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Jason McDowall
Ice Hockey, Rugby Sevens
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Chinese and Italian
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  • Olives is described by many is the best Greek Cafe in downtown Nassau. Open for lunch and dinner with fantastic service and affordable prices. A must when you are hungry!

  • The Beechcraft King Air
    The Beechcraft King Air

    1360 nm Range Pressurised cabin Auto pilot GPS Equipped Colour Radar IFR Certified

  • The Beechcraft King Air
    The Beechcraft King Air

    1360 nm Range Pressurised cabin Auto pilot GPS Equipped Colour Radar IFR Certified

  • The Beechcraft King Air
    The Beechcraft King Air

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June 23, 2011

Very Nice Lunch

Went for lunch last week and was very impressed. Great service and great food. I will be back more often.

Tags : lunch  dinner  work lunch 

May 26, 2011

Cup Cakes Mhhhhh

I got 12 cupcake for the office staff and within 5 mins they were all gone. I got 4 different flavors, lemon was my favorite..

Tags : cupcakes  treats  office gifts  staff gift  cakes 

May 26, 2011

Home made Soup

I went their for lunch yesterday and had the soup and sandwich. The soup was home made and delicious the cheese and ham sandwich was also very good.

Tags : lunch  soup  ham and cheese sandwich  business lunch 

May 16, 2011

pretty good service

Called up, got good price, went and was in and out in 10 mins with a new tyre.

Tags : goodyear tyres 

May 4, 2010

nice food

nice place, nice food and nice service.. Their burgers are massive, and Ova da hill chicken in da bag was good. I would recommend it..

Tags : chicken in da bag  conch fritters  burgers 

April 25, 2010

Great Food

All I can say is, great food, great service and great prices. A must for any tourist or even a local. There Conch Fritters are fantastic.

Tags : great food  great lunch  lunch  dinner  conch fritters  burgers 

March 2, 2010

Kids Love it

The family and I went last week and the kids had a great time. The staff were friendly and the service was pretty good.

Tags : bowling  family fun  kids play  something to do 

September 12, 2009

Great Shirts - Great Designs

242 people have great tees with great designs

Tags : t-shirts  tees  242 people 

August 11, 2009

Great Place To Eat

Great place to eat and drink, Freddy, Curtis and Rudy are nice guys... This is a place you have to check out.

Tags : bar  restaurant  great food  happy hour  meeting place 

December 24, 2008

The Best Pretzels

it is true what they say, the cinnamon sugar pretzels are brilliant.

Tags : pretzels  cinnamon pretzels 

June 10, 2008

Quick Service - Nice Food

The Double Dragon has a good menu, quick service and the food is pretty good.

Tags : chinese  take away food  

February 29, 2008

Not Nice, No Smile

I have only seen FMS at the US Embassy and they were not nice. People stand in a que to get into the embassy, they wait ages and then the lady infront of me got nothing but a mouthfull of nonsence. When it was my turn I got the same. I take it the girl must have had a bad day, mind you it was still only 8.30am, I wonder what the person that arrived at 12pm got... A smile would have been nice, but it was to hard....

February 21, 2008

Nice for Lunch

This is a nice place to go for a quick lunch. Their gyros are great !!!

Tags : gyro  lunch  

February 15, 2008

10 Minute Oil Change

They say they can change your oil in 10 minutes, and it is just about true.. You go in they empty out the old oil, change the filter and then fill your car up with new oil. Just the job !!!!!!

Tags : oil change  car oil  car filter 

February 13, 2008

Yippee, at last

At last a Starbucks has opened up at the Mall at Marathon.

Tags : coffee shop  latte  hot chocolate 

February 12, 2008

another good fresh subway

This is another good, fresh, subway. The sandwiches are always fresh, but service at this location can be a little slow sometimes, but still nice staff.

Tags : subway  lunch  sandwiches 

February 10, 2008

Honest and good service

If you have a problem with your car this is the place to go to. Mr Cartwright is honest and fixes the problem the first time.

Tags : car garage  mechanic 

January 9, 2008

American Style Diner

Johnny Rockets gives great service and the food is pretty good. The staff even do a dance when certain music comes on, which is pretty fun to watch. What you get in here is exactly what you would get in a Johnny Rockets in the US.

Tags : restaurant american diner 

January 8, 2008

Nice Location

This is the Green Parrot's new location. It has a great view looking over to Atlantis. Best time to go is when the drinks are on happy hour, as they are pretty expensive at normal time.

Tags : bars  restaurant 

December 18, 2007

Nice Staff

I have only came across Wenco Security staff at the FirstCaribbean Bank and they are always very friendly and polite.

Tags : security personel  security guard 

December 14, 2007

Happy Hour Friday Night

Great place to start your night.

Tags : green parrot  bar  happy hour 

December 12, 2007

Good Store, Only Store

Kelly's has everything that you need. They are basically the only store on the island with the large selection.. somethings are good priced but some things are overpriced.

Tags : toys  garden  hardware  tools  plumbing 

November 11, 2007

Good Music

The Bambu is pretty good when there is cruise ships in. When there is no cruise ships in, the place is pretty quite. Cruise ship guests also get a discount on entry... (free) where local people have to pay.

Tags : bamboo  bambu  bar  disco  nightlife 

November 9, 2007

Good Music

I have been to Club Waterloo a few times and all have been pretty good. BJ recommended me to go, and even got me in as his guest so it was even better, i could spend more on some beer.

Tags : disco  nightclub 

November 9, 2007

Good Value

Seagrapes is a great all you can eat buffet. Staff are very nice and freindly.

Tags : buffet  dinner  lunch 

October 18, 2007

Great Service

The guys at Pest Control Bahamas are brill, they are always available and arrive when they say they will arrive.

Tags : pest control  rat problem  mice  ants 

October 11, 2007

Great Steaks

The Outback Restaurant is a great place for the guys to go for a meal and also great for family's. Food is good, service is good, free refills on your soda & water. If it is your birthday, let them know and they will send some junkanoo staff to sing Happy Birthday.

Tags : steak  outback  family restaurant 

September 18, 2007

Well Worth The Money

This is a fantastic trip, somthing you have to do. Unlimited food and drinks when you get the Powerboat Adventures private Exuma Island.

Tags : powerboat adventures  excursions 

September 14, 2007

Great Place for Lunch

This is a great place for lunch, great friendly staff and very good soup. You can sit in or take-away. I highly recommend the Kitchen Deli.

Tags : soup  lunch  sandwich 

September 14, 2007

Good Food

Seafront is prestty good for a quick bit to eat. The also sell stake for the none sushi lovers. Worth trying.

Tags : sushi  seafood restaurant 

September 14, 2007

Nice Bar Food

The cricket club is great to watch the footie or rugby. Nice bar food and freindly service.

Tags : cricket club  bar food  football  rugby 

September 5, 2007

Hand Made Cigars

You can watch a cigar getting rolled and you can also purchase it. Best place to buy genuine cuban cigars

Tags : cuban cigars 

September 5, 2007

Good Store, Big on Price

This is a good store.

Tags : apple computers 

August 29, 2007

Sale - Sale -Sale

Every time I go by this shop it has SALE signs up. I have never been in so i dont know if the products that they sell are discounted in a SALE.

Tags : jewellers  watches 

August 29, 2007

Quick Cheap Sandwich In Town

This is a pretty good location downtown if you want a cheap quick sandwich. Staff are nice, but if a cruise ship is in it can be pretty busy and take ages to get served. They also have a internet access for a few bucks a minute if you are traveling and want to check your emails.

Tags : sandwich  lunch 

August 23, 2007

The store that has it all

This store is pretty good, it has everything from car parts, to house hold goods to garden products.

Tags : car parts  house hold goods  kitchen untensils  garden products 

August 1, 2007

Slow Service

slow service, always busy and sometimes it is a little dirty..

Tags : mcdonalds  fast food 

July 30, 2007

Over All Pretty Good

Over all this school is very good. 90 percent of the teachers are also very good. There are a few things that are not up to scratch. The main thing is the kids are happy going to school.

Tags : school  st andrews 

May 30, 2007

Good Food, Bad Service

I have only been there the once, and the serivce was bad. The food was good though. I might give it a second chance.

Tags : restaurant 

May 16, 2007

Best Burger in town

Wendy's burgers are the best in town. This one on Prince Charles Drive has just opened and is 5 min from my house. very clean and freindly staff.

Tags : burgers  wendys 

May 16, 2007

Good Price

Monthly fees are very good, staff are very freindly. only bad thing is they play gay music... lol.. But i would recomend.

Tags : gym  fitness 

May 16, 2007

Bringing the USA to Nassau

Shipping from the USA to Bahamas Shop USA Freight is the best company to use if you want to ship anything big or small from the USA to Bahamas. I use Shop USA Freight all the time. Great personal service ..

Tags : shipping  customs clearing  courier service 

May 16, 2007

A must for your pool

Lindsay at Crystal Pools is a really nice guy, his service is great, he takes 110 percent care of the pool. Always shows up when he is meant to, even on a Sunday if needed.

Tags : pools  pool dealer  pool service 

April 25, 2007

Great !!!!

Just what Nassau needs, a nice, classy nightclub. I went to the opening night and had a great time. Kristin Cavallari was there, and a few others.. just wish i could have gotten a picture with her, but she was enjoing herself and i didn't want to interupt her.. What a night though!!!! only thing is it did hurt my wallet, at $9 a beer and i cant even remember how much a glass of champange cost, but it was a good night. Next day I had sore legs, sore head and a sore wallet.

Tags : nightclub  disco 

April 6, 2007

Great Frozen Yogurt

I love this place. They have a great selection to choose from. The also do brilliant birthday and celebration cakes, filled with ice cream or frozen yogurt..

Tags : frozen yogurt  tcby  ice cream  birthday cakes 

March 23, 2007

Ahhh Nice Cold fruitfull Drink

Jamba juice is great, nice, cold, fresh fruit. When it is 85oF it goes down a treat. Only bad thing is the charge a 15 gratuity which is out of order as they dont do anything for the 15. If you need a Jamba boost then complain like mad about the 15 addon, I did !!!!..

Tags : smoothy  jamba  fresh fruit drink 

March 17, 2007

Unique !!

I got the girls at Roomers to paint me a large picture to go with my room decor. It was fantastic.. Everyone comments on in when they see it. I would highly recommend them.

Tags : design  decoration  decorators  designers  innovation 

February 6, 2007

rooms to go

They advertise 'Rooms To Go' and use the 'US Rooms To Go logo', whither they have a franchise or not, to be honest probebly not, they do not have the same items as the US Rooms To Go.

Tags : rooms to go  bedroom furniture 

February 6, 2007

large selection, not good service

Multi discount have a large selection. I have shopped once to buy a chair and did not get good service from the tall guy behind the desk. Maybe he was having a bad day, but i have never went back

Tags : furniture  house hold goods  washing machine  dish washer 

February 2, 2007

Fantastic Value

I was one of the first people to joing this gym when it opened. All the machines are brand new. For $49 a month it is great value. All the staff are very frendly and is always smells fresh. They also have a lot of classes eg.. Yoga, toning etc etc.. not that I went to them. Best of all it is included in your monthly fees. I would highly recommend this.

Tags : gym  weight loss  workout  running machine  weight lifting  toning classes  yoga 

February 1, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

Well, where do I start.. I have had some great nights there. Gooner and I partied there all night long and cant even remember how we got home. Food is OK, not fantastic but OK. There beers are great and there soda's stink. You should also try there jelly shots !! yum yum.

Tags : mexican  fun night  disco  party  bar  beer  girls 

February 1, 2007

Massive Selection

Dorsett Tees have a massive selection of souvenirs for the general public and to the trade. If you want to buy or sell souvenir's then Dorsett Tees it the place. Dorsett Tees also do screen printing, if you want to make your own tshirts.

Tags : tshirts  souvenirs  key rings  cups beach towels  hats  caps  screen printing 

February 1, 2007

Good TShirts

I luv this shop, great name, great tshirts and souvenirs. This one seems to sell there t-shirts a little cheaper than the store in PI.

Tags : tshirts  souvenirs  pirana joe 

February 1, 2007

Great Thin Crust Pizza

Zio GiGi's does the best thin crust pizza on ze island. I do recommend to make a booking if you want to go as it does get busy. My wife and kids loved it there the only person who did not like it was my wallet. But i would recommend it.

Tags : thin crust pizza  pasta  italian food 

February 1, 2007

Happy Hour

Jumbey Cafe is a great place to hang out with the guys. We meet there every Friday night at 6pm for the happy hour. The only down side is the happy hour finishes to early. Some nights they have a live band playing which is nice.

Tags : bar  happy hour  beers  hangout 

February 1, 2007

Nice Souvenir

Nice souvenir shop, pretty good prices to. You will find gifts for all the family, even your a gift for your boss.

Tags : souviner  gifts  tshirts 

January 29, 2007

Great Cuban Sandwich

They do a great Cuban Sandwich and a nice fresh chicken salad. Service is a little slow and the staff dont smile that much, but overall I would recommend it.

Tags : news cafe  sandwich  takeaway  coffee 

January 25, 2007

Over Priced

The gourmet market has got some good food products from the Uk, but is a little overpriced. If you really miss things like HP then that is where you will get it, but you will pay heavily.

Tags : gourmet food  hp sauce  expat food 

January 25, 2007

Great Company

This is a great company to deal with, fast service and will build you the pool that you have always wanted.

Tags : pools  tanks  fiber glass plastic  salt  swimming pools 

January 25, 2007

Good Selection

Gunite has a great selection of tanks and Fiber Glass

Tags : pools  tanks  fiber glass plastic  salt  

January 22, 2007

Conch Salad

If you like conch then this is the place to try.

Tags : conch  salad  fish 

January 22, 2007

Excellent Food

It is a little expensive, but very good food and service.

January 18, 2007

Great View, Not So Great Food

This place has a fantastic View accross the Ocean but I have to say the food is not up to much, either is the service. I have been 3 times and all 3 times it has been the same. Going for some wings and a beer it is good but not for a meal..

Tags : restaurant  takeaway  drinks  coffee 

January 18, 2007

Nice, Cheap, Great Selection

The Wok has a large selection of Chinese food for takeaway. Their prices are very cheap and you also get a large portion. On average it is about $5.95 for meal. Chicken Curry with white or fried rice, Beef and Onion with white or fried rice, Spring Rolls, Noddles they got the lot.

Tags : chinese  takeaway food  fried rice  chicken curry 

January 16, 2007

Great Greek Food

The best Greek food on the Island. Being an expat from the UK I do miss my Kabab, I eventually went to the Athena Cafe and had a lamb gyro and wow.. it is a close to a UK kabab as you will get in Nassau. Great family service and not expensive either.

Tags : kebab  gyro  cafe  greek food 


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    1. Compass Point : great food
    2. Stix : Great Gyros..
    3. Cafe Sands "VB" : Great Place To Eat
    4. Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant : Quick Service - Nice Food
    5. Market Place : Breat Selection
    6. Cafe Skans Restaurant : Great for lunch
    7. Cafe Johnny Canoe : Junkanoo Live on Sat Night
    8. Outback Steakhouse : Great Steaks
    9. Wendy's Restaurant : Wendys
    10. TCBY Yogurt Ice-Cream Cakes Pies & Deli : Great Frozen Yogurt
    11. The Wok Chinese Takeway : Chinese Take-away
    12. Athena Cafe : Greek Food
    Place I go
    1. Waterloo : Good Local Disco
    2. Bambu Music Bar & Lounge : Good Music
    3. Aura NightClub : Wanna Dance
    4. Jumbey Cafe Bar and Grill : Guys's Meet Up Place
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