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June 1, 2016

Please do something - FRAUD at Memories Resort

More like "Nightmares" versus Memories. We booked our family vacation at Memories, at their website for nine nights...$5200 all-inclusive. Upon arriving 5/29, it became very apparent why they don't answer their phones if you call in advance. They don't have a modern booking system and ?could not find? our reservation. Luckily we had paperwork and they kept asking who we booked through (ahem?their website is what we used). An hour later with nine-bags for four of us (wife and two teenage daughters), a ?manager? named Morris came out and explained they?re booked solid but they?ll put us up for a night at the Lucaya next door. Two hours into this we conceded as we were stuck in Freeport without alternative options. Morris claimed to be the assistant manager and stated he?d waive our first night?s fees, but we could still use their facility (walking over from the Lucaya). The hotel shuttle took us out and around to the other resort where we waited another 45 minutes checking in there. We were shuffled into two small rooms for the night (in lieu of our two Deluxe Suites at the Memories resort) and trekked back across to Memories to find some food? At the Prop Shop restaurant, we learned that all-inclusive at Memories does not include service. 30 minutes after sitting down we managed to get someone to take a drink order?another 20 minutes later half our drinks arrived?though be aware they keep costs low by not including alcohol in drinks unless you dictate the (alcoholic) drink should contain alcohol. 30 minutes later we managed to get some hockey-puck chicken sandwiches and a burger (still no replacement drink with alcohol?). There?s one person working 30 tables and he?s not trying that hard. We left disappointed and hungry back for our trek back to the other hotel we were forced to stay for the night. On the way, we learned that wet concrete on the resort (cloud burst of rain occurred while we were in the prop-shop) made the cement like ice?my oldest daughter slipped just before my wife. My daughter bruised her hip while my wife hurt her knee. Wet, dirty, hungry and part of our party hurt due to poor walkway design, we went to our rooms. The Lucaya had no AC in our rooms. We called to have it resolved and a maintenance worker came 30-40 minutes later, played with some knobs stated it was working and left. We barely slept thanks to the dirty, hot room. Later, we learned 14 people were shuffled to Lucaya and the Lucaya personnel stated it was a ?cost-savings? measure Memories often employed because they pay $99/night to shuffle us over and force their guests to pay the full amount. ?the next day (5/30), we went to the lobby for our ?shuttle? Morris set up for us and it never came. The Lucaya bell-man was nice enough to call over to Memories but no one was answering. He shook his head and stated they don?t answer their phones and he doesn?t understand why. We decided to hoof it with our baggage?a half mile?to Memories hoping our rocky vacation start was behind us. Upon getting there, we learned Morris was off for the day?though he claimed he?d be there when we got there to check in. After 2 hours of waiting in line for check-in, we were asked to pay for the entirety of our stay (including the day we technically didn?t stay at Memories) or they would not check us in. I asked for a manager and re-stated what Morris promised (they were to comp our first night for the trouble). A lady named Stacey came out and stated she was a manager and that Morris should never have made that promise and ?would not have?. My wife and I looked at each other and our kids and pushed back asking for the Hotel Manager. We were told we?d have to wait because ?William? is in a meeting but could be with us ?in a while?. Another 30 minutes passed. It?s now 1pm? William comes out chewing on something (apparently coming from lunch while we waited in the lobby) tells me how it?s our fault that they didn?t have the registration but then later retracted it stating it might be their website(?). He offered an upgrade called the ?Diamond Club? but said if we weren?t going to pay the entire amount we?d have to leave (Morris? promise broken). Stuck behind a rock and a hard place, we said screw it and paid the amount figuring that?d be the end of it. Four hours later trying to ?check in? for the 2nd time attempting to check in we had room keys and headed to our rooms?disgusted by the way we?d been treated and wondering if it was over. Our rooms were 5th floor rooms ? 405 and 406 (one of us were planning to stay with one daughter and give us all a bit of extra space). The rooms had the wrong beds per our registrations and had a view of a rooftop, a port-o-potty and a trashy lot. The bathrooms were scuzzy?hair on the floor, rusty/corroded fixtures and long hairs stuck to a cheap bath curtain. This is Memories? idea of a ?Deluxe Suite?? We called down, but again were told they bent over backward to accommodate our reservation and next time we should book directly with them via phone (???). We called about the room dirtiness (both rooms) and were told they can clean the rooms better the following day. At this point, we got some dinner at the Italian restaurant overlooking the ocean. We attempted the buffet versus menu items at first, but most of the serving trays had not been replenished?effectively, you had choice of salad, watered down creamy tomato (best guess?) and some fruit that should have been on the buffet too long. I walked around and asked the waitress to order some pasta (American Spaghetti dish?). We chatted and could not get drinks. Never did get the alcoholic drink I ordered when I sat down. I went to the bar attached to the restaurant and asked for a Pina Colada with rum. I was told they?d been out of strawberry daiquiri and pina colada mix for ?hours?. About 2 hours into our experience, the spaghetti dish came out?not sure what it was, but it wasn?t what I?d ordered. We left, again, disgusted and in awe by how little the staff cared. Trip Advisor and other travel sites ?claim? this is a 4-star resort, yet 2nd day in still no decent meal and no one working for the property seemed to care one way or another. They had my card charged and that was enough it seemed. A stop back to our rooms, my wife and I started thinking about alternatives, we couldn?t fathom another 7 nights at Memories. We found an alternate property using the spotty Wifi (forces a re-login every few minutes)?and called the front-desk to find out our options on departing early. Ironically, the front-desk transferred our request to...Morris. Morris apologized for not being around earlier and that the shuttle should have come to pick us up. I told him our experience had been horrible and we just want to leave. He stated we could pay for the two nights (checking out the next morning on 5/31) and it wouldn?t be a problem?he was working ?9-5:30? so just come down and see him. I asked again for clarity what we?d be responsible for and he said just the two nights and we could be on our way. We hung up (both my wife and I listened to ensure we heard the same thing) and felt confident we could book something elsewhere and move on the next day salvaging some of our vacation. The next morning, we had another disappointing breakfast and went to check out. Morris was there and hand-wrote what we?d be credited?out of $5200 we paid for the stay, they would only credit $3400. $1800 for two rooms for two nights?and one night we weren?t even at the Memories resort!?!?!?!? At this point, a different Morris personality came out?then a different William and now they?re asking me to ?step into this room?. My wife and I felt threatened and intimidated. They stated they would NOT let us depart the resort unless we agreed to the $3400 credit. After 2.5 hours of this and ensuring other people around me were aware of what they were doing, Morris had another (large) employee intimidating us. I haven?t really been fearful of these situations without my children present, but this day (today as I write this) I was fearful of what they were going to do. We were forced (yes forced) to surrender our credit card again, with witnesses (other guests) watching. They ran the credit and put the pen and slip in front of us and didn?t give us any other option. This was mafia-style treatment?at Memories in Freeport, Bahamas. I was shocked, still am in shock and sit here writing this unable to sleep although (finally) at a reputable resort. Avoid this place at all costs. I now have the task of trying to get my credit card company and local authorities involved to see what I can do about our monetary loss. I can?t believe this place operates (at all). William, Stacey and Morris (especially Morris) are dangerous and unethical people.

Tags : Memories Fraud Cheated Intimidated Police please help! 


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