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Nitro Video Audio & Photography Studios
Disc Jockeys (DJs),Photographers,Videographers & Video Production
  • East Street opposite Bahama Avenue
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
News Article

April 22, 2015
Dress code for photographers

Recently I attended a lovely wedding ceremony in a beautiful church. The only thing that spoiled it was the photographer who was so conspicuous with his untidy attire parading in front of everyone.

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News Article

October 01, 2014
The social media dilemma

"Those disgusting relatives of mine, how could they have put my photo on social media without my permission? Why can't they respect my wishes?"
Is there really something wrong with publishing a friend's photos on an online social media site without the person's permission? Note carefully that if one is in a public place, there is no expectation of privacy, no matter what you are doing. However, wh...

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