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Jehu Timothee, 29

Funeral service for Jehu Timothee, 29 yrs., a resident of Sumner Street, Nassau Village & formerly of St. Louis Du Nord, Haiti, who died on 12th April, 2012, will be held at Solid Baptist Church, Kool Air Subdivision off Fox Hill Road, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Pastor Paul Justin, assisted by Bro. Rivet Petit DOS. Interment follows in Southern Cemetery, Cowpen & Spikenard Roads.Left to cherish his memories are his Parents: Belizaire & Marie Timothee; Sisters: Gladys & Esther Timothee;Brothers: Nehu, Moise & Baby Timothee; Foster Parents: John & Deborah Deleveaux; Special Friends: Yudi Thomas; Employers: Toby Austin & Deidre Fernander; Grandmother: Decius Timothee; Aunts: Cizelia, Marina, Altagrace & Charitable Timothee; Cousins: Rev. Paul Justin, Anthony, Renaud, Philony, Leonie, Leon, Maxene & Vilner Timothee, Lemoine, Jonas & Yvronie Justin, Herold & Evins Lubin; Numerous other relatives & friends including: Exmini & Renea Benoit.Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Mr. Althorne Brett Tootes Toote Sr., 32

Mr. Althorne Brett "Tootes" Toote Sr. age 32 years of Crawford Street, Oakes Field and formerly of Freeport, Grand Bahama will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 11am at Faith Temple Ministries International, Prince Charles Drive. Bishop Philemon R. Wilson, assisted by Rev. Carlos Thompson will officiate and burial will be in Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleums, John F. Kennedy Drive and Gladstone Road.
The Radiance of this "Topaz of A Gem" will always glow in the hearts of his: One Son: Althorne Toote Jr.; Three Daughters: Mylan Dean, Jasmine Cleare and Serenity Trembley; Mother: Loretta Marie Simms; Father: Brett Orville Toote; Step Father: Basil Simms; Step Mother: Sandra Toote; Two Brothers: Jonathan and Aaron Toote; One Adopted Brother: Darren Knowles; One Grandmother: Barbara Toote; Step Brothers and Sisters: Dexter McIntrye, Shindo, Shantell and Sherese Simms, Tanya Henfield and Shikera Knowles; Three Nieces: A'nya and Gabriella Toote and Devonya Knowles; Ten Uncles: Mark, Art, Stephen, Patrick and Al Francis, Hartley Wilkinson, Churton, Vaughn "Ricardo" Sr., Keith and Mario Toote; Twelve Aunts: Sabrina, Esther and Shorlette Francis, Theresa Burrows, Pamela Thompson, Marilyn, Sonja, Jacqueline, Deloris, Dersiree, Neisha and Edith Toote; Granduncles: Seron Adams of Nassau Bahamas and Kermit Bowe of New York; Grandaunts: Andrea McDonald of Miami, Florida, Marie Sealy of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Ruth Adams Edgecombe, Isa Strachan and Veronica Adams of Nassau, Bahamas and Nadine Lewis of Ohio; Numerous Cousins: D'Marco, Marcus, Tyler, Elan, Anson, Durana, Jem, Duran and Enriqua Francis, Georgette Robinson-Sands, Jacqueline Robinson, Nadia Rolle, India Wilson, Phillipa Armbrister, Jennika Lee, Shervonder Kemp, D'Angelo Bethel, Steven and Saasha Fountain, Tornesha, Stevana, Stephen Jr., and Tess Burrows, Adrian and Justin Carey, Harold and Betty Cash, Christen and Veron Charlton, Tinia Toote-Parker, Christopher and Kendra Toote-Cooper, Chana, Byron, Monique, Blain, Kenya, Sharon, Kevin, Keithra, Vaughnique, Javaughn, Vonrico, Vonya, Vaughn Jr. and Vaughnia Toote, Dominique and Denise Johnson, Chrislyn Dean, Trevor and Patricia Edgecome, Tia and Alexis Roberts, Merlin and Buttons Bowe, Devon and Carmen Strachan-Major, Mia, Anita and Len King, Calouise Williams, Donovan and Maria Laing, Maurice and Gayle McDonald, Raleigh Robinson and Joy Walker of Ohio, Joy Wilkinson-Moss, Chasserie, Mary Elizabeth and Churuse Sealy, Dion, Andrew, Davinia and Patria Thompson; God Sister: Nakesha Knowles-Kelly; Adopted Mothers: Rosemary Elvies, Margaret Gellineau, Dianna Simmons, Violet Patrick, Barbara Hanna, Arlene Sands and Pamela Sturrup; Adopted Sisters: Miriam Smith and Phillipa Brown; Other Loving Family and Friends Including: Bro. Clement Maycock, Sis. Patricia Ferguson, Bro. Emile Lesbot, Bro. Perry Decosta, Bro. Melvin Wallace, Tyrone Nabbie, Yvonne and Lester Flowers, Anise Bullard, Betty Henchell, Naomi Lubronson, Debbie Allen, Kristina Miller, Anjamarie Charles, Bro. Simms, Dr. Michael and Antonya Toote, Tamara Lockhart, Divinia Dean, Sivanna Cleare, Justina Trembley, Adrian Tinker, Ceri Howells, Kirk and Kyle Wilson, Terrell Culmer, Roy Minnis, Mark Davis, Ted Kay, John Carey, Eugia Edwards of Florida, Mark Dillard, Marshall Neymour, Gravin "Lukkie" Woodside, Changamarie (Co) Carey, Justin Sands, Nakiel Russell, Ezra Rolle, Jay, Shantanica Cooper, Percel Sturrup, Tara Clare and their families; The Edwards, Lockharts, Francis, Toote, Simms, Turnquests, Smiths, Burrows, Bethels, Lightbournes, Newbolds, Laings, Stubbs, Jones and Youngs Families.
Special Thanks To: Hon. Leslie O. Miller, Michael Fernandez, Maudline Hanna, Claudette Gibson, Eric Messmer, Shornette Smith, Lina Camacho, Princess Pinnock, Christine Russell, The Crawford Street Community, The Ringwood Drive Community, Freport Grand Bahama, Freeport Seventh Day Adventist Church, Family Guardian Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Adelaide Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Visitation will be in the "Emerald Suite" Emerald Ridge Mortuary & Monument Company Ltd. #20 Claridge Road on Friday, June 10, 2011 from 1pm to 6pm there will be no viewing at the church.
In lieu of flowers donations may be sent to Althorne Brett Toote Sr. children's educational fund at any Royal Bank of Canada Branch Account number 7516024.

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Economic development and deepening reform in China

In 2013, although faced with a complicated domestic and international situation, the CPC (Communist Party of China) Central Committee and the State Council led the people of all nationalities of China in thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, upheld the general ethos of "moving forward while maintaining stability", and adhered to the guideline that "the macro policy should be stable, micro policy flexible and social policy should support the bottom line", while maintaining steady growth, adjusting economic structures and forging ahead with reform, all while actively making innovations to the means of macro control. As a result, national economic and social development saw stabilized and accelerated growth and achieved a good start.
Economic performance fulfilled its target in 2013
The economy as a whole was stable and experienced comparatively fast growth in 2013. GDP for the year reached 56.88 trillion yuan (1 USD = 6.1 yuan), an increase of 7.7 percent over the previous year and in full accord with the targeted figure. China's government revenue increased by 10.1 percent to 12.91 trillion yuan and the deficit was 1.2 trillion yuan. Profits from industrial enterprises totaled 6.28 trillion yuan. It is gratifying that domestic demand continued to be the main driving force of growth. Retail sales of consumer goods totaled 23.78 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.1 percent. A number of new forms and areas of consumption were very vigorous, and the value of e-commerce transactions exceeded 10 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.3 percent. The contribution of domestic demand to economic growth reached 104.4 percent.
Meanwhile, overall price levels were basically stable. Consumer prices for the year rose 2.6 percent, within the targeted range. The work of purchasing, storing and releasing important commodities and of adjusting their imports and exports proceeded in good order.
Progress was made in structural adjustment and economic transformation
China has experienced three decades of super-fast growth at the expense of cheap costs. Now, we face more restrictions from limited natural resources and an ageing society. Domestic consumption should be the new growth engine. In 2013, the Chinese government comprehensively advanced economic structural reform and created sound systems and mechanisms for maintaining stable growth and carrying out structural adjustments.
China's economic adjustments have shown marked progress. Industrial structural adjustment proceeded steadily. Significant achievements were made in technological innovations and fostering emerging industries. The integration of urban and rural development proceeded in an orderly fashion. Development in multiple regions became better balanced. Efforts were accelerated to conserve energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment. According to statistics, the proportion of the manufacturing industry to GDP dropped for the first time. The growth rate in the less developed central and western parts of the country was much higher than in the richer eastern region in 2013, signaling more balanced development across the board.
An array of measures have successfully helped to transform the economy, such as using value-added tax to replace turnover tax and setting up the pilot Shanghai Free Trade Zone. China's fast development has proved the doomsayers wrong.
Meanwhile, China is putting forth efforts to use innovation to support and lead economic structural improvements and upgrades. Innovation is the motive force for adjusting and upgrading the economic structure. The government aims to make innovation the core of China's development endeavors, promote the full integration of science and technology with economic and social development, and elevate China's industries to a high level in the global value chain.
Deepening reform is the top priority for the Chinese government
The Chinese government has determined that the process of comprehensively deepening reform will be completed in seven years, and 2014 marks the first year. Reform is the primary theme of the government's agenda this year, with economic reform in particular being the paramount task. The direction of many reforms has been made clear and the measures have been readied for implementation. They can be divided into three categories. Those pertaining to the economy include streamlining administration and delegating power to lower levels, tax reform, financial reform and accelerating economic transformation. Those relating to social development and management include advancing urbanization, improving people's well-being and reforming the household registration system. Finally, reform in ecological progress comprises measures to advance the transformation of energy production and consumption.
China's reform used to be led by the government, but future reform will be a revolution imposed by the government on itself. This will be a painful process, which will call for not only great determination, but also great political wisdom. This year's reform measures are aimed at ensuring stable economic growth and avoiding unnecessary risks. Therefore, they must facilitate economic growth.
China's measures of comprehensive reform are also good news for the world economy. Because the fortunes of the Chinese economy are so incredibly linked with those of the global economy, sound economic and social development in China will bring opportunities to the wider world.
o Yuan Guisen is the ambassador of the People's Republic of China to The Bahamas.

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Two accused of murdering man struck by car


Tribune Freeport Reporter

FREEPORT - The murder trial of Coletor Johnson and Glinton Louis opened in the Supreme Court yesterday with testimony from eye-witnesses who recalled how 23-year-old Markinson Justin was struck by a car that left the scene.

The matter being heard before Senior Justice Hartman Longley.

Johnson, 23, and Glinton, 32, are accused of being concerned together and intentionally causing the death of Justin at Explorer's Way on July 12, 2011.

It is alleged that some time after 8am, the accused were in a gold 2000 Buick Century that struck and killed the victim, who was walking.

According to the prosecution, Justin ...

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Subscribe and WIN a Free Round Trip Ticket on SkyBahamas!

Congratulations goes out to Justin Snisky our November 2012 'Subscribe and Win' Winner! Justin has just won a Free round trip ticket on SkyBahamas!begins for another chance to WIN!

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'Biggie' Colebrook rides to victory

The New Providence Cycling Association (NPCA) held its mid-week cycling clash at the National Cycling Track, at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, on Wednesday.
The main event, termed 'The Devil Take Behind', where each lap the last cyclist to cross the start/finish line was eliminated until only three are remaining, proved to be the featured attraction. The final three cyclists in that race would then execute a sprint for the top prize. As it turned out, Anthony 'Biggie' Colebrook out-sprinted newcomer Clarence Rolle, Peetron Lighbtourne and Justin Minns, carrying home $50 in cash as the top prize.
Also on Wednesday, the Mackey family, Kirk, Ron and Susan, prevailed in the family division. Next week, the association will stage another event, promoting health and fitness. Also, the Tour de New Providence is set for October 29 and 30, 2011.
Open Race (10 laps)
1st - Anthony Colebrook - Generali Warriors (5:48)
2nd - Peetron Lighbtourne - Generali Warriors (5:58)
3rd - Clarence Rolle - Carmichael Road (6:07)
4th - Justin Minns - Generali Warriors (6:08)
5th - Timothy Sturrup - Warlords (6:10)
Open Female (10 laps)
1st - Antinece Simmons - Generali Warriors (6:09)
2nd - Abagail Minns - Generali Warriors (6:13)
Junior Girls - Under 14 yrs. (five laps)
1st - Dakota Minns - Bain Town (6:16)
2nd - Tatyana Musgrove - Generali Warriors (6:20)
3rd - Audericka Colebrook - (6:22)
Junior Boys - Under 14 yrs. (five laps)
1st - Cecil Williams - Generali Warriors (5:49)
2nd - Felix Neely - Generali Warriors (5:50)
3rd - Jason Rolle - (6:00)
Junior Boys/Pee Wee - Under 12 yrs. (four laps)
1st - Auderick Colebrook - Black Village (6:02)
2nd - Leonard Ferguson - Yellow Elder (6:09)
3rd - B.J. Musgrove - Generali Warriors (6:36)

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Congratulations goes out to Justin Snisky

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Susan Beatrice Russell, 80

Funeral Service for MRS. SUSAN BEATRICE RUSSELL, 80, of Hope Town, Abaco will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. at St. James Methodist Church, Hope Town, Abaco. Officiating will be Vernon Malone, JP, Rev. Marie Neilly and Pastor Savage. Interment will follow in the Upper Cemetery, Hope Town, Abaco.

She was predeceased by her husband: Sherlock Russell, daughter: Joan, son: Duncan and great grandson: Bennett.

Left to cherish her memories are her daughters: Olga, Linda, Karen and Ruth; sons: Peter and Glen; granddaughters: Nancy, Yvette, Sharmon, Maryann and Carmella; grandsons: Justin, Andrew, William and Dean; great granddaughters: Angelia, Kaylyn, Paige, Aisha, Dana, Justine, ...

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Jury finds man guilty of manslaughter


Tribune Freeport Reporter

FREEPORT - Although Coletor Johnson was acquitted of murder, her co-accused Glinton Louis was found guilty of manslaughter on Thursday in the Supreme Court.

The jury returned around 7pm on Thursday with the verdict. They found Louis, 32, not guilty of murder by a vote 12-0, but instead found him guilty of manslaughter by a vote of 8-4.

Johnson and Louis were on trial for the murder of Markinson Justin. They were accused of driving a gold-coloured Buick Century when it struck and killed Justin on July 12, 2011 at Explorer's Way.

The case opened on Tuesday. Senior Justice Hartman Longley directed the jury on Wedne ...

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Philip Whyley, 82

Funeral service for Philip Whyley, 82 yrs., a resident of Singapore Ct., Flamingo Gardens, who died on 2nd October, 2011, will be held at Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church, Blue Hill Road South, on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Pastor Edward St. Fleur, assistd by Elder Audley Mitchell & Elder Osmond Lacroix. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Left to cherish his memories are his sons: Albert, Tyrone, Terrence & Patrick Whyley; daughters: Beverley Armbrister-Lopez, Sarahlee Miller & Pamela Ferguson; sons-in-law: Alipio Lopez, Harold Miller & Kenneth Ferguson; daughter-in-law: Christine Whyley; sister-in-law: Irene Whyley; grandchildren: Jonathon, Teranice, Jasmine & Tia, Sheniqua, & Desmond Armbrister, Alchrista Carey, Albert, Aaron, Chicquanie, Taniesha, Tyrell & Tyrone Whyley, Casinoveia Justin, Kizzie Mitchell & Keyshawn Ferguson; 17 great grandchildren; grandsons-in-law: Gary Carey, Evans Justin & Shane Mitchell; nieces: Eulease, Sandra & Linda Taylor, Sharon Ferguson, Judy Williams, Cora Beneby, Louis Whyley, Mary Whyms, Christain Scott, Leona Dean; nephews: David & Colin Dawkins, Arthur, Wellington, John, Carl, Sidney, Samuel & Frederick Whyley; other relatives & friends: Merlin Johnson & family, Neville Arthur, Andrew & Robert Sawyer, Dame Joan Sawyer, Joshua Rolle & family, Felix Rolle & family, Mrs. Penn & family, Thomas Rolle & family & Flamingo Garden family.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Saturday & on Sunday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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