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July 22, 2008

I LOVE this place!!!

This Starbucks is the best location of all!! Followed by Palmdale and then PI locations. The staff at Harbour Bay location are all great and always friendly and I disagree with the other users review who says they are slow .. I think that all things considered with how busy they are in there all the time they do an excellent job of getting your drinks and food orders out quickly. oh and their Veggie Chabatta rocks!! : )

July 22, 2008

Not a good experience

I was recommended to go to Cartrights by our mechanic to get my car ac fixed .. I had been to another place and been quoted a amount I felt was too high at another place and was told Cartwrights would give a more fair price. I went into get a quote .. I already know what the problem is .. a clogged filter .. but the mechanic Tim in charge refused to come out to even speak to me and told the girl at reception I would have to make an appointment first to see him and come back some other time ... when I told him I already knew the problem and all I need was a quote I was told they don't accept other companies words on what the problem is that they have to look at it themself and that to have him look at it and give me a quote would cost me $60 for his time! I was shocked .. that is highway robbery!! ... it would have taken him 2 minutes to come and take a look and let me know an approximate price range ... but obviously Cartwights has so much business they are not even intersted in getting any more!! Not at all impressed with this company at all!


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