USA / 2008 / 91 mins

Language: English

Director: Alexander Smith

Producers: Nathaniel Kohn, Pamela Kohn

Screenwriter: Alexander Smith

Principal Cast: Anna Camp, Christopher Denham, Mya Harrison, Josh Caras, Lauren Karl, Peter Appel, Ptolemy Slocum, Scott Wilson, Shane McRae

New Visions

Bottleworld' is a comedy that revolves around a liquor storeof the same name and is the story of Wilson, a new employee at Bottleworld, whoenters a seemingly utopian environment and is welcomed by his co-workers andthe store manager, Murray. Wilson falls in love with Murray's daughter Chrissyand couldn't be happier with his new life. But when he overhears an employeeplan to terrorize the store on a holiday, he warns Chrissy and Murray whodownplay the threat but can't convince Wilson to do the same.  As holidays pass without incident,Wilson's priorities begin to appear misplaced but protecting the store is thechallenge Wilson thinks he must meet if he's going preserve the comfortablelife he has found in Bottleworld.