Achievers Christian Academy

Achievers Christian Academy
Carmichael Road West
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Welcome to Achievers Christian Academy, the home of the soaring eagles. We aim high at ACA; not simply in terms of achievement, though that matters greatly, of course. We aim for the limits of our reach, as individuals and as a community.

While the world and the schools have changed dramatically over the years, Achievers Christian Academy fundamental values endure: work hard, without regard for public acclaim; develop all your talents academic, artistic, and athletic; and most importantly, give of yourself to others and God.

Our culture is inseparable from both our mission and our motto: a place where God abounds. Our community is fundamentally shaped by this dedication to helping young people become lifelong learners, life changers, thoughtful world citizens, and caring people. At ACA, our job is not simply to educate students about the world, but also God and to help them be apart of an ever changing world.

Alongside the sense of belonging that comes from a loving family, belonging to the world begins by being part of a community. When we help our students experience that sense of belonging to a good thing that is larger than themselves, we are doing the work that allows them to grow, to thrive, to contribute. If you are looking for this type of environment, then welcome to Achievers Christian Academy!