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July 2, 2011

So Good

The cupcakes here are so good, especially the guava duff and the bailey's cream ones. There is no place else in nassau with pastries that good. My only complaint is that they close at 4 which makes it difficult to go if you dont work in the area and get off at 5.

July 13, 2010

Great Donuts and Pastries

This place has great donuts and pastries, is cheaper than Dunkin Donuts, and just as good, so I usually go there instead of supporting the 'man'. and its worth it, great donuts at a good price. The problem is mainly parking, if you don't work downtown.

March 12, 2010

Great Burgers

The best burgers in Town and reasonably priced as well. Have been disappointed with the wait, a few times, but it has been worth it. Also, if you don't live in the area it's worth the drive.

November 24, 2009


My tastebuds and my patriotism are really fulfilled, each time i have a sands or strong back, as they are truly bahamian beers (unlike some other)and our second to none in taste.if you come to the bahamas and want to drink a truly bahamian beer, you have to try a 'sands' or 'strong back' stout. they also just came out with a new one called 'high rock'

November 24, 2009


Although, this is not exclusive to Lowe's, in fact every pharmacy/store does it, I will bring it up here. The policy of keeping condoms behind the counter is a bad one. Pharmacies and stores, need to, as in civilized countries place condoms on the shelves where customers can get them at their convience without asking a store clerk. Many, particularly, young men are too embarrassed to ask in most cases the female clerk for a pack of condoms, especially if there are other people in the store, and they still go out and have unprotected. sex. Sounds simplistic but it happens, I know in this town many our tempted towards the five finger discount, but thats the case with all items eg. chocolate bars. Have condoms on the shelves so customers can view them and possibly decide which one they want, if there is a variety present. Having to ask the clerk, to get you condoms, implies that they are somehow special or only for adults etc. when quite frankly these days, like it or not, that is not the case.

November 24, 2009

Good Cookies

Some of the best homemade cookies, I have ever had.

November 22, 2009


Good doughnuts and coffee, but prices are way too high IMO. If you could afford it, go for it.

November 22, 2009


never had anything else from them except their pasta. their chicken, shrimp or conch feta it is very good, and they give you a decent serving. wait isn't bad either and prices are just right. think its the best place to get feta in nassau

November 22, 2009


just tried this newest pizza joint in nassau. it was good, and the prices were decent as well. i must say it is miles better than domino's. can't wait until they put a location somewhere in the west. pending they keep their quality up, as domino's own has obviously declined..

November 22, 2009


i only went to this place once, and swore not to go back again. the chicken was hard as rock and the rice wasn't much softer. threw the whole thing in the trash, as it wasn't eve good enough for my dogs


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