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April 5, 2018

Ambushed and accused in the store!

We were shopping in this store on the afternoon of Mar 24 2018. I was selecting a fridge magnet from the side wall. A cheap picture frame fell off the BOTTOM SHELF of the stand in the aisle behind me and cracked in a small section of the corner. I walked over to pick it up off the floor and one of the sales girls came charging around the corner and told me I had to pay for it. I was NO WHERE NEAR the shelf when this frame fell over yet the sales girl accused me of hitting it with my bag and knocking it off. My bag was on my shoulder and the frame fell over from the bottom shelf. This sales girl got louder and mouthier by the minute. I explained I was looking at magnets and did not cause the frame to fall over. Her reply was "you are the only one standing near here. You gotta pay for it." I started to leave the store, she ran outside and yelled for the police. 2 police officers then come into the store. I explain where I was standing and that I had no involvement in the frame falling off the BOTTOM SHELF. By this time the sales girl is yelling at me, in my face, accusing me of lying and she is the one lying to the police as her description of this event changed. She said the frame fell from the top shelf and my bag hit it. She did not see the frame fall she was not anywhere near the shelf at the time!!. Her entire story was false and made up. By this time the store manager is involved and telling the police I have to pay for it regardless of whether I was responsible or not. The officer advises the manager that they have no proof and cannot ask me to pay. The store manager then looks at us all and says "well if she doesn't pay we're gonna have her followed". My friend got very nervous about this and offered to pay for the frame with no acknowledgement from the store staff. I am appalled at the way we were accused, ambushed and treated by these sales girls. They were lying, aggressive and clearly experienced in harassing tourists to pay for goods damaged in this store whether responsible or not for the breakage. I am a regular visitor to Bahamas and WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THIS STORE AGAIN. I encourage all tourists to stay away from this store as this frame was likely a set up and there is another ambush victim waiting to be scammed. Do not BUY anything from a store that ambushes and accuses tourists with NO PROOF, causing a major incident, bringing in police officers, threatening to follow us around town. You wonder why places like this have a bad reputation with tourists regarding safety? People like this in stores like this are the reason. ambushedatsunsandandteesinNassau...


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