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Thung ruou go soi
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Voi tieu chi khong ngung phat trien. Lang Nghe Trong Doi tam tu hao la 1 trong nhung don vi san xuat va phan phoi lon nhat tai Viet Nam. Voi co so vat chat tien tien, voi doi ngu nghe nhan co tay nghe cao, nhieu nam kinh nghiem, luon mang trong minh 1 tinh than lam viec cao, tam huyet moi nghe. Tuyet doi mang toi cho khach hang nhung san pham dep va chat luong nhat. Chung toi se dem lai cho khach hang khi mua san pham cua chung toi: San pham da dang, day du kich thuoc va chung toi nhan lam theo yeu cau. Chat luong dam bao, duoc tao nen boi nhung loai go tot nhat tren thi truong. Hoa tiet tinh xao, ket hop mau sac dep mat lau ben voi thoi gian. Gia thanh re canh tranh moi thi truong Xom 4, Lang nghe Trong, Doi Tam, Duy Tien, Ha Nam 402573 0812666695
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