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    Tech Nerd, I find myself entangled in every facet of technology. Im unwilling to find an exit, but eager to solve problems by creating new and innovative solutions. I view technology as an extension of our capabilities. I cant scream loud enough to say h

March 20, 2018

Very Inconsistent!!

I have had Bahama Grill on many occasions, Never getting the same taste twice. Some times chicken smells foul, the coleslaw and potato salad is spoiled. Just overall no attention to what matters.Not quality food.

March 20, 2018

$3 worth of Souse for $13

This breakfast place is rather ok. However, they are really short changing customers. My wife and I regularly eat from here, every day i get sheep tongue souse from here i request as little souse gravy as possible, even offering to pay additional for less if needed. They never oblige. I get roughly 2 spoons of souse and 1 full cup of gravy. Highly disappointed. Disappointed mainly because I communicate very clearly with the persons taking my order telling them exactly what i want, and having them assure me that i would receive what was requested, and having them printing on the receipt half the gravy, only for it to be ignored. DoBetter

March 20, 2018

Highly Disappointed!

My wife and I often get treats, recently we visited Dairy Queen Cable Beach. I have NEVER been to an ice cream parlor and been told that i cant buy ice-cream. I got a Moolatt. I requested that instead of the whip cream I wanted ice cream on the top eager to pay if it came to that. They gave me exactly what i asked them NOT to give me! Then proceeded to say that I cant have it the way that i want it, even bringing the manager just to say no! I can not pay for ice-cream to go on top! Terrible experience. I requested a refund a gave back the beverage that they decided i should have.

March 20, 2018

Awesome view, Tasty salad!

I'm VERY picky with my conch! Dino's is the only place that seems to get it right!


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