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Baker Baking tu hao la don vi cung cap thuc pham tot cho suc khoe Phuc vu che do an uong lanh manh danh cho nhung nguoi muon co than hinh can doi voc dang khoe dep va dat an toan suc khoe len hang dau Cac san pham cua Baker Baking rat phu hop voi nhung nguoi ban ron khong the chuan bi bua an trong ngay nhung van day du chat dinh duong Ngu coc yen mach granola banh biscotti banh quy yen mach banh hat dinh duong cac loai hat kho cao cap duoc che bien tu cac loai nguyen lieu sach gan voi hinh thuc nguyen thuy cua chung khong gay du thua duong chat beo va khong co hoa chat giup han che luong Cholesterol nap vao co the gay hai cho suc khoe San pham cua Baker Baking la 1 su lua chon thich hop giup ban vua tiet kiem thoi gian vua co nhung bua an lanh manh va dam bao nang luong cho co the 139 Dang Tien Dong, phuong Trung Liet, quan Dong D,a Ha Noi, Vietnam 0777333868
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