Sooner or later we all get sick. But going to see a physician, has become expensive, inconvenient, or both. But it doesn't have to be. Have you heard about direct primary care? D-P-C or direct primary care is a new model for delivering primary health care, and its simplicity is its genius. Bahamas Wellness is the first and only Direct Primary Care Practice in the Bahamas, and as a member, you pay a low monthly membership fee, averaging as low as 50-70 dollars a month.

That membership gives you an all-access pass to your doctor through office visits, phone calls, text messaging, email, and even virtual visits online. There is no copay for visits and your membership also includes access to specialists and many diagnostic and treatment services. We are happy to see you in person, but we get it... it's the 21st century. So we give you the tools to reach us from your home, your car, your office, the store, or even out on the beach during your relaxing vacation.

The goal of Bahamas Wellness is to make it easy and affordable to get the health you need. Whenever and wherever you need it. Its traditional care with today's technology. Bahamas Wellness isn't a replacement for insurance that covers catastrophic events.

But you may be thinking, I already have major health insurance. Why do I need Bahamas Wellness? Even with insurance, and especially with copays and high deductibles, the out of pocket costs of health care adds up fast. A trip to an urgent care center, or traditional doctor’s office, lab tests or X-rays, can cost more than your entire annual Bahamas Wellness membership. A lot of those costs can be avoided, if you have regular access to a doctor, that can take care of up to 80-90% of your health and wellness needs.

More importantly, our doctors have joined Bahamas Wellness so they can limit the size of their patient population, allowing them to have stronger personal relationships with each of their patients, giving them the quality care they deserve, without the hassle and high cost.

If you want to live a long healthy life, and you want convenient 24/7 health care from a doctor that is both dedicated to keeping you healthy and minimizing out of pockets expenses, all for less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill, then become a member of Bahamas Wellness today, while space remains.

We all get sick, don't let cost and inconvenience get in the way of your health.

Join a Bahamas Wellness practice near you and discover what many are saying is the best, most affordable, and convenient health care they have ever had.
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Bahamas Wellness
#13 Collins Ave, Nassau
Eleuthera Medical Center
Palmetto Point, Eleuthera
Bahamas Wellness
Eagles Landing, Spanish Wells, Eleuthera



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Eagles Landing, Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas

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