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November 26, 2015

Making it great!

I wanted to use this space to congratulate Pizza Hut at Saunders Beach for making good on a mistake they made last week. Last week, they really messed up my order. I placed a complaint in person at the time and also on their online contact form. This week I got a personal phone call from the Manager Larissa. She listened to my complaint, apologized on behalf of her team and offered a free pizza. That she took the time to respond at all is commendable and that she did so with grace and without excuses is stellar. They changed my mind about using them again - especially in a market where we have so many choices. Way to go Pizza Hut! NOT ONLY THAT.... The pizza is excellent!!!

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June 4, 2015

always good service and selection

I rarely write reviews but I'm always pleased with the service and selection at MD Furniture. I can call ahead and they always seem to have time to answer my questions before I drive down. Delivery is fast and easy and staff are very helpful. Recommended!


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