ArchVenture Company Ltd.

ArchVenture Company Ltd.
29 Nassau & Virginia Streets
P.O. Box:
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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ArchVenture Company Ltd. is a small, young and dynamic Architectural firm focused on client orientated design and project management solutions.

ArchVenture evaluates the client's needs, focuses the vision and guides the creation of a design solution within an environmental context on a client by client bases. As a result, each project's journey is unique to the client, and the AV process ensures a consistent standard of product.
With over 35 years of combined experience, the AV core team, along with our industry partners, provides our clients with reliable guidance and expertise. ArchVenture uses collaborative relationships with other professionals in the field. These partnerships allow the firm to scale itself in respond to client needs, and in an efficient manner.

Capitalizing on the relationships created during the past 15 years, ArchVenture has also collaborate with international architectural and engineering firms. The ability to scale the size of the team providing Architectural and Project Management services allows this firm to respond to the needs of the local corporate market, as well as the international market.
'Design together' is not just the motto on the back of our card, it is the foundation of our business model where each project venture begins with the client.

If our design philosophy appeals to you, contact us and let us discuss the possibilities!