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It is all about leadership

Dear Editor,

Hubert Ingraham and the Free National Movement (FNM) have tried desperately to make this political campaign a referendum on his leadership. They have attempted to compare his leadership record and style to that of Perry Christie's. All things being equal it may have worked; apparently it did work in 2007. We now have a track record of both leaders taking political office after a recession.
Firstly, any credible leader would leave his country better off than he met it. Can Bahamians honestly declare that they are better off in 2012 than they were in 2007? I think that most reasonable people will concede that Christie left The Bahamas in better condition in 2007 than he met in 2002. Better condition refers to the quality of life of Bahamians. Let us examine some of the indices that underpin quality of life and form the basis for Ingraham's hubris.
Here is what the prime minister promised in an earlier Speech from the Throne: "My government will restore fiscal discipline to the public finances of the country, and will ensure that value is obtained for public expenditure and public business."
Time has proven that Hubert Ingraham cannot credibly lecture anyone on his leadership merits when it comes to fiscal discipline. When he returned to office in 2007, Hubert Ingraham met the national debt at $2.9 billion. It has now ballooned to $4.6 billion and by the end of this fiscal year the national debt is expected to be in the area of $5 billion. That is a net increase of some $2.1 billion in just five years. What kind of leader would make such a promise and then explode the national debt by over $2 billion in just five years?
One of the most important indicators of a nation's quality of life is the safety of its citizens. Can Bahamians truthfully claim that crime and the fear of crime are less now than they were in 2007? How can you boast of your leadership prowess after having presided over the most murderous and violent era in the history of The Bahamas?
Over 457 murders over a period of less than five years! Additionally, every other category of violent crime increased during this glorious leadership reign. A true leader would have taken measures necessary to reduce the incidents of violent crime and the fear of crime. Hubert Ingraham and the FNM have not demonstrated the kind of leadership needed in mobilizing and uniting communities in the fight against violence and criminal behavior.
Other areas where Hubert Ingraham's leadership has failed miserably are education and immigration control. These are issues vital to the quality of life of Bahamians. The FNM under Hubert Ingraham's leadership has failed to improve the education system institutionally, structurally or systemically and his leadership has failed to adequately prepare Bahamian students for the world after school. This is a terrible indictment on leadership.
Moreover, Bahamians feel that because of the immigration policies implemented by the FNM they have very little stake in the ownership of the county's economy, nor are they permitted to compete fairly in their own country. The immigration policies seem to curry favor foreign labor and foreign investors. This state of affairs does not bode well for the stability of the society.
Most failed leaders look to something or someone to blame for their failure. The global recession has been a convenient whipping dog for Hubert Ingraham and the FNM. However, Hubert Ingraham once pronounced that any leader worth his salt would anticipate a future recession and take corrective measures to mitigate the impact of that recession. Here is what he had to say in one of his earlier budget communications: "Furthermore, these budgetary problems were allowed to develop at a time when a prudent government would have recognized that cautionary measures should have been in place to meet any likelihood of a major recession in the U.S. economy, and to cushion the resultant impact on our tourism-driven economy."
How prudent was Ingraham's government? He went on to indict the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government by pronouncing: "It cannot be said that those who were responsible for managing the economy did not know hard times were coming, they just chose to ignore all the indicators."
Surely in 2007/2008, Ingraham knew a recession and resulting hard times were approaching? All fiscal and economic indicators pointed to it. Judging by his reckless response to, and the irresponsible choices made during, the recession Ingraham appeared to have been caught off guard by the recession. So much for leadership!
Leadership in government is about building and strengthening institutions that enhance democracy and improve the quality of life for citizens. Leadership in government is about inspiring people to achieve their dreams and ambitions. It is about building national consensus and compromise. Leadership is about mobilizing and consolidating the resources and talents of citizens toward national development. Leadership is not about demagoguery; it is not about power, intimidation and bullying.
So if I were the PLP or Democratic National Alliance, I would welcome a campaign based on leadership. I would put Ingraham's record, all of it, against the acid test of true leadership. I would seek to determine whether his five years of leadership improved the quality of life of Bahamians. I would simply ask if Bahamians were better off in 2012 than they were in 2007 - a simple and measurable reality - and let the people decide.

- Eric Gardner

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Two wins for Boomer G

The celebration after two wins, captured by the squads playing under the Boomer G logo, is said to be just a taste of what will come if they were to sweep the New Providence Softball Association (NPSA) championships.
The female squad, the Boomer G Operators, got things started on Saturday defeating the Y II Shipping Wildcats, 9-2. The seven point win was the fuel needed by the Boomer G Truckers, the male team, who stopped the Dorin United Hitmen in six innings. Even though it was a low scoring affair, 2-0, captain Marvin Wood said they will take and use it to prove that they are the number one team in the men's division.
Wood said: "It was a good win, but I still don't think we are hitting the ball like we need to or used to. We aren't worried, about the other teams, because we will get sharp. We need to workout more. We fell down on our workout sessions and now our bats aren't coming around like how they normally come around. In due time, once we keep playing ball, we will get there. We are still a contender in this league, and that has been the case for years. Nothing much will change with that."
The Truckers and Hitmen are no strangers to each other. In fact, the games between the two teams always go down to the wire. The heated but friendly rivalry usually comes down to who is stronger on the mound that day, and on Saturday, it was the Truckers.
Winning pitcher Edney 'The Heat' Bethel showed young Alcott Forbes that he still can 'bring the heat', and shutting the Hitmen out only proved that. Bethel didn't even allow them to get a hit off him. He sent each runner back to the dugout, giving his team chance to score.
The Truckers would not get on the score board until the second. The run came off an error. In the third inning, Forbes would give up two hits and unfortunately, the Truckers did not capitalize. The next two hits, for the Truckers came in the fifth, one run was batted in.
"Alcott, he pitched a good game," said Wood. "The Hitmen, they played a good game and it could have gone either way. But like I told my teammates, [the Hitmen] were all out, and we haven't gotten started as yet. We are just on a quarter tank, they are on full tank. So imagine when we get half tank, then three quarters or full. They will be in problems."
The Operators are not letting any team get between them and the championship. According to Head Coach Mario Ford, having a perfect win/loss record will not mean anything if the championship title is not there to hold up in the air at the end of the season.
Even though the season is young and more work needs to do be done, to keep the goal in sight, Ford is confident that the championship title is obtainable.
Ford said: "We left a lot of runners on base. About eight or 10 runners were left on the bag. We still are not playing the type of defense that we need to play. We aren't attacking the ball so we can put the runners on base and let them score. When we have the runners on base, we have to work hard for the run.
"Our pitchers are throwing too many pitches and that works them and the catcher hard. They are the main two defensive players on the field. Once we can start to keep the ball in play and make the defensive play, we will be alright."
The biggest inning for the Operators was the top of the fourth, where they scored six runs. The two runs, that crossed the plate for the Wildcats came in the third and the fifth.
"We have to practice, the corrections can only come with practice," said Ford. "We have to practice and then when we come to the game remember the mental aspect of it, as well as physical aspect. The basic fundamentals of the game will flow as long as we have those things down pack. We will know when to sacrifice the runner when we need plays. We did some poor base running. We over ran the base. And it was one point where we could have had a big inning, but we won't know now.
"Right now we are leading, we are on top as the team to beat. What we have to do is continue winning games to stay where we are. Once we can put the basics into play, we will be able to do what is needed to win."
The winning pitcher was Shonell Symonette and Vernie Curry was tagged with the loss.

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Concern AG's Office move could affect administration of justice

The much-touted move of the Office of the Attorney General to a multimillion-dollar building on John F. Kennedy Drive could negatively affect the administration of justice if certain provisions are not put in place. Bahamas Bar Association President Elsworth Johnson told The Nassau Guardian that he welcomed the move from the General Post Office building on East Hill Street, which has a number of "environmental concerns", but he raised concerns about whether the relocation would affect the administration of justice.
The Office of the Attorney General is presently within walking distance to the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the criminal and civil registries. It took The Guardian 15 minutes to drive from the new location, which will be occupied later this year, on a Sunday afternoon with minimal traffic.
Johnson said yesterday that the Bahamas Bar Association does not want the move to militate against the smooth running of the judicial system.
"If there were some difficulties at the post office in terms of ferrying lawyers to and from court, and filing documents, we don't want that to be transplanted to Thompson Boulevard."
Johnson said that necessary steps ought to be put in place to ensure that lawyers get to court on time without having to use their personal resources.
He suggested that arrangements should be made for clerks to file documents "so that distance does not affect the role they have to play as ministers of justice".
Johnson noted that at the present location "lawyers are often scurrying down the hill with their bags in their hands to file something".
"They should not have to use their personal vehicles to do these things. There should be a messenger or courier service put in place so that attorneys don't have to jump in their cars to get things done."
Johnson said that lawyers in the Office of the Attorney General provide an invaluable service to the country for which they are overworked and underpaid. He said that he welcomed improved working conditions for the lawyers.

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The Albury Sayle 'clean up boys'

There’s this cliche that says there’s no need to reinvent the wheel if it’s not broken.Terron Dames, a fifth grade student at Albury Sayle Primary School, noticed a “wheel in operation” at another school and decided he would adopt that system at his institution. The result is a “wheel”?that has grown from one person and inspired 13 of his schoolmates to join his initiative.
Pass by the school any day of the week and you will find these young men scurrying around their school grounds picking up trash dropped by inconsiderate school mates, simply because they take pride in their surroundings. The “clean up boys”,?a ...

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New location for AG's office

The move of the Office of the Attorney General to John F. Kennedy Drive will not create inefficiencies in the administration of justice, according to Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson.
The office's previous location on East Hill Street was within walking distance of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the criminal and civil registries.
It took The Nassau Guardian 15 minutes to drive from the new location on a Sunday afternoon with minimal traffic.
Although the office has two vans and other vehicles to ferry lawyers and witnesses to and from court, fed up lawyers often walked to the office because of long waits for transportation.
However, Maynard-Gibson told The Nassau Guardian yesterday, "Everything is in place to ensure that there will be no problems with transportation."
Citing security reasons, she declined to outline those measures.
Maynard-Gibson said she did not envision a problem with documents being filed on time due to the move.
In an earlier interview, Bar Association President Elsworth Johnson said, "If there were some difficulties at the post office in terms of ferrying lawyers to and from court, and filing documents, we don't want that to be transplanted to [the new location]."
Johnson said necessary steps ought to be put in place to ensure that lawyers get to court on time without having to use their personal resources.
He suggested that arrangements should be made for clerks to file documents "so that distance does not affect the role they have to play as ministers of justice".
Johnson noted that at East Hill Street "lawyers are often scurrying down the hill with their bags in their hands to file something".
"They should not have to use their personal vehicles to do these things. There should be a messenger or courier service put in place so that attorneys don't have to jump in their cars to get things done."
Johnson said lawyers in the Office of the Attorney General provide an invaluable service to the country for which they are overworked and underpaid.

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Klay Thompson solidifying star status with Warriors

Klay Thompson, the Bahamian-rooted Golden State shooting guard, is rapidly solidifying his status as a star player in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Into his third season, Klay, one of the sons of Bahamian sports icon Mychal Thompson, appears to have a larger role this season. It seems, early in this season, that Coach Mark Jackson has decided to emphasize more Klay's role as the shooting guard for the team.
In my view, the Warriors can go further with Klay as the No. 1 shooter. Stephen Curry, the excellent point guard, excelled in scoring last season. However, the Warriors are a better team with the 1-2 scoring punch being Thompson/Curry, rather than the other way around.
The Warriors are playing like they can win the Pacific Division of the Western Conference despite the fact that a key rival team is the Los Angeles Clippers. Jackson goes with a line-up of David Lee and the new team member Andre Iguadala as the forwards with Andrew Bogut in center. The splash brothers Thompson and Curry round out the starting five.
This is a fine unit, comparable to the best of the rest. Following a key 116-115 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder last Thursday night, the Warriors stood at 6-3, tied with the Clippers in the Pacific Division. To me that game put a stamp on the kind of team the rest of the NBA will have to face this year.
The Warriors are likely to win more of those close games against the elite teams as they grow in confidence. Thompson had 27 points in that game to lead the Warriors and rounded out his top performer outing with five rebounds, two assists and three blocks.
All Jackson has to continue to do is allow Klay to remain that first option shooter and let Curry focus more on being the court general, distributing the ball rather that taking the shot so often. I take nothing away from Dell Curry's boy. Stephen can shoot. Nevertheless, he can make the Warriors a much better team if his focus is on getting the other players on the floor more involved in the offense.
Once he does that, the extra energy can be utilized on defense. Stephen is quick and I think could be an all-defensive team member if he adjusts his game a bit. Coach Jackson should see to it.
The warriors are relatively a young team. The two stars Thompson and Curry are just 23 and 25. Golden State shapes up as the team of the future in the NBA. If Jackson keeps Klay with the largest scoring load, the Warriors could indeed become the team of now.
Klay should have been a coaches' pick for all-star weekend last year. Barring injury, he should achieve that milestone this season.
Go Klay!
o To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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George Franklyn Rolle, 66

Funeral Service for George Franklyn Rolle age 66 years a resident of Nicholls Town, Andros  will be held on Saturday 14th April  2012,  11:00a.m. at Mispah Baptist Church, Nicholls Town Andros. Officiating will be Rev'd Dr John E Newton assisted by other Ministers .  Interment will be made in Nicholls Town Public Cemetery, Andros.
George's presence will forever live in the hearts of his three sons Kevin, Keith and Beacher  Rolle; one  daughter Chrystal Rolle; four Grandchildren Kevin Jr, Keithra, Arakeitha and Angel, daughter in law Portia Rolle; three sisters Sylvia Bethel of Mt Vernon New York, Beatrice Adderley, and Deaconess Margaret Rolle; four brothers Harold, Fletcher, Bill and Police Corporal # 60 Edwin Rolle, one brother in law Kelly Adderley; one Adopted brother Elkimo Munroe; sister's in law Sheila Rolle, Judy and Ida Mae  Rolle; one Aunt Myrtis Colebrooke; Ten nephews Benjamin, Scott of New York, Nathan Pearson, Ernest Tynes of Freeport Grand Bahama, Anthony, Andrew, Harold, Elvis, Craig, Natico, and Hansel Rolle, eleven nieces Donna Ferguson, Wendy Claire of Mt Vernon New York, Linda Gaitor, Sharon Mallita, Sylvia, Francine Farquharson, Ernesta Tynes of Freeport Grand Bahama, Cutell, Natassia, Jasmine and Shornique Rolle; four nieces in law Kinberly Pearson, Roxanne Tynes of Freeport Grand Bahama, Lorie and Ladera Rolle, five nephews in law Alfonso Ferguson, John Mallita,  and Levi Cleare of New York, Wendall Gaitor, and Gary Farquharson of Freeport Grand bahama; 14 Grand nephews, 18 Grand nieces, other relatives   and friends including Daisy, Michelle, and the Bowleg family, Una Smith, Dave Rolle, Rev Weehaza Cooper, James Russell, Reginald Dames, Evangelist Alberta Dames and family, Jane Brown, Irene Rolle, Althea Wallace and family, Carla Hutchinson & family, Bennet Knowles & family, Naomi Brown & family, Bill Lightbourne & family, Sonia Russell & family, Florida Cooper & family, Ashwell and Deborah Wilson, Janice Pickstock & family, Ivan Evans, Olive Pickstock & Family, Arlington Evans, Paul White, Anthony Pinder, Chris Curry, Nurse Nela Dames, Ralph Cooper & family, Andrew Ferguson, Tyatish Walkes Vernice Scott, Sidney Scott and family, Tommy Neely, Edith Reid, Mae Evans, Kirk Pedican, Fred Curry & family, Lucy Evans, Rozena Evans, Frederick Wells, Phillipa Christie, Shell Treco, Vanria Rahming, Kenria Evans, the Hutchinson family, Helen Lord, Michelle Lewis, Welma Adderley, Dorothy Walkes and family, Samantha Hanna,  the entire Water and Sewerage Corporation, Pinks Gilbert, Estella, Cheryl, Keisha Hunter, Malco Evans,  Christina Christie, and others too numerous to mention.

 Relatives and friends may pay their respects at Cedar Crest Funeral Home, Robinson Road & First Street on Thursday from 12:00 noon to 6:00p.m. and  at  the church in Nicholls town on Friday from 4:00p.m. until to service time on Saturday.

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Robert Alexander Missick, 73

Funeral service for Robert Alexander Missick, 73 yrs., a resident of Mangrove Cay, Andros & formerly of Whitby, Turk's Island, who died on 25th May, 2012, will be held at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Wulff & Baillou Hill Roads, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Fr. Roderick Bain. Interment follows in Southern Cemetery, Cowpen & Spikenard Roads.

Left to cherish his memories are his wife: Victoria: 4 sons: PC 789 Robert Missick II, Bradley Missick of Boston, Massachusetts, Ricardo & Dwight Missick; 5 daughters: Melverna Bowleg, Gloria Davis, Teresa Lockhart, Agatha & Sharell Jones; 23 grandchildren: Robert Missick III, Americka, Rodeisha & Deandra Missick, Jermaine, Tameko, Andrew Jr., Anya & Andre' Bowleg, Adam, Allen, Ariel & Christal Davis, Cameron, Dwayneisha & Dionisio Lockhart, Cedrille Missick, Victornique & Victor Jones Jr., Lenderia, Shanell, Lenard Jr. & Lendrea Jones; 1 great grandson; 1 daughter-in-law: Christine Missick of Boston, Massachusetts; 4 sons-in-law: Andrew Bowleg, Lenard Jones, Dwayne Lockhart & Alexander Davis; 4 brothers: James, Emmanuel, Frank & Eric Missick; 2 sisters: Illene Astwood & Cynthia Swann; 5 sisters-in-law: Patience Missick, Lucinda Missick, Mavis Strachan, Evangelist Beatrice Stubbs & Princess Burrows; 3 brothers-in-law: Alexander Swann, Wilfred & Vernall Strachan & Pastor Wilfred Stubbs; nieces & nephews: Hazel Turnquest, Justice Vera Watkins, Victoria Armbrister, Cheryl Fountain, Lillian Clarke, Beatrice, George Jr. & Andrew Astwood, Aretha Bain, Shirley Lowe, Daniel, Freddie, Wendall, Vincent & Michael Swann, Jackie Heild, Lillian Jaglmandon, Douglas Beauth, Dell & Denise Missick, Cynthia Missick, Lillian Missick, Wellington & Rollington Missick, Irene & Dora Missick, Grace Curry & Shirley White, Barbara Hamilton, Lovely Outten, Eunice Cox, Keith, Kay, Jimmy, Carven, Vernon & Susie Missick & Jacob Shaw; cousins: Llewellyn Astwood & family, Bishop Joseph Swann & family, Deloris Lightbourne & family; other relatives & friends including: the Jones, Stubbs & Strachan families, Carl & Pastor Catherine Nairn, Pastor Moses Pennerman, Lorene Greene & family, Sharea & Harry Saunders, Father Marrah, Father Stephen Davies, Father Andrew Toppin, Father Rolle & All Saints Anglican Church, the Mangrove Cay Clinic, the entire community of Mangrove Cay, the staff of The Royal Bahamas Strike Force & the Doctors & Nurses of Male Surgical #1 of Princess Margaret Hospital.

Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 3-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Elizabeth Dorothy Stubbs, 85

Funeral service for Elizabeth Dorothy Stubbs, 85 yrs., a resident of Jerome & Edward Avenues, & formerly of Staniel Cay, Exuma, who died on 21st March, 2012, will be held at Evangelistic Temple, Collins Avenue, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Senior Pastor Gary Curry & Bishop John Davis Jr.. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Daughters: Sharon, Ann, Deborah and Stacy; sons: Michael, Phillip, Anthony, Brian, Wayne and Sidney; Adopted Children: Marco, Ethel, Delores, Brenda, Jerry, Hubert and Ritchie (Deceased); Son and daughters-in-law: Kevin, Adeltis, Sharon, Glenys, Latasha and Carolyn, Ena Stubbs; Grandchildren: Sherese, Kadesh, Keziah Glenardo, Shaneen, Shawell, Latanya, Dabron, Sophia, Michaella, Leshun, Sanchez, Philippa, Larry, Anthony Jr., Lathia, Latonya, Levanda, Saveion, D'wayne, Davaughn, Savannah, Malagros, Jordan, Wayne Jr., Sydney Jr., Shane, Anton, Marco Jr; Adopted grandchildren: Brenda, Ethnee, Ricardo, Edena, Stephanel, Demetrius, Wayde, Jerry Jr., Kendrick, Dedrick, Shareka, Lorna, Jerome, Viola, Aaron, Miriam, Jonathon, Gregory, Jason, Ritchie Jr. and Hubert Jr. Grandsons-in-law: Rodain Lamour, Jamal Baker and Dohn Knowles; granddaughters-in-law: Sue and Latonya; great granchildren: Rodain Jr., Roshaun, Roje, Joshua, D'Jonae, Dohn, Daniella, Dabron Jr., Anthony III, Trey, Travis, Tiana, Lena, December and Star; sisters: Barbara Hall, Anginette Walkine and Dillis Wilson; brothers: Basil and Jackson Miller; sister-in-law: Antonette Miller; nieces: Lavaughn Bland, Linda Bonimy, Charmine Hall, Annie Bridgewater, Vernice Walkine, Stacy Ann Walkine, Stephanie Rolle, Thelma Scott, Jasmine Bonimy and Angel Knowles; nephews: Stafford and Stephen Hall, Craig Walkine, Gregory Scott, Bervin Smith, Andre Johnson and Reginald Bonimy; cousins: Thelma Scott, Victoria and David Pratt, Vera and Frank Lafluer, Patsy Hamilton, Hazel Scott and Ruby Simmons of Pembroke Pines, Minister Natalie Stubbs, Louise Deleveaux of Orlando, Florida, Reta Evans, Catherine Darville, Bloneva, May and Buddy Miller, Nathaniel, Benson, Tony, Dwight, Cynthia, Keith, Lisa and Dwayne; caregivers: Ms. Janet and Ms. Carlene; other relatives & friends: Mrs. Betty Albury, Mrs. Sybilene Knowles & family, Ms. Theresa McQuay, Mr. Sandral Evans & family, Mr. Mervin Sweeting & family, the Finley family of West Palm Beach Florida, Ms. Brenda Brown, Mr. Christopher Wallace & family, Jason Hudson, Francisca Delva, Mrs. Eugenie Johnson & family, Mr. James Knowles & family, the Dunmore Street family, the Wilson family, Mr. Harry Wallace & famly of Edward Ave., Mrs. Bernadette Hemmings & family, Mrs. Catherine Collie & family, Mr. Abby Rigby & family, Paula Munroe, Sheila Brown & Norma Clarke & their families, Ms. Marrietta Wilmott & family, John Mumpetitte & family,Bishop John Davis Jr., & family, Bishop Michael Symonette & family, inisters Wives & Widows Association, Bahamas Mothers Club, the Dixie Church of God family, Evangelistic Temple family, Abundant Life family, Five Porches family, New Lively Hope family, Rev. Simeon Hall & family. Rev. Bobby Colebrook & family, Zion south Beach family, Ministry of Works Supplies Section, the Nurses at Princess Margaret Hospital Female Medical Ward #2, Dr. Arthur Clarke & family, Dr. Gertrude Holder, Dr. Tiadra Johnson & family, Dr. Gerrad Deveaux & family, Mrs. Theodora Fernander & family, Dr. Joseph at Princess Margaret Hospital, Baker family & many more, too much to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 3-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Colby Antoine Curry, 25

Colby Antoine Curry, 25 yrs., a resident of Spring City, Abaco, died in Marsh Harbour, Abaco on 27th May, 2012.
He is survived by his mother: Agatha Ferguson; father: Colin Curry; 3 brothers: Lydell Ferguson, Colin Curry & Halson Deveaux; 3 sisters: Vashti, Colleen & Agatha Curry; 1 son: Darren Curry; numerous other relatives & friends.

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Hang out with Alexandra under the Caribbean moon

If it's summer, you know it's time to spend an evening (and the early morning hours if you can hang) with Alexandra Maillis-Lynch as Events by Alexandra hosts Under the Caribbean Moon III.
You are invited to don you diamonds -- but leave your stilettos at home -- for a beach play date for the grownups (no curfew enforced) and partake in the decadent spread that Alexandra will put out that is expected to be a sizzling, sexy, fun display of fusion-Caribbean flavors with an adventurous take on island comfort food tonight.
This year Alexandra's menu takes you across many Caribbean countries like to Latin America and of course The Bahamas, with a little Asian influence thrown in -- just because she can
At station one, you can indulge your taste for Caribbean-Latin roots with a whole roast pig, Cuban roast duck yemaya with orange rum glaze, marinated sirloin steaks with chimichurri sauce and a Cuban pumpkin salad.
If your taste buds are hankering for new world cuisine, Carib-Asian fried chicken wings, short rib sliders, fresh catch ceviche spoons and crab cakes which will be served with salsa Esmeralda, or Alexandra's famous voodoo cocktail sauce and Bahamian cocktail sauce will be the order of the day at station two.
For those people who love the heat, station three which has been dubbed "Calypso Fire & Spice" is where you need to be. Guadeloupian goat curry empanadas, jerked chicken, cabbage salad with pineapple and peanuts and condiments that run from kuchela, to mango chutney and white rice can be had.
"Sweet love in the islands says it all about station four, because satisfying the sweet tooth takes center stage at station four -- rum-soaked banana fritters with mocha rum sauce, coconut flan with curried custard sauce, passion fruit cheesecake with passion fruit glaze and tropical fruit and ginger cookies ... Need I say anymore?
Those people who are able to hang until the wee hours of the morning can partake in the offerings at station five, which has been dubbed Midnight breakfast in the Islands." Tropical Creole breakfast bread pudding, fire engine and grits, pig's feet souse with Johnny bread and English sausages are to be had.
Alexandra wants you to leave her summer hit event feeling like you've been to an upscale regatta without having to get on a boat. And it all takes place on the beach under the stars at the Maillis property on Adelaide Road.
The finger-licking menu includes a midnight breakfast, open bar, and dangerous ... delicious island cocktails. Live music and a deejay are always the order of the day, and a bonfire invites people to get cozy.
Tickets for Under The Caribbean Moon III, an all-inclusive beach play date for grown ups that always offers decadent indulgences are $125. The party kicks off at 8:30 p.m. For reservations for tonight's event email contact It's an event I never miss. If you've not been before it's time to go and you can't say I didn't tell you.

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Two men wanted for questioning

POLICE are seeking the public's assistance in locating the person they
want to question in connection with a recent burglary, armed robbery and
attempted rape.

A composite sketch has been released showing what police believe the suspect to look like.

The man wanted for questioning in this case is of dark brown complexion,
around 6'0" tall and weighing about 150 lbs with a slim build.

The Central Detective Unit is also searching for Jasper Curry, alias
"Buck", who they want to question in connection with an armed robbery.

Curry, 33, is described as being of dark brown complexion, standing 5'2" tall and weighing around 120 lbs with a medium build.

His l ...

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Mayo shines in 'fried' fish sandwich if Mayo shines in 'fried' fish sandwich equals For about a year now I've been trying to find a good way to infuse my basic baked fried haddock with the taste of Thai red curry paste.

For about a year now I've been trying to find a good way to infuse my basic baked "fried" haddock with the taste of Thai red curry paste.
And the solution has repeatedly escaped me. Until now.
My haddock couldn't be simpler. I whisk eggs, mayo and mustard in one shallow bowl, and fill a second with panko breadcrumbs. I then dredge haddock fillets through the egg mixture, then through the panko, then bake them on a sheet in the oven.
That's it. And they're delicious.
But I'd wanted to add the gentle yet complex spicy heat of red curry paste. I'd always focused on adding the curry paste to the egg mixture, but no matter how much I added I never was able to taste it. Ditto ...[if "Mayo shines in 'fried' fish sandwich " equals ""]For about a year now I've been trying to find a good way to infuse my basic baked "fried" haddock with the taste of Thai red curry paste.
And the solution has repeatedly escaped me. Until now.
My haddock couldn't be simpler. I whisk eggs, mayo and mustard in one shallow bowl, and fill a second with panko breadcrumbs. I then dredge haddock fillets through the egg mixture, then through the panko, then bake them on a sheet in the oven.
That's it. And they're delicious.
But I'd wanted to add the gentle yet complex spicy heat of red curry paste. I'd always focused on adding the curry paste to the egg mixture, but no matter how much I added I never was able to taste it. Ditto ...

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Police 'calm tensions' after fatal stabbing


Tribune Staff Reporter

POLICE in Abaco have moved quickly to "calm tensions" after a Bahamian man was allegedly stabbed to death by a man of Haitian descent on Saturday.

Superintendent Noel Curry, Abaco police chief said officers on the island apprehended a suspect within hours of the murder, easing any tensions that may have risen

"We had a suspect in custody within the hour of the incident and we are feeling very good with the investigation. In terms of the tension between the Bahamian and Haitian communities, in any society where there is integration of different cultures there is tension and conflict now and then and in Abaco it is no ...

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George Town Primary Performs in National Arts Festival

George Town Primary School student Alyssa
Curry dances to Junkanoo music, during the recent E. Clement Bethel
National Arts Festival Exuma Adjudications, at the St. Andrew's Parish
Community Centre, in George Town.

Photos enclosed...

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Ormon Johnson, 66

Funeral Service for Ormon Johnson, 66, of Lowe Sound, North Andros will be held on Saturday 10th September, 2011 at 1:00pm at Whosoever Will International, Alexandria Boulevard North, Nassau Village. Officiating will be Prophet Dereck Bastian assisted by Pastor Delvon Duncombe. Interment will follow in Southern Cemetery, Spikenard and Cowpen Roads.
Left to cherish his memories is his 1 son: Ormon Johnson Jr.; 1 daughter: Latoya “Norma” Derisme; 7 sisters: Marilyn Johnson, Minister Betty Strachan, Maureen Brown, Aretha Munroe, Minister Jennymae Ferguson, Virginia “Igalee” Pinder and Glencina Curry; 3 brothers: Earnal Cargill, Talbot and William “Beecham ...

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Opportunities in Food Processing Industry Opening

Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation and the Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture are providing opportunities for Bahamians to explore food processing.

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Lady Hitters blast the defending champs in softball opener

Thela Johnson and the Lady Hitters came out swinging on the opening night of the New Providence Softball Association's (NPSA) 2013 season, as they banged out two in-the-park home-runs, and batted around, to send a strong message to the other female teams in the league.
The Lady Hitters couldn't have asked for a better start to their season, spanking the defending champions in the league's opener on Saturday evening. Johnson led her team from the mound, and they posted an 18-8 win over the Bommer G. Operators. The 10-run victory is the explosive start the team was looking for.
Johnson yielded four walks, and drove in three runs from the plate. Her fourth-inning triple came minutes after Shera Woodside's two-run double, which scored Asheran Roberts and Shatyna Stuart. Woodside, the cousin of Johnson, finished 2-for-2 at the plate. Melinda Bastian, who is the sister of Woodside, and Johnson both scored three runs.
Bastian said: "This is a great start to the season, a positive one for the team. We knew the Lady Operators were not going to come and give us the game. We had to play hard for it so that's what we did. That's not the same team from last year, they have a lot of new young players so at first we were just trying to feel everything out. As you can see, in the second inning, our bats came alive. We were hitting better and playing better defense. This is just the first game and there are a lot of things we will have to work on when we meet other teams, but we are ready."
The Lady Hitters scored seven runs in the second inning and eight in the fourth. Bastian was the only one to score in the first inning. The Operators' bats didn't come alive until the third inning. By that time, they were already down eight runs. Four runs came across home plate in the third inning for the Operators.
With bases loaded in the first, Johnson buckled down, striking out Jelice Darling to end the inning. She came back in the second and sent Nicole Bastian and Helena Curry to the dugout on strikes, and her teammates took care of Akia Rose, tagging her out on her way to second base. The bottom part of the line-up for the Lady Operators seemed to be the weakest and Johnson took full advantage of that. She wasted no time in sending the last four batters back to the dugout.
Tyrice Curry, who was moved from third base to the pitcher's mound in the fourth, scored two runs for the Operators. Michelle Thompson scored twice as well.
"We knew that it was going to be a tough game, knowing that this is a new and young team and most of us are playing together for the first time," said Thompson. "The biggest challenge now is staying focused, and encouraging our new team members. We don't want them to be discouraged just because we got beat in the season opener. The season is long and we will get better with play. All we have to do is believe in each other and play together as a team."
Jodie Clarke and Antonia Simmons were the other scorers for the Operators. Johnson was the winning pitcher and Diva Burrows was tagged with the loss.

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The Bahamas at 40 conference aims to impact policy development

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The window is slowly closing on the opportunity for the younger, post- independence generation, to engage the persons who fought for The Bahamas' independence.  As the 40th anniversary of independence draws near, an examination of issues that impact national identity and progress remain crucial priorities.
The impending Bahamas at 40 Independence Conference, the brainchild of The College of The Bahamas School of Social Sciences, will provide a critical platform to explore the issues that have significant implications for the country's development. The conference will be held June 12th - 14th, 2013 at The College's Oakes Field Campus in collaboration with the Government of The Bahamas and the Inter-American Development Bank under the theme The Bahamas at 40: Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future.
More than merely a platform for critical analysis and debate, the conference will give academics, researchers, activists and community leaders the opportunity to dissect the issues that impact national development and offer recommendations and guiding principles for decision-makers and those who craft and implement national policies.
Co-chair of the conference planning committee, Head of the History Department at The College, Assistant Professor Dr. Christopher Curry explained at a press conference held on Monday, May 6th, why such a critical discourse must happen as The Bahamas' observes its 40th anniversary of independence.

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Alonza Taylor, 77

Funeral Service for the Late Alonza Taylor, 77 years of Maxwell Lane and formerly of Kemp's Bay, Andros, will be held on Saturday June 11th, 11:00 a.m. at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Boyd Road.
Fr. Martin Gomes will officiate. Interment will follow in the church's cemetery.
She is survived by her Children: Elvis Taylor, Mydell Maria Frazier, Brenda Obeta and Evelyn Stuart; Sisters: predeceased by: Sandra Harvey, Agnes Johnson and Geneva Ritchie; Adopted Sister: Beatrice Clarke; Brothers:  Jeremiah Jr., Harold and Clyde Lundy of Freeport, Grand Bahama: predeceased by Yorick and George Lundy; Sons-in-law: Chief Petty Officer Craig S. Frazier of The Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Frank Obeta of Canada, and Rev. Simeon Stuart of The Bluff Eleuthera; Grandchildren: LaCaira and Craig Stephen Frazier Jr., Evita Taylor, Adaeze, Adaeanna and Francis Obeta; Brother-in-law: Daniel Ritchie Sr.; Sister-in-Law: Nora Lundy; Grand Aunt: Joylean Bain; Adopted Children: Catherina Burrows and Alvado Scott; Nieces: Yvonne Cartwright, Laverne Ferguson, Marilyn Fritz, Natasha Swan, Barbara, Nancy, Renee and Jackie Harvey of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Joy Colebrooke, Michelle Sands, Linda Fergurson, Stephanie Munroe,Vanessa Rolle, Monique Ritchie, Beunka, Valdera, Daphne, Dianna, Yvette, Melissa, Tamara and Florina Lundy; Nephews: Ricardo, Kevin, Reginald and Richard Harvey of Freeport Grand Bahama, James Forbes, James Davis, Blaze Taylor, Charles Higgs, Kenneth, and Daniel Ritchie Jr., Clyde Lundy Jr., Randy, Godfrey, Mark Marvin, Alexander and Garth Lundy; Other relatives and friends including: Gertrude Gordon (Ms. Cutie) Caregiver, Eva & Patsy Gordon, Janet & ASP Melvin Lundy of The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Harolene & Cleveland Roberts, Verthelia Sandilands, Bertha Lankford and Valdera Sandilands of Florida, Constance & Charles Hall, Victoria Robinson, Naomi & George Turner, Maureen Ellis, Joseph & Maureen Symonette, Ivy Humes, Eulese Forbes & Family, Mutalyn Forbes & Family, Solomon Frazier & Family of Bimini, Bishop Theophilus & Cynthia Stuart & Family, The Stuart Family of The Bluff, Eleuthera, Euthalie Rahming & Family, Merle Flowers & Family, Lillymae Forbes & Family, Dell Sandilands & Family, Florinda Duncombe & Family, Mildred Knowles & Family, Julia Thompson, Helen Johnson & Family, Theresa Poitier & Family, Francis Clarke, Hazel Chipman, Dorothy Curry, Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson, Linda & Wendal Huyler, Richard Russell & Family, Viola Taylor & Family, Lillian Adderley & Family,  Clarita Saunders & Family, Vernita Cleare & Family, Ronald & Doralee Taylor, Julia Stevens & Family,  Family of the late Carmetta Basden, Zoe & Clifford Galanis, Barbara Tynes, Ken & Constance Joseph, Lucille Bain, Jessica Bowe & Family, Lawrence Ferguson & Family, Bernard & Olive Lundy, Mr. & Mrs. Wilmore Brown, Audrey Wright & Family, Floricka Davis & Family, Janet Laing & Family, Hester Kerr & Family, Johnny Taylor & Family of Turks & Caicos, Shirley Smith & Family, Joan Carey & Family, Arianna McPhee & Family, Maude Demeritte & Family, Donna Smith & Family, Sylvia Arnette & Family, Shirley Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. George Rodgers & Family, Joseph Roberts, Cyril Baker, Leon Laing, St. Joseph's Church Community, St. Joseph's Senior Choir, St. Joseph's Ladies Guild, Priests of the Sacred Hearts and Catholic Community, The Catholic Archdiocese of  Nassau, Sisters of  St. Martin's Monastery, Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources and Royal Bank of Canada Bahamas Limited, Harbour Island Branch.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians. #44 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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