Treco Grant Captain

Treco Grant Captain
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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"I am a 2nd generation fisherman. Fishing is what I LOVE to do – it's a great experience, as well as an awesome stress reliever, which is the best. I also love meeting and interacting with new people that come from all over the world!"

Every trip out onto the beautiful waters of Nassau is an awesome experience for Capt. Treco, and he can't wait to get you in on the action! Whether you're an experienced angler looking to fish in a stunning setting, or have never wielded a rod before, he's more than happy to have you on board. As well as helping you target your dream catch, he'll also teach you all about fishing, the species that call these waters home, and the best techniques, tips, and tricks to use to hook them! He's reeled in a lot of fish in his life, but the one he’s most proud of is a 97 lb Wahoo – took him 1 hour and 47 minutes to reel it in! He also caught a 110 lb grouper with an electric reel.