonne Dean, Andrea and Adrella Gibson, Hattie, Sharon, Whitlene, Ruth, Naomi Bullard, Ismae Deveaux and family, Thirza Dean and family, Sylvia Bonimy and family, Ethelyn Rowlands and family, Vanny Cash and family, Nathalee Bonimy and family, Tootsie Hunter and family, Marie Andrews and family, Patricia Pinder and family, Janette Austin and family, Stan and Sherry Ferguson and family, Sabrina Woodside and family, Frank Neilly and family, Helena Neilly and family, Naomi Cox and family,  Fred Neely and family, Rev. Christopher Neely and family, Sharon Lyles and family, Kevin Culmer, Lucinda Kelly and family, Calvin Neilly and family, Marietta Cartwright and family, Malvina Culmer and family, Veronica Cartwright and family, Cleo Hepburn and family, Val Smith and family, Roscoe Turnquest and family, Marvin and Italia Gordon and family, Thelma Hanna and family, Joyce Sweeting and family, Mollie Moss and family, Ruth Gibson and family, Sharon Turnquest and family, Patricia Moxey and family, Beverly Kemp and family Shawn Moss and family, Winifred Smith and family, Sister Edna Albury and Thomas Albury, Rev. Vincent Moss and family, Thomasina Moss and family, Eloise Albury and family, the Darville family, Stella, Norma and family, Willamae Rolle and family, Stacia Kemp and family, Blosie and Alice, Cleomi Culmer and family and Lymon Cash and family
Friends: Zion Methodist Church, Curry Memorial Church, the Lower Bogue Community, the Staff of the Laundry Department, Princess Margaret Hospital, Dr. M. Cooper, Dr. Thompson and the Doctor's and Nurse's of the Female Medical 1 and II, Medical Tem, Minister Rosalee Saunders, Brenda Davis, Brenda Darville, Cheryl Lowe, Meryl Gwen Jackson of New York, Desmangles, Nurse Naomi, the  Christie Centre, Andrea Culmer and Eurkera Adderley.
Relatives and friends may pay their last respects at THE CHAPEL OF MEMORIES COMMONWEALTH FUNERAL HOME INDEPENDENCE DRIVE on Friday from 1:00-7:00 p.m. and at the church on Saturday from   9:00 a.m. to service time.

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PM first to present credentials in North Andros

The PM was nominated around 09:30 this morning at the Administrator's Office at Cooper's Town in North Abaco across the street from his home.The PM paid his 400 dollar nomination deposit with four Bahamian 100 dollar bill.Ingraham has been elected for this constituency for seven consecutive terms.After nominating, he addressed supporters at Ingraham Park and expressed confidence again that the Bahamian people will return the FNM to government.Ingraham further said that he fully expects to serve a full five year term and said the recent statement by Opposition Leader Perry Christie that he - Ingraham- will be beaten by Renardo Curry is a joke.Ingraham said he does not think that Christie would serve a full five year term if elected.Christie had previously said he would not serve a full term if elected but later had a change of heart.

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Dorrie Mae Charlton, 62

Sapphire Funeral Service

Miss. Dorrie Mae Charlton age 62 years of #12 Zarconia Close, off Prince Charles Drive and formerly of Abraham's Bay Mayaguana will be held on Saturday, June 02, 2012 at 11am at Cousin McPhee Cathedral AME Church, Carmichael Road. Pastor Ellison Greenslade, assisted by Rev. Dr. Ranford Patterson will officiate and burial will be in Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums, John F. Kennedy Drive and Gladstone Road.

The Radiance of this "Sapphire of A Gem" will always glow in the hearts of her:
Sisters: Roslyn (Samuel) Johnson, Esereine Christie, Rovina Charlton, Brunell (Felix) Jones, Alfreda Gibson, Valerie (Dennis) Bain, Laverne Audrey, Melva (Edgar) Kemp;
Brothers: Lionel (Rochelle), Reginald (Lillian), Burntle "Mack",  Albert , Hasten, Clyde, Shelmar "Ronnie" and Floyd (Colletta) Farrington;
Children: Davisha, Lavaranae "Jelise", Marcian and Marina Charlton;
Aunts: Mable Edwards, Enid Roberts and Elvie Pratt;
Uncles: Victor (Jerry), Herbert (Dr. Lorett) and Leslie (Judy) Brown;
Nieces and Nephews: Vanessa (Clement) Rolle, Lionel Jr. (Dr. Chimone), Lavar (Latoya), Valdeana and Dennis Bain, Felix Jones Jr., Damon Charlton, Chanez and Chanae Gibson, Nekia Bain, Gerad, Julien and Keisha Bain, Keturah, Kanashé, Lorran, Janeice, Kaylesa, Clydena,  Delano, Nakita, Mario, Maisha, D'angelo, D'mitry, Laquana, Manduwel, Regina, Reshanda, Phelica, Christopher, Jeremy, Matisco and Ethan Charlton. Darren, Tashana, Floyd Jr., Brittney, Bienka and Javaise Farrington. Eureka, Symphony, Jonathan, Kirk, Lakita Goozé, René, Jamaal, Mcarthur, Lazar, Demar, Inoa, Latera, Laniece, Lanae, Lateisha, Lachea, Lavonté, Yasmine & Lori Charlton. Kyle and Lavette Albury, Hesley, Kevin (Jennifer), Kenris, Yolanda, Tangela, Kamari, Kwabena, Kanaya, Theus, Ramon, Lisa, Drucilla, Roslyn, Travetta, Travet, Marissa, Shanique Charlton, Pandora (Vincent) Forbes;
Numerous Grandnieces and Nephews Including: Laranda and Essence, Christopher Jr., Chrishan and Christina, Jeremy Jr., Manisha and Vallant Charlton, Certina, Celina and Cerina, Fredia and Maheima Rolle., Angela, Loron, Gabriel, Jayda and Julien Bain Jr., Nakeira, Mauricio, Lionel III, Leigha and Liam Charlton. Brian, Ryan, Brianna and Rihanna Goozé, Conrade Wallace, Izreal and Elijah McKenzie, Manalia Knowles, Regan Major and Cordia Humes;
Other Loving Family and Friends Including: Valderine Deveaux, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Curry, Angel, The McPhee Sisters, Ms. Farquharson, Pastor Ellison and Leila Greenslade and The Entire Bible Truth Ministries Family, Rev. Ranford Patterson and The Cousin McPhee Church Family, Rev. Howard Williamson and The Robinson Morris Church Family, Arnold and Linda Brown, Mable Farquharson, Rita Nicholas,  Leslie Samuels of Miami Florida, Susan Hall, Levy, Wellington and Ivy Charlton, Techla, Olga, Clyde, Jeff and Cora Hepburn, Adena Fox, Hardy, Sylvia, Franka, Dorall, Grandville, Marv and Kyle Weech, Florence Fowler, Emily Charlton, Maurice Brooks, Vincent and Ethel McPhee, Mavis Williams, Esther Ferguson, Mr. Bernard Dupuch and their families;
Special Thanks To: The Staff of Executive Printers, Doctors and Nurses of Accident & Emergency Department and Female Medical II at the Princess Margret Hospital.
Visitation will be in the "Emerald Suite" Emerald Ridge Mortuary & Monument Company Ltd. #20 Claridge Road on Friday, June 01, 2012 from 10am to 1pm and on Saturday, June 02, 2012 at cousin McPhee Cathedral, Carmichael Road from 10am.

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George Franklyn Rolle, 66

Funeral Service for George Franklyn Rolle age 66 years a resident of Nicholls Town, Andros  will be held on Saturday 14th April  2012,  11:00a.m. at Mispah Baptist Church, Nicholls Town Andros. Officiating will be Rev'd Dr John E Newton assisted by other Ministers .  Interment will be made in Nicholls Town Public Cemetery, Andros.
George's presence will forever live in the hearts of his three sons Kevin, Keith and Beacher  Rolle; one  daughter Chrystal Rolle; four Grandchildren Kevin Jr, Keithra, Arakeitha and Angel, daughter in law Portia Rolle; three sisters Sylvia Bethel of Mt Vernon New York, Beatrice Adderley, and Deaconess Margaret Rolle; four brothers Harold, Fletcher, Bill and Police Corporal # 60 Edwin Rolle, one brother in law Kelly Adderley; one Adopted brother Elkimo Munroe; sister's in law Sheila Rolle, Judy and Ida Mae  Rolle; one Aunt Myrtis Colebrooke; Ten nephews Benjamin, Scott of New York, Nathan Pearson, Ernest Tynes of Freeport Grand Bahama, Anthony, Andrew, Harold, Elvis, Craig, Natico, and Hansel Rolle, eleven nieces Donna Ferguson, Wendy Claire of Mt Vernon New York, Linda Gaitor, Sharon Mallita, Sylvia, Francine Farquharson, Ernesta Tynes of Freeport Grand Bahama, Cutell, Natassia, Jasmine and Shornique Rolle; four nieces in law Kinberly Pearson, Roxanne Tynes of Freeport Grand Bahama, Lorie and Ladera Rolle, five nephews in law Alfonso Ferguson, John Mallita,  and Levi Cleare of New York, Wendall Gaitor, and Gary Farquharson of Freeport Grand bahama; 14 Grand nephews, 18 Grand nieces, other relatives   and friends including Daisy, Michelle, and the Bowleg family, Una Smith, Dave Rolle, Rev Weehaza Cooper, James Russell, Reginald Dames, Evangelist Alberta Dames and family, Jane Brown, Irene Rolle, Althea Wallace and family, Carla Hutchinson & family, Bennet Knowles & family, Naomi Brown & family, Bill Lightbourne & family, Sonia Russell & family, Florida Cooper & family, Ashwell and Deborah Wilson, Janice Pickstock & family, Ivan Evans, Olive Pickstock & Family, Arlington Evans, Paul White, Anthony Pinder, Chris Curry, Nurse Nela Dames, Ralph Cooper & family, Andrew Ferguson, Tyatish Walkes Vernice Scott, Sidney Scott and family, Tommy Neely, Edith Reid, Mae Evans, Kirk Pedican, Fred Curry & family, Lucy Evans, Rozena Evans, Frederick Wells, Phillipa Christie, Shell Treco, Vanria Rahming, Kenria Evans, the Hutchinson family, Helen Lord, Michelle Lewis, Welma Adderley, Dorothy Walkes and family, Samantha Hanna,  the entire Water and Sewerage Corporation, Pinks Gilbert, Estella, Cheryl, Keisha Hunter, Malco Evans,  Christina Christie, and others too numerous to mention.

 Relatives and friends may pay their respects at Cedar Crest Funeral Home, Robinson Road & First Street on Thursday from 12:00 noon to 6:00p.m. and  at  the church in Nicholls town on Friday from 4:00p.m. until to service time on Saturday.

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Funeral Service for ELDER SHIRLEY JUDY "PET" BROWN aged 53 years of Faith Avenue who died on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 will be held on Sunday, June 3rd at 2:00pm at Kemp Road Ministries, Kemp Road.  Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Ivan Ford Butler, Jr. assisted by Other Ministers Of The Gospel.  Interment will be made in Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleums, John F. Kennedy Drive and Gladstone Road.
Left to cherish her memories: Her beloved Sons: Tiko and Stevon and Adopted daughter: Italia "JJ";  Her Sisters: Modena McPhee, Maxine Newton, Ruth Williams, Patricia Brown, Zella Symonette and Hollyann Brown; Her Brothers: James Darville of Houston, Texas, Ralph "Dick", Ulis Jr., Gregory, Dexter, Eglerton, Michael and David Brown; Brothers-in-law: Bishop Robert A. McPhee, Rev. Alfred Williams and Kenneth Symonette Sr.; Sisters-in-law: Marva Brown, Carolyn Darville of Houston, Texas and Pandora Darville of The Bluff, Eleuthera; Nieces and Nephews: Michelle and E. W. Hayes of Charlotte, North Carolina, Yvette and Shawn Knowles, Moleka McPhee, Robyn and Bishop Denczil Rolle, Lynette and Edward Benoit Sr., Deuel and Daythan Newton, Yasmin and Kenneth Newbold, Vernita, Jocond and  Alfred Williams Jr., Veronique Knowles, Petra, Rasheed and Kenicka Brown, P.C. 2832 Kenneth Symonette, Jr. and Kenise Symonette, Kevon, Khasna, Kyle, Dijonaise, Diandrea, D'andrè and Marissa Brown, Chardell Gibson and Dexter Riley Jr., Numerous Grand Nieces and Nephews; (3) Uncles: Milton Saunders, George Brown and Ernest Munroe of Moss Town, Exuma; (3) Aunts: Mary Saunders, Corene Saunders of Orlando, Florida and Cora McKenzie of Barraterre, Exuma; Numerous Cousins including: Sheila and Ezra Curry, Maria, Marilyn, Vernita and Elrita Munroe, Esther James, Paulette Farrington, Germaine White, Kayla Rolle, Henry and James Saunders; Deanne, Autie and Vandlyn McKenzie, Alice Whymms, Elizabeth Kelly, Kori, Alexander, Albert, Gary, Alexandria, Dino, Otis and Brayden Darville, Ginger and Elvira Hamilton of Deerfield, Florida.  Sherman and Samuel Brown and Family, Francis Brown and Family of Black Point, Exuma, Beverley Robinson and Family, Ann Sweeting and Family and Annismae Smith; Adopted Mother: Louise Prosper; Godmother: Nellie Rolle; Godchildren: Emmanuel Butler, Giovanni Cargill, Ivana Deveaux, Jasmin Harper, Crystal Curtis, Gabriella Butler and Dwaniqua Collie; Other Relatives and Friends Including: The Rev. Dr. C.W. Saunders and Family, Rev. Dr. Ivan Ford and Dr. Joann Butler, Rev. Dr. Daisy and Barry Winder, Jennifer Sutherland, Deborah Bain, Francita and Ivan Deveaux, Deacon Gregory and Sherell Mortimer, Mother Ruth Flowers and Family, Dr. David & Rose Butler and Family, Magdeline Murphy and Family, Clarabell Charles and Family, Sherilyn Brown, Marion Taylor, Ennetta and John Sanford, Denise Saunders, Mahalia Bootle, Stephen Roberts and Family, Pamela Rolle and Family, Lydia Mckenzie and Family, Sandra Mortimer and Family, Vernie Rolle and Family, Everette Hart and Family, Ethlyn Rolle & Family, Hanna Brice and Family, Hazel Knowles and Family, Suzie Black & Family, Vanderlyn Moss, Gregory Coakley, Dorethea Rolle, Sharon Shea, Christine & Isamae Curtis and Family, Anastacia Ferguson, Shawn & Neka Mortimer, Shirley Cooper and Family, Ruth Delancy and Family, Amos and Cynthia Ferguson and Family, Sedika Elliott and Family, Kenneth and Stephanie Clarke and Family, Stella Major and Family, Nejara Farrington, Katrina Williams and Sylvia Daniels of Miami, Florida and SAC's Class of 1975.   Neighbours: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Claridge and Family, George Johnson and Family, Sandra Bain and Family, Jen Sweeting and Family, Blossie Smith and Family, Regina Albury and Family, Absolom Roach and Family, The Descendants of Henry and Rebecca Saunders, The Descendants of Mitchel and Albertha Brown of Black Point, Exuma,  The staff and patrons of STS Gift Center especially Wilfred Sergent, The Ministry of Finance and Revenue Section Staff, especially The Lunch Bunch, The Pastoral, Leadership Team and members of Kemp Road Ministries including the Senior Saints and others too numerous to mention.
Viewing will be held at Clarke's Funeral Home #10 Tonique Williams-Darling Highway on Saturday, June 2nd from 10:00am to 4:00pm and on Sunday, June 3rd from 12:00 Noon at the church until service time.

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Paul Anthony Knowles, 64

Funeral Service for the Late Paul Anthony Knowles, 64 years of Virginia Street, will be held on Saturday March 31st, 10:00 a.m. at Christ Church Cathedral, George Street. Rev. Fr. Colin Saunders assisted by the Very Rev'd. Patrick Adderley and Rev. Colin Humes will officiate. Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Augusta Street.

He is survived by 1 Son: Paul Knowles II; 1 Daughter: Chauntell Knowles-Williams,
1 Adopted Brother: Frank Gallagher; 4 Sisters: Alma Albury-Thompson, Maud Antoinette Outten, Berthlyn Culmer and Rose Gibson; 1 Son-in-law: Anthony Williams Sr.; 1 Brother-in-law: Naaman Culmer; 1 Sister-in-law: Pamela Knowles
Grandchildren: Anthony Jr., Julia, Shaniah & Antoine Williams, Perez Hepburn, Janine "Angel" McKenzie, Pedrareka Morley, Quindesha, Rahae, Rashean, Paul III, Saffron, Devonique, Elzorien, Elzoriea and Collier Knowles Jr.; Great grandson: John Knowles Jr.; Nieces & Nephews: Janet Thompson, S. Dianne Miller, Alfred and Alma "Kiki" Albury, Raymond & Althemese Darling, Weston & Andrea Saunders, John & Peggy Knowles, Caroline Abdulle of Florida, Anthony & Simone Outten, Andrew & Gayle Moncur, Andrew Knowles of New York, Andrea & Rochelle Knowles, Leisa Knowles, Philip Morris -Knowles, Derek Knowles, Ricardo , Dewitt & Stephanie Culmer, Ruthie, Brenda, Berthlyn, Diane, Elroy & Lynden Knowles, Don Brice, Talva & Barry Flowers; Grand Nieces & Nephews including: Anika Wright, Darlene Thompson, D'Ondré, Devonnia & Danielle Miller, Paul R. Thompson III, Shanto & Rolanda Albury, Amiel, Tomico, & Adriel Albury, Kendra & Rolando Thomas, Rayneth, Jamon, Raemiesh, Ajna, Jamaal, Rashad & Rashan Darling, Asher Johnson, Tinika & Vernard Pinder, Tikeisha, Tikira & Weston Saunders Jr. , Terria Strachan, Jaynae and Zane Knowles, Chadae & Durrell Peterson, Andrew Jr. & Adriann Moncur, Alexandra, Michelle & Rachel Outten, Phyleece, Adrian, Antoine, Brittany, Dominic, Deranique, De'antez & Deantonique Knowles, Rickea & Ricardo Culmer Jr., Toni & Stephan Griffin; Great Grand Nieces & Nephews too numerous to mention.

Other Family Members & Friends include: Karen Clarke, Retired Asst. Commission of Police Paul Thompson Sr., Dr. Colin Bullard & Family, Dr. Herbert Orlander, Virginia Bullard & Family, Elmor Archer & Family, Sybil Miller & Family, Philip Evans & Family, Howard Russell & Family, Sonia Reece & Family, Alfred & Deann Marshall & Family, The Curry-Rahming Family, Vangie Zervous & Family, Marita Roberts, The Moss Family, The Adderley Family, The Todd Family, Jackie Christophilis, Naomi Adderley and Family; Euryale McKenzie & Family, the Richie Family, Mary Davis & Family, Idris Reid & Family, The Simon Family, Dean Patrick Adderley, Father Colin Saunders, Father Colin Humes, Anthony & Marjorie Knowles, Marva Mackey, Billy Brown, Val of Virginia Street, Stephen "Oggie" Pinder, Troy Richie & Family, Shirley Morris; Willittee Burrows , Nathalie & Marcia Dorsette, Lloydia Dorsette, Kaymora Dorsette; Lady Edith Johnson and Marco Johnson; Raymond Ferguson; Straw Market Family and Taxi 244 Richdardo.

Pre-Cremation. There will be no viewing.

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Ormon Johnson, 66

Funeral Service for Ormon Johnson, 66, of Lowe Sound, North Andros will be held on Saturday 10th September, 2011 at 1:00pm at Whosoever Will International, Alexandria Boulevard North, Nassau Village. Officiating will be Prophet Dereck Bastian assisted by Pastor Delvon Duncombe. Interment will follow in Southern Cemetery, Spikenard and Cowpen Roads.
Left to cherish his memories is his 1 son: Ormon Johnson Jr.; 1 daughter: Latoya “Norma” Derisme; 7 sisters: Marilyn Johnson, Minister Betty Strachan, Maureen Brown, Aretha Munroe, Minister Jennymae Ferguson, Virginia “Igalee” Pinder and Glencina Curry; 3 brothers: Earnal Cargill, Talbot and William “Beecham ...

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Cop denies photo manipulation in John Bull robbery trial

A crime scene officer yesterday denied that he manipulated images of last year's smash-and-grab robbery at the John Bull Rolex Boutique on Bay Street with photo editing software.
David Collins, Jasper Curry and Jonathan Armbrister stand accused of the May 22 hold-up in which a masked man smashed a display case with a hammer and took 12 luxury watches, with a cumulative value of $395,360.
Detective Constable 2290 Bruce Chisholm, who photographed the crime scene with a digital camera, also rejected a suggestion by defense lawyer Geoffrey Farquharson, who appears for Collins, that the images could be altered.
While using an image from the CD to which the crime scene images were burned, Farquharson changed the color of a man's pants from white to black while using the Paint program on his laptop.
Despite this, Chisholm maintained that the images could only be changed on the computer, but the alterations would not be reflected on the CD or prints of the images.
Farquharson said this was not the case. At this point, prosecutor Sandra Dee Gardiner interjected, asking, "Is counsel giving evidence?"
Farquharson also questioned Chisholm about why he did not photograph the five fingerprints he said he found on the store's glass showcase before he lifted them.
Chisholm explained that the reflection from the flash on the glass would have made it difficult to photograph the prints.
Farquharson suggested that there was nothing to prove that the prints were really lifted from the crime scene and not from a desk in the interview room at the Central Detective Unit.
Chisholm agreed he could not prove where the prints were lifted from.
Chisholm continues his evidence today. He is the first witness to be called in the case since it began on May 9.
Legal arguments have protracted the trial, which was scheduled to last two weeks.
Chisholm first took the stand on March 14, but his evidence was interrupted by challenges to the admissibility of the photos on CD.
Yesterday, the court allowed the images into evidence. However, the prosecution did not have a projector so the images could be viewed on a large screen.
As a result, Chisholm walked around with a laptop to show the images to the judge, lawyers and the jury.
Gardiner said that a projector was supposed to be in court and she would not make any excuses for its absence.
Justice Indra Charles said: "I hope this doesn't happen again, Ms Gardiner. Please don't let it happen again."
Jomo Campbell appears for Curry and Jerone Roberts appears for Armbrister.

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Bahamian baseball history dotted with pro players

Jeff Williams laments the decline of the Bahamas Baseball Association (BBA) for over three decades. He has a strong appreciation for the Bahamas Baseball Federation (BBF) which has been a breeding ground for younger players.
"We lost a lot when our senior program died," he said.
The BBA was in turmoil and not producing quality players as it once did, years before the Andre Rodgers Diamond was torn down in 2006. That act though was like the nail in the coffin. The BBA never caught itself and now appears to be an organization in name only. Despite it all though, even a sports hard-liner like Williams readily admits there is much richness to the baseball history in this country to be proud of. Of course, the coming on stream of the BBF at the same time the BBA was slipping badly, helped greatly to cement the baseball legacy in the nation.
Williams proudly points to the many professionals developed, nurtured and refined by the BBA. There was in fact that storied period of the BBA. There was much to celebrate about during the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. That was a period when The Bahamas was churning out professional baseball players faster than the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
Andre Rodgers started it all in 1954 when he signed a contract with the New York Giants organization. He would go up to the major leagues to stay in 1957, until 1967. Behind him came some 47 more professionals. Five of them followed him into the majors -- Tony Curry, Wenty Ford, Ed Armbrister, Will Culmer, and just last season, Antoan Richardson reached the elite circle.
The others that got into the professional mix include the following: Vincent Ferguson, Edmondo Moxey, Lionel Rodgers, George Weech, Randy Rolle, Adrian Rodgers, Vince Albury, Hugh Bethel, Eddie Ford, Henry Williams, Simeon Humes, Eugene Thompson, Frankie Sands, Jayson Moxey, Fred Smith, Roy Bethel, Randy Rodgers, Roosevelt Turner, Fred Taylor, Colin Thompson, Sidney McKinney, Sidney Outten, Kendal Munroe, Pat Ingraham, Shad Rolle, Douggie Smith, Randy Thompson, David "Billy" Mycklewhite, Louis McQuay, Creswell Pratt, Andre Wood, Jackie Wright, Ken Adderley, Jervis Stuart, Winston Seymour, Angelo Burrows, Jammal Johnson, Albert Cartwright, Geron Sands, Greg Burrows, Neil Forsythe and Sean Albury.
That's a nice list, but many of us who have followed the game here, some from the very beginning and the others, are convinced the number would have been larger had the BBA not gone into a funk. Nevertheless, there is the BBF. Presently the BBF provides these numbers:
Professional rank - Richardson, Cartwright, Albury, and including American-born Trayce Thompson, the son of Bahamian basketball great Mychal Thompson.
Present high school/college players in United States - Desmond Russell, Ali Knowles, Dale Davis, Steve Curtis, Lynden Pindling, Byron Ferguson Jr., Byron Murray, Anfernee Seymour, Stephen Russell Jr., Alex Roberts, Ramon Grant, Geren Albury, Tameko Williamson, Anthony Russell, Chad Burrows, Daniel Johnson Jr., Marvin McQueen, Harkeem Cooper, Perez Knowles, D'Juan Seymour, Trae Sweeting, Morgan Souder, Travis Strachan, Ian Fox, Alex Martinborough, Arien Seymour, Lance Edwards, Leighton Gibson, Rodney Forbes, Lyndale Morley, Javon Davis, Keanu Thompson, Todd Isaacs, Ashton Pratt, Dino Sweeting, Jerome Jones, Chachard Laing, Rio Russell, Devin Simmons, Gerrio Rahming, Tevin Symonette, Lucius Fox, A.J. Romer, Henry Thompson, Andrew Pindling, Zach Thurman, Ashton Butler, Arthur Rolle, Seberon Morley, Nick Ferguson, Tramaine Roker, Giles Chisholm, D'wight Rahming, Shannon Johnson, Brandon Taylor, Justin Sweeting, Myron Johnson, Pedro Dean, Kyle Parks, Michael Treco, Cameron Richardson, George Ratliffe and Yokito Pinder.
That's a nice group of young diamond performers. Two years ago, the Freedom Farm 12-and-under squad won the Cal Ripken World Series crown. Williams admits that the country's baseball future is looking bright. The BBF environment certainly is a healthy one.
To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Bahamian Chef Captures Major Award at Prestigious Culinary Competition

Washington, D.C. -

Chef Devin E. Johnson, executive c

hef at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort


walked away with the People's Choice Award at the Fifth

Embassy Chef Challenge held at


Ronald Re


gan Building and International Trade Center, 

on March 8th, 2012.


With the win, Chef Johnson

made history by becoming the first

Caribbean participant

to capture one of the


three ma

jor awards

.  The Bahamas was also the first Caribbean country to participate in the event since its inception.


Chef Johnson's "Bahamian Seafood Duo

," a mixture of island conch, mango, crawfish and avocado s

alad topped w


h a fresh thyme and curry-scented Johnny cake stick

, was an instant hit with

those in attendance.  A

n hour prior to the announcement...

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Dianni Nicole Patxot Felix, 1

Funeral Service for Baby Dianni Nicole Patxot Felix age 1 year and 10 months, of
Kennedy Subdivision, who died October 21st, at Doctor's Hospital will be held on Saturday 1:00 p.m. at Ebenezer Methodist Church East Shirley Street. Rev. Godfrey Bethel will officiate and cremation will follow.
Precious memories will linger in the hearts of:
Her mother:               Rickia Stuart
Her father:                 Dioni Patxot Felix
One brother:               Terrel Williams Jr.
Grand-mother:            Tanya Ward
Grand father:                Ricardo Stuart
Great grand mother:         Audrey Burrows
Great grand father:          George Ward of Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Four uncles: Alex Rodgers, Ricardo Stuart Jr., Lorenze McKenzie and Sean Rolle
Of Freeport Grand Bahama
Eight grand aunt:  Michelle Butler, Cecilia Adderley, Jennifer and Antionette
Burrows,  Tamara Moxey, Dominique Wrad of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Ianthia and Carla Rolle of Freeport Grand Bahama
Ten grand uncles: Brian and Christopher Burrows, Dion and Ricardo Brown, Gentry
Moxey, Troy Ward, Roscoe Thompson, Telford Adderley, Jarvis Thompson and  George Ward Jr. of Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Seven great grand aunts: Cheryl Thompson, Joycelyn Johnson, Peggy Dean, Pat,
Delores, Kaye and Judy ward
One great great grand aunt:       Thelma Fernander
Cousins:Taushiana Thomas, Pastor Duerre and Sharai Thomas and family of Clearwater
Ministries George Town Exuma, Teran and Malik Adderley, Serena and Osbourne Davis Jr., Nyoshi and D'niesha Curry, Rico, Daniesha, Lauren and Dion Brown Jr., Antonio Riley, Eryn Moxey, Xavier, Blair, Cottia, Marichan, Jade and Joshua Burrows, Daron Culmer Jr., Lamont Knowles Jr., Tamika Rolle, Jay Butler, Clarissa, Melissa, Guiliano and Luchiano Thompson, Vanessa Anderson, Ingia Thompson, Kenrick Jr., and Vanrea Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller and family, Yeniesha Newton, Alyssa Roach, Brishnell Munroe and Lee Miller Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Davis and family, Mrs. Thelma Neely and family, Monalisa Pennerman, Lethesia Green, Kendal and Deslamona Rolle, Antica Maitland, Mr. and Mrs. Devon Johnson and family, Daniel Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Newbold amd family,
Godparents Shantel Evans, Tasia Campbell, Brishel Munroe, Angel Bastian, Brian
Burrows and Garfield McPhee
Numerous family and friends include:Alphonso Strachan and family, Jeff Stubbs, The
Munnings and Stuart families, Mrs. Hanna and family, Mrs. Eleanor and family, Anika, Owen Adderley and family, Walt Saunders and family, Rachael Edgecombe and family, Maylene Thomas and family of Grand Bahama, Gennie and family, Leslie Russell and family, Marvin Hepburn, Giovanni Seymour, Deon Butler, Christine Taylor, Gladstone McPhee and family, Shervin Thomas, Terell Williams Sr., Prisca Newbold and family, Sidainya Kemp, Lleana Thompson, Karen Edwards and family of Grand Bahama, Shirell Thompson and family of Grand Bahama, The Kennedy Sub boys, Geordie Young, Andrew McPhee, Unique's Beauty Salon, Van and Jerry Oldham of Rock Sound Eleuthera, Margaret Williams, Delarese Williams and family, Marilyn Adderley and family, Sade, Lateisha, Avianca Anderson and family and Edith Gilbert and family
Relatives and friends may pay their last resoects at THE CHAPEL OF MEMORIES COMMONWEALTH FUNERAL HOME INDEPENDENCE DRIVE on Friday from 11;00-7:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 10:00-11:00 and at the church from 12:00 noon to service time.
DEATH              NOTICE
Yolande Seraphin age 51 a resident of the Bluff Eleuthera and
formerly of Gonaives Haiti, died at the Princess Margaret Hospital
On Saturday October 29th, 2011
She is survived by:
One daughter:                 Dania Louis
Four sons:   Bruci-Lee Louissaint, Frantzon and Allan  Seraphin and
Robed Louis
Seven    grand-children,      7 brothers
Eight sisters including: Myriam Bemezier Seraphin and Dieula Germain
Of Haiti and other relatives and friends
Funeral arrangements are entrusted to COMMONWEALTH FUNERAL HOME and will be announced later.

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Legal issues delay John Bull robbery trial again

Legal issues have once again delayed progress in the trial of three men accused of the armed hold-up of the Rolex boutique at John Bull.
Jasper Curry, David Collins and Jonathan Armbrister are accused of robbing the Bay Street store of 12 luxury watches, which have a combined value of $395,360.
Justice Indra Charles dismissed the jury yesterday until Thursday after legal arguments arose during the testimony of Detective Constable 2290 Bruce Chisholm.
Lawyers Jerone Roberts for Collins and Geoffrey Farquharson for Armbrister objected to the admission of a CD of crime scene photographs into evidence.
The initial arguments began in the presence of the jury, who were then excused until Thursday.
Chisholm was the first witness called to the stand since the jury was empanelled on May 8. They were sent away until Monday while closed discussions continued in their absence.
Attorney Jomo Campbell appears for Curry and Sandra Dee Gardiner is the prosecutor.
All of the accused are on remand at Her Majesty's Prisons.

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Abaco airport runs 3.8 over budget

The government will spend an additional $3.8 million to finish construction on the Marsh Harbour International Airport by the end of this summer.
Philip Brave Davis, deputy prime minister and the minister of works and urban development, made the announcement this week during a contract signing with local contractors in Abaco.
The airport's estimated $30.8 million price tag also includes additional contingency works.
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has hotly criticized the previous administration for poor management and oversight of the construction process. Back in 2011, the Free National Movement (FNM) signed a $27 million contract to build the terminal.
These latest signings, therefore, represent a cost overrun of nearly $4 million.
"As well, additional works were added including the erection of new directional signs, the installation of approach lights and the installation of runway and taxiway lights," he explained.
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has also contracted Jeppesen Company Limited to develop new flight procedures for the runway to ensure compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) standards.
"During July 2010, The Architects Incorporated out of Freeport, Grand Bahama was awarded a contract to design and prepare construction drawings for a new state-of-the-art terminal, control tower and fire/crash facilities at the airport," he said. "The designs and drawings were completed and a contract was awarded in the fall of 2011 to FES Construction out of Freeport in the sum of $27.3 million to construct the terminal and other facilities."
Works on the Marsh Harbour International Airport originally began in August 2011 and had a scheduled completion date for early October 2012.
"However, there have been numerous design and additional works changes, resulting in a revised completion in August this year," Davis added.
The 51,000-square-foot terminal will include 22 counter positions, a state-of-the-art scanning system, a pilot briefing room, two restaurants, one lounge, one VIP lounge, eight retail shop spaces, two kiosks and long and short-term public parking areas.
The additional works to the terminal, control tower and fire/crash facilities include major statutory utilities upgrades and connections; the installation of an electrical transformer to the main airport terminal and fire crash tower; the installation and expansion of Cable Bahamas for the CCTV network; the redesign and expansion of the security booth to a building located on the entrance road to the control tower and fire/crash facilities, and the construction of a main terminal security booth and additional hi-scan 755i x-ray equipment for the terminal building.
Glenys Hanna-Martin, minister of transport and aviation; Jerome Fitzgerald, minister of education, science and technology; Renardo Curry, parliamentary secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and Colin Higgs, permanent secretary in the ministry of works and urban development were also present at the signing ceremony.

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Bahamian artist invited by Barbados College

Bahamian-born, UK-based artist Blue Curry has been invited by the Barbados Community College (BCC) to be the external examiner for the 2013 BFA portfolio exhibition. He has been interacting with the students at the college and the wider arts community in Barbados, giving a public artist talk on Tuesday, April 23. And on Friday, April 26, he led a session with the first, second and third year Bachelor of Fine Arts students at BCC on portfolio development.

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The Bahamas at 40 conference aims to impact policy development

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The window is slowly closing on the opportunity for the younger, post- independence generation, to engage the persons who fought for The Bahamas' independence.  As the 40th anniversary of independence draws near, an examination of issues that impact national identity and progress remain crucial priorities.
The impending Bahamas at 40 Independence Conference, the brainchild of The College of The Bahamas School of Social Sciences, will provide a critical platform to explore the issues that have significant implications for the country's development. The conference will be held June 12th - 14th, 2013 at The College's Oakes Field Campus in collaboration with the Government of The Bahamas and the Inter-American Development Bank under the theme The Bahamas at 40: Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future.
More than merely a platform for critical analysis and debate, the conference will give academics, researchers, activists and community leaders the opportunity to dissect the issues that impact national development and offer recommendations and guiding principles for decision-makers and those who craft and implement national policies.
Co-chair of the conference planning committee, Head of the History Department at The College, Assistant Professor Dr. Christopher Curry explained at a press conference held on Monday, May 6th, why such a critical discourse must happen as The Bahamas' observes its 40th anniversary of independence.

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