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  • Landing Hotel and Restaurant
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March 27, 2007

Bambu has it going on

Bambu is currently the hip hang out. The place can be jammed midweek when the cruise ships are in, but more with staff from the ships than tourists, who tend to favour the more party style of Senoir Frogs up the street. Music seems to be euro dance, I if didn't know better I could be in a bar in Barcelona instead of Nassau. Bambu does not usually get busy till close to midnight, but if you want to dance till 4 or 5 in the morning, then it will still be going strong.

Tags : bars  dancing  club music  

March 26, 2007

Body Zone

If you are out east, this is the best gym to join. Good equipment, clean, well equipped.

March 25, 2007

Good steak.. but

The quality of the steak at Seafire is good, and really i can't complain about my meal at all. My problem is the dining area, it reminds me of eating in a college dining hall, its big and impersonal, for me the high cealing's don't help with the atmosphere. Service was very good, but for the prices I want to feel more at home in a place than I did here. If you want a meal with your wife, there are much better choices than Seafire. The fillet mignon at Cafe Matisse for example is on a par with here , its better value and the ambiance is perfect.

Tags : steak  fillet steak  sausages 

March 23, 2007

Juice me up.

The Bahamas is great for Jamba Juice, nothing better on a hot day than sucking down one of these babies, for me I can't see me having a J.J on a cold day in New York. Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is why do i have to pay 15 percent gratuity on my Juice nobody is bringing this out to my table, I buy the drink, you make the drink, thats how it works, Starbucks don't charge me to make me a coffee , so come on Jamba stop rippping of the customer.

Tags : fruit smoothy  jamba juice  fruit drinks 

January 26, 2007

Good Electrician

Have used Edmond Rahming for my electrical work in Nassau for over 3 years and would happily recommend him. Knowledgeable , skilled and reliable.

Tags : Electrician. 

January 22, 2007

Nobu please sir can I have some more.

Nobu is located within the Atlantis, just off the Casino floor.Yes the food is good, yes its expensive, this place is hardly my weekly destination. I could not fault the qaulity, though for me the quantity could have been better, I was hardly bursting at the seams after getting through my meal, so much so that I and my friend ordered some more sushi rolls to fill the gap, and empty the wallet. Not enough to make me change from Sea Front Sushi. If you want to see and be seen and are not worried about paying for the priveledge then Nobu is the place to go.

Tags : sushi  japenese food  nobu  

January 18, 2007

Great Pizza and Pasta A family favourite.

Zio Gigi's is located at Hurricane Hole plaza, just a few minutes walk from the Atlantis, it is also one of the few places on P.I. that you can eat outside. This restaurant is popular with locals too , which tells you that the Italian food here is good. If I eat with all the family, we go early evening, usually around 6, this is a good time to go with Children, if you want to eat later I would suggest you book, especially on weekends. My personal favourite is the 4 cheese pizza, but i add my own twist with a portion of pepperoni on top, but no matter what Pizza you order, you won't be dissapointed. If pizza is not yout thing, there is an excellent selction of pasta dishes, and be sure to check out the daily specials board too. Zio's often has special themed dinner evenings, I recently went for the seafood evening, and it was superb. If you want to eat in relxed atmospehere with attentive service and authentic italian food, then you won't find better than Zio Gigi's.

Tags : italian restaurant  pizza  pasta  restaurants paradise island  

January 17, 2007

Good place to eat with Kids

If you have young Children Anthony's is a good choice for a place to eat. Kids get a main meal and dessert included, food is to a good standard, and certainly on a par with the much more expensive Bimini Road inside Marina Village.

Tags : childrens menu  burgers  carribean food  

January 16, 2007

Great Humous

They have great home made humous here, very good Greek food.

Tags : humous  kebabs  greek salad 

January 16, 2007

Mexican Food and Party Place

Senor Frogs is located on the waterfront close to the Straw Market and Hilton Hotel. If you are in Nassau on a weekday, and the cruise ships are in town, then this is one of the few places you can party midweek.Food is on a Mexican theme, and is ok ,but this is not a quiet place for a bite to eat.I have had the mixed Fajitas here a couple of times and they were good.Weekends if you are not eating you could have to pay a cover charge to get in.

Tags : Chicken Fajitas Beef Fajitas  Sandwiches  Salads  Dancing  

January 15, 2007

Italian Sub Rocks.

I just love the Italian B.M.T. It consists of Sliced Genoa salami, pepperoni and ham and your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments and of course served on freshly baked bread, my own favourite is the oat sub. I have to have everything on it, and the jalapenos on the top. Oh yeah.

Tags : sandwich subs  deli sandwich  

January 15, 2007

Good Value Happy Hour

2 beers for only $5 during happy hour makes Jumbey a good place to start your night, or grab a cold one after work. Nice outdoor covered setting.

Tags : bar  pub  happy hour  bar snacks 

January 15, 2007

Family Doctor

Great Family Doctor.

Tags : family doctor  doctors  

January 10, 2007

Popular Cafe among locals and visitors

News Cafe is a great place for Breakfast, Lunch , or a late snack after a few beers. Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is also very good.

January 10, 2007

Nice setting for a Latte

You can of course choose from a number of Starbucks now in nassau but this one still has best location.


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