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Samantha Perigord
S.P. Productions
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Bahamian is my favourite. I love the Region Bells African music and some R & B.
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King of Queens, Oprah and interviews and entertainment shows.
Favorite food:
Peas Soup and Dough, Sea food and fish.
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  • Performed for New York couple
    Performed for New York couple

    This couple travelled from New York to Nassau to celebrate their first anniversary. Mrs. Haven suprised her husband to a private dinner in the gardens on Paradise Island.

  • Samantha Perigord
    Samantha Perigord

    SongwritersoloistProducer Performer and writer of Show Me Your Motion,Ain No Ting,Women Be Strong and many more. Songwriter for many Bahamian Artists.

  • Samantha Perigord
    Samantha Perigord

  • Bazy

    SoloistSongwriterProducerArranger Performer and composer of Numba Man, Pumpkin Seed, and more.

  • Christopher

    Son of Bazy Samantha Limbo dancer and drummer. Winner of National Arts Festival King Knights Talent Search

  • Lil DiansaDaughter of Bazy Samantha
    Lil DiansaDaughter of Bazy Samantha

    SoloistSongwriterProducer Performer and co writer of the popular song, Naggers.

  • Lil Diansa
    Lil Diansa

    Performing at the Independance Celebrations 2006 at The Fish Fry.

  • Lil Diansa
    Lil Diansa

  • Samantha Perigord
    Samantha Perigord

    At the Fish Fry

  • Christopher

    Christopher on drums

  • Bazy Samantha
    Bazy Samantha

    Two piece band that sounds like a five piece band.

  • Samantha Perigord
    Samantha Perigord

  • Bazy

    Bazy, producer and performer of the popular song,Numba Man and many others.

  • Independance July, 2006
    Independance July, 2006

  • Lil Diansa
    Lil Diansa

  • Bazy Samantha
    Bazy Samantha

    Bazy Samantha performs at Market Paradiso, Paradise Islans every Friday night from 8 until.

  • Lil Diansa at Fish Fry
    Lil Diansa at Fish Fry

    Lil Diansa performing at independance celebrations July, 2006 at Fish Fry

  • Lil Diansa
    Lil Diansa

    Samanthas baby girl. She is the soloist of the popular original song Naggers

  • Da Bone Fish Crew
    Da Bone Fish Crew

    Samanthas daughter and son. Lil DiansaSoloist and songwriter. ChristopherDrummer and dancer.

  • Bahamian Diva
    Bahamian Diva

  • The Entertainer
    The Entertainer

August 12, 2009

Two Piece Band

The music is sweet. It's amazing to hear such a big sound come from such a small band.

Tags : band music entertainment 

August 11, 2009


Great colors and lots of information available.

Tags : musicians music entertainment 

August 11, 2009

Trees are fresh!

Every year I purchase a Ken Perigord christmas tree, and I am well pleased with everything.They're affortable too!

Tags : Entertainment musicians band 

August 11, 2009


Looks good!

Tags : entertainment musicians restaurants 

August 7, 2009

Green Parrots is hot!

The food is excellent and they have great customer service. They are also professional.Not to mention, the atmospere makes you feel like you're in paradise.

Tags : entertainment musicians band 


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  5. Place I eat
    1. The Green Parrot Harbour Front : Yum Yum
    Place I go
    1. Market Paradiso : Drinks, food and fun
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