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July 19, 2019


I am ever so sad to write this post considering that I cheered Aliv Bahamas on and welcomed the change. My company got enrolled in a corporate plan and today as we had a great business inconvenience I stepped into store at West Plaza, Nassau Bahamas to find . Instead I found a door security who requested that I imprisoned my 1 year old in my arms despite my baby not causing any trouble other than walking around. A male employee dressed in all black who showed great discontent by the presence of my kids, in particular my 1 year old. To be fair to the rest of the staff a female went out of her way to get my baby a balloon to play with, which the Male Employee decided to take from him and place in a high place where my baby could not reach it and caused him to cry! I am can not express how discriminated against I felt. It's sad that aliv wastes so much money in advertizing and claiming to support the community, but feel the need to be mean to a 1 year old baby in their "perfect little store". This is the second occasion that the security threatens to throw me out of the store because my baby wants to walk around. He either does not have any babies, or is just a complete Ogre. I am so upset about this, my older kids where in sad about how mean the representative was to the baby. What does this say about aliv as a company? Why are your store all so kids unfriendly? Why do you have people who are heartless to kids? My business line was never turned on as promised despite complete payment, and my kids never want to return to your store @ South West.

Tags : Aliv In West Plaza Nassau  Bahamas HATES KIDS!!!! 


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